History Channel – Miracle Rising South Africa

Al Jazeera Investigates – Informants

Myanmar’s Rohingya Question:Domestic Consequences and Regional Implications

Myanmar’s Rohingya Question part 1

Myanmar’s Rohingya Question part 2

Myanmar’s Rohingya Question part 3

THE KILLER: “I was like an animal”

Author: Katy Migiro

MBYO, Rwanda (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Frederick Kazibwemo was 25 years old when he killed nine neighbours during Rwanda’s 1994 genocide.

“On April 7, the day after the president’s plane crashed, the local authorities called all of the Hutu in the village for a meeting.


Heaven on Earth The Rise and Fall of Socialism

Partition of India: Origin of Hatred

BBC:Burma census bans people registering as Rohingya

Burmese officials have begun the first national census in three decades, but are refusing to allow people to class themselves as Rohingya.

The UN, which is helping to carry out the census, said all Burmese should be allowed to choose their own ethnicity.

But Burmese officials said the Muslim Rohingya must call themselves Bengali or they would not be registered.


Activist Irene Fernandez suffers heart failure, in critical condition, says sister

Prominent activist Irene Fernandez (pic) is in critical condition at the Serdang Hospital after suffering heart failure while on her way to attend the release of the findings of the Bersih’s People Tribunal on the 13th general election this morning.



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