Herculean task of sanitization and rebuilding Burma


Herculean task of sanitization and rebuilding Burma

The SPDC and Myanmar Military today is like the Augean Stables. The stables of Augeas, the mythological King of Elis, in Greece, housed his great herd of oxen. They were never cleaned.  Hercules was tasked to cleanse them, which he did by diverting the course of a river through them. When he completed his tasks, he gained immortality.

SPDC, which controlled the Myanmar Military, is much weaker than Hercules. Neither Than Shwe, Maung Aye, Shwe Man nor could any one of the SPDC Myanmar Military Generals could be able to clear away the accumulated mass of rubbish of its own doing: corruption, mismanagement, and the deteriorating condition of the people’s, physical health, moral conditions, psychological sufferings, religious intolerances, economical destruction, low GDP, low earning power, rising cost of living and legal mess. Burma as the country is financially poor economically ruined and Burmese people are physically and mentally weak nowadays.

None in Myanmar Military could divert the course of the river of justice, and have the right to cleanse it of its uncontrollable accumulated debris of past neglect, misuse of power, and all the ills of the successive dictatorship, autocratic and despotic governments. If only Daw Aung San Su Kyi is allowed to form and lead the Coalition Government, she could surely divert the river, clean the country and also let the fresh inflow of investment, capital, manpower and push our country to leap forward with the incoming wave or tide of progress with her Herculean mental strength and willpower, mobilizing all the people of Burma and of course with the help of the whole world.

So if they really are patriotic, love Burma/Myanmar and wish the country to prosper, peaceful an d progress, the present ruling Junta Generals should allow Daw Su to recruit the help of all the Burmese people residing inside and abroad, opposition parties, all the ethnic minority groups and different race and religious groups to do the Herculean task of cleaning our beloved country.

If you Generals are scared of your selves, your properties, relatives, friends etc and if also scared of disintegrating of our beloved country, Burma/Myanmar into pieces, you just keep your SPDC as the Guardian Council or Upper House, as Ne Win’s Revolution council or Socialist party had done (but should not interfere in the daily running of the Government like Ne Win had done before.) or as Iran’s Mullahs’ Council or Pakistan’s President Musharaaf is doing now and let Daw Aung San Su Kyi to form Coalition Government and allow to run the country’s day to day affairs without any interruption from Army until and unless it really affects your Military and the security or stability of the country.

In this way we can start to have a very good understanding of each other and could nurture a mutual trust and real confidence building on each other. With all the help from the foreign powers and the wealth of the Burmese abroad that means financial and various expertise Burma/Myanmar could easily surpass all our neighbours.

Dear Generals. We all Burmese are kind and gentle. We all are ready to forgive and forget. We would not seek for revenge. Just see what happen in Philippines and Indonesia. After Marcos, Philippines people power icon Corazan Aquino was democratically replaced by Ramos, the right hand man of Marcos. In Indonesia, after Suhato, people now choose the party to rule the country democratically and that party is working on friendly terms with the military. So just let Prime Minister Daw Su to run the show with the ethnic leaders. Please support her Cabinet with sincerity without any sabotage. Burmese people who distaste all of you may one day even turn round and ask your help in building our country. Just for now please step aside and allow Daw Su and her Cabinet to rule Burma/Myanma. If not, 666 movement or any other impending uprising could damage all of you.                                                                                        

Bo Aung Din 

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