Disheartening views of Mr Paolo Sergio Pinheiro

Disheartening views of Mr Paolo Sergio Pinheiro

In Burma, UN Envoy Sees Saffron But

No Revolution, No Kiev in Myanmar

Byline: Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press at the UN: News Analysis

UNITED NATIONS, October 24 — “It’s saffron, but not a revolution,” the UN human rights envoy to Burma, Paolo Sergio Pinheiro, told Inner City Press on Wednesday. Mr. Pinheiro said Yangon “is not Kiev, and its not East Berlin… there will be no Orange Revolution.” Triggering Pinheiro’s six-minute explanation was Inner City Press’ request for clarification of Pinheiro’s quote to Portuguese news agency Lusa, that “I would not qualify the protests as a popular uprising and I see no possibility that they will precipitate a change of regime.” Video here, (note: if cannot get a redirection to the UN webcast, please click below at Read more place and or go to to see the video)  from Minute 11:28.

Other reporters reviewed Pinheiro’s candor as rare at the UN; some thought it inappropriate that a UN expert would say that protesters being clubbed in the street then arrested have no chance of bringing about change.


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