Myanmar Tatmadaw is unsinkable!


Myanmar Tatmadaw is unsinkable!  


???Myanmar Tatmadaw is unsinkable! Are you sure???

“Myanmar Tatmadaw is unsinkable, even God Himself can’t sink it!” screemed the Myanmar Ah Lin, the official mouth piece of SPDC Junta. Even Aunty Suu, NLD, monks, all the civilians, USA, UN, EU could not recolonized Myanmar.

I was reading the TITANIC history and suddenly recognized the same line of boast or bragging tag line.

“This ship is unsinkable, even God Himself can’t sink it!” screamed the newspaper headlines just before the Titanic sailed off on its maiden voyage.

The sinking of the Titanic was certainly a great tragedy. They were so confident that even God Himself could never sink it they did not provide enough lifeboats for every passenger because they never thought they would need them.

While the higher-paying first class passengers faced no problems finding a seat in the limited lifeboats, the poor passengers who could not afford the luxuries accorded the first class passengers only had one choice; a watery grave. The poor people or soldier is always at the bottom of the food chain.

While SPDC Senior General’s daughter could be decorated with multi million (SEIN in Burmese) diamonds, ordinary Burmese people and poor soldiers have to just eat (also SEIN in Burmese) but Arsenic! (in English)

  • So, I hereby wish to warn the SPDC not to tempt fate.

  • Fate just loves challenges and will never shy away from proving you wrong.

  • And this is something SPDC Myanmar Military should learn.

  • But SPDC Myanmar Military being SPDC Myanmar Military, it will never take advantage of lessons of the past.

  • It will keep repeating the mistakes in the history to the detriment of our country.

And today SPDC Myanmar Military is saying that even God Himself can’t sink the Myanmar Tatmadaw.

Maybe it is true, as they say, history is written by the victor, not the vanquished.

SPDC Myanmar Military does not need_

  • any of the opposition members,

  • NLD,

  • Ethnic Minorities,

  • Religious Minorities etc

as SPDC Myanmar Military has_

  • four hundred thousand strong manpower and

  • few million Kyant Phuts,

  • Swan Arrshins and

  • ex-rebel ceased fire members and

it can do what ever it likes_

  • deliberately slow the pace,

  • back track,

  • wandering or

  • drifting for the sightseeing,

along the fake road map for the Military permanent dominance and could easily win the elections without any difficulty. Myanmar Military has been strong for more than 50 years and it will continue ruling Myanmar for the next 500 years as well.

But the latest demonstration of the revered Pakhokku Monks and the mounting International pressure are reminding the Modern Titanic captain Senior General Than Shwe and crew called SPDC to wakeup, face the reality and search for the lifeboats before Myanmar Military sank into oblivion.

Dr San Oo Aung

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  1. Thought provoking article about the dooms day of Tamadaw. Tamadaw dooms day is very very soon.
    sit mone

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