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  Posted on November 9, 2007 by Sit Mone


(Above material is copied  from Ko Nik’s blog)

Burmese Artists are 

powerful voicees of the People



Combo pictures of famous artists of Burma

After posting ” Tribute  to Win Oo” now here is the another posts of so-many famous artists of Burma. Among them are Actors and Actress, and Singers who are the celebrities of Burma.

Burmese people used their hard earn money to push these artists into their current celebrity status. Their names, and their fame will never be materialised without the people’s support.   

They used to tell in the interviews that ” Burmese People feed them”, and they are tirelessly working for the Burmese people as they belongs to the people of Burma.

If they can contribute to the National Cause, all Burmese people will be very encouraging as they are influential celebrities who represent the grassroots. Are they?

There are rumors spreading like wildfire among the Burmese community. This blogger does not know who is who in this rumors. After all everybody write the history of their own!

Tribute to Win Oo



I was still young when Win Oo, the famous actor, director, composer, author, singer…an all rounder artist of Burma, became popular in the mid sixties.

I did not pay much attention to his enormous contribution to the Burmese movie industry and classical movies, as we were the generation that was brought up by pop culture. Even then, we realized that he was a talented star.

After watching his classic movie “Mhone Shwe Yee”, in a country which is far away from Burma, I decided to write a post of Tribute to Win Oo.

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Please read San Oo Aung’s appreciation to the contributions of WIN OO in_

   Winter dreams of unfinished painting!

Dear Nan,                

I hope you already know the source of this title, “Winter dreams of unfinished painting”. Burma’s one of the most famous song composer, Saya Myoma Nyein’s song “unfinished painting” was used as the theme song in Win Oo’s multiple academy award winning movie, “Winter dreams”.  

Please read more in: Winter dreams of unfinished painting!

Don’t worry dear, even if you stay away from me I would not disturb you with revenge and jealousy or keep on stalking you.

I am not a Sula Thu Badda from Saddan Sin Min, or like the character from our favourite, writer, singer, artist, actor and director Win Oo’s, “The hatred of a pretty woman”. Win Oo himself was hated by the military and refused to honour him because he had supported the democracy movement.

I just wish to remind our futures leaders not to forget the popular artist from various fields like Win Oo, U Htun Wai and etc who were ignored or suppressed by the Myanmar Military because they had supported the democracy movement. Once there is democracy, we should honour them and those who had sacrificed for the democracy movement.

Please read more in: Our Long March to the Mirage Paradise


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