Ch 3:5 Tyranny, 6 Freedom of Expression & 7 Association

Ch 3:5 Tyranny,

6 Freedom of Expression &

7 Association

Ch 3:5. The Right to Protest against Tyranny 

Amongst the rights that Islam has conferred on human beings is the right to protest against government’s tyranny.

Referring to it the Quran says:

“God does not love evil talk in public unless it is by someone who has been injured thereby” (4:148).

God gives the person, who has been the victim of injustice or tyranny, the right to openly protest against the injury that has been done to him.  Ch 3: 6. Freedom of Expression

Islam gives the right of freedom of thought and expression to all citizens, on the condition that it should be used for the propagation of virtue and truth and not for spreading evil and wickedness.

It also does not give anybody the right to use abusive or offensive language in the name of criticism. One who tries to deny this right to his people is openly at war with God. And the same thing applies to the attempt to stop people from evil.

The Holy Quran has described this quality of the Faithful in the following words:

“They enjoin what is proper and forbid what is improper” (9:71).

The Quran mentions:

“They bid what is improper and forbid what is proper” (9:67).

The Prophet has said:
“If any one of you comes across an evil, he should try to stop it with his hand
(using force), if he is not in a position to stop it with his hand then he should try to stop it by means of his tongue (meaning he should speak against it). If he is not even able to use his tongue then he should at least condemn it in his heart. This is the weakest degree of faith” (Muslim).  

Ch 3:7. Freedom of Association  

Islam has also given people the right to freedom of association and formation of parties or organisations. It should be exercised for propagating virtue and righteousness and should never be used for spreading evil and mischief.

The Holy Quran declares:

You are the best community, which has been brought forth for mankind.
You command what is proper and forbid what is improper and you believe in God … (3:110)

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