Human Rights in Islam Ch 3:14 Avoid Sin, 15 Right to Affairs of State

Human Rights in Islam

Ch 3:14 Avoid Sin,

15 Right to Affairs of State 


Ch 3:14. The Right to Avoid Sin 

Islam also confers this right on every citizen that_

  1. he will not be ordered to commit a sin,

  2. a crime

  3. or an offence;

  • and if any government,

  • or the administrator,

  • or the head of department orders an individual to do a wrong,

then he has the right to refuse to comply with the order.

The Prophet’s  hadith:

“It is not permissible to disobey God in obedience to the orders of any human being” (Musnad of Ibn Hanbal).

Ch 3:15. The Right to Participate in the Affairs of State

According to Islam, governments are actually representatives (khulafa’) of the Creator of the universe,

and this responsibility is not entrusted to_

  1.  any individual

  2. or family

  3. or a particular class

  4. or group of people

  5. but to the entire Muslim nation.

The Holy Quran says:

 “God has promised to appoint those of you who believe and do good deeds as (His) representatives on earth” (24:55).

The correct method recommended by the Holy Quran for running the affairs of the state is as follows:

“And their business is (conducted) through consultation among themselves” (42:38).  

According to this principle it is the right of every Muslim that either he should have a direct say in the affairs of the state or a representative chosen by him and other Muslims should participate in the consultation of the state.

The legislative assembly’s duties: (1) The executive head of the government and the members of the assembly should be elected by free and independent choice of the people.

(2) The people and their representatives should have the right to criticize and freely express their opinions.
(3) The real conditions of the country should be brought before the people without suppressing any fact so that they may be able to form their opinion about whether the government is working properly or not.
(4) There should be adequate guarantee that only those people who have the support of the masses should rule over the country and those who fail to win this support should be removed from their position of authority.

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