Insha Allah, our dreams will definitely come true. 

“Dreams” or may be ‘Our aims and objectives” or “Our Visions” or may be more appropriately called “Our goals and objectives” for the year of 2048 AD.

 Burma or Myanmar got Independence in 1948. So it is exactly 100 years after it.  Let us go to our dreamland now…Oh! Unbelievable.  All have changed, BSPP, SLORC and SPCD all are in history book now. Actually they are in black dark pages of our history book, mentioned together with Germany under Hitler, Italy under Musolani, Uganda under Idi Amin, Cambodia under Pol Pot, Yugoslavia Bosnia Kosovo under Milosivic etc.  Ah!  Please stop.  Let us forget the nightmare.

Let us just look at the bright and beautiful part of my dream…

Now all is new, bright, beautiful and progressing.We even have a new name. It is “The United States of Burma”. But the few opposition fanatics of remaining extremist Tatmadaw are still strangely calling Myanmar!Our ‘President’ changed every year because we are scared of transforming him into a Dictator.  Actually he is the rotating head of the ruling Presidential Council only.  He had no executive power at all. He is meant for ceremonial purpose only.Chief Ministers of the States, Cabinet Ministers and the representatives of each and every Ethnic Minorities and all the religions form the core group of Presidential Council Members.Workers, farmers, students, merchants, investors etc. are also included in the council. Representatives from many semi-government organizations, Non government organizations, Voluntary organizations and welfare organizations also have a chance to sit in the council. 

Scientists, Medical experts, Engineers, Computer experts, Economic experts and the representatives from almost all of the registered professional groups are also given a chance to be represented there.

There is a real Democracy now.  The Majority always cares and respects the rights of the Minorities.  And the Minorities have the veto power to control the powerful Majority’s any possible excesses or affairs relating to them. The minorities always respect the majority’s wishes. There is neither abuse of democracy nor abuse of individual rights. The minorities’ rights are protected by the special chance of rights of representation in each and every decision-making body.If there are differences, there is neither threat nor coercion by the majority. 

But there is no much to decide now adays.  All the Laws, Rules and Regulations are already put into the Main Computer.  All are pre- programmed, pre-discussed and pre-determined. All these are already done by all the citizens and the law-makers.

All the members of the Presidential Council have access to that mainframe computer twenty-four hours a day and the whole year round. The computer always provides the decisions but that feedback is provided to all the members and also sends to the various ministries for action.  There is enough check, balance and control system so that no one could take advantage of the system or abuse them.  No one could search for the weak points and use for the self-benefit.

All the citizens could access the read only memory but have a right for the complaint, scrutiny, criticize and appeal to any decisions.

All the citizens have equal Rights, no discriminations base on Race, Religion, wealth, creed, skin colour, political status or rank.In other words, from the eyes of Laws, Rules and Regulations, all the citizens of the United States of Burma are equal. 

The man on the street has equal rights with the President.  Now our country is the most democratic and just country in the world.  Our government is transparent and there is no place for corruption nor abuse of power.  No favour for the cronies nor any nepotism nowadays.  

Any one could check the monthly declaration of assets and bank accounts of all the authorities including the President,These noble principles of free of corruption and transparency applies to all the branches and arms of the government, the legalistic, executive, Judiciary, Statutory bodies, Semi-government and even to the private companies. We were part of the AU, ASEAN UNION.  Asean Union was almost homogeneous and not only even comparable but better then the EU, European Union. ‘We have Asean Parliament, Asean Pol or Asean Police, Asean Central Bank, Asean University, Asean News Agencies, Asean Multi Media including Radio Television (24 hours’ news and entertainment) etc.And AU Dollar, Asean Union currency is one of the strongest in the world.  And four sets of Asian Highways and Railways, two longitudinal and two transversely running sets. They intersected near Rangoon, Mandalay.  Lashio and Terchilake and go straight north into Yunan, Tibet and China. From there continue into Russia and connected to the European Highways. Another set continued west into Bangladesh, India and go straight to Europe. East wards it started from Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia. Actually they are part of the highways started from Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, East Malaysia, Singapore, West Malaysia, that connected all the Asean countries to the Europe, China, Russia, Korea and Japan. Australia, Philippines and Indonesia are connected to Singapore and Malaysia by “Island Hopping” with the oversea bridges and tunnels.      Oh! Oh! I forgot to tell about the expansion of the ASEAN.Asean Union is now also known as the “Federation of the States of Asia”. And actually we are now even planing and preparing for “The United States of Asia”.Our group’s members are already increased.  Tibet, Yunnan, Bhutan, Nepal, Cambodia, Assam, Manipure, Nagaland, Sri Lanka, East Timor and Independent Acceh are our new members.  Indonesia, China and India endorsed and agreed to those new membership admissions.Japan, Korea, Australia and Saarc member countries are associated members.  Excuse me, I almost forgot to inform that now we are now not only linked up with Australia, Indonesia, Philippines and Japan with bridges and tunnels. But we have and accompanying extensive net work of Highways, railways for ultrasonic bullet trains, gas pipes, petroleum pipes, clean water pipe, cables for electricity and fiber optic cables for audio-visual telecommunications. And our mother country, the United States of Burma, is one of the most developed nations in AU.Now we have common Asean Passport and common Asean Identity Cards and all the member citizens are free to work, invest, travel or migrate anywhere in the AU.  We even have common taxation and customs.  We have common Asean Inland Revenue and Import Export taxation Department.  We have elaborate computer system to divide and redistribute those various taxes, depending on the place and persons we taxed. So actual works of individual governments are much less and they have no much rights or power when compare to Y 1 K (Year one thousand is up to 31st Dec 1999). Individual States of the countries are more important but they also have to follow the rules and regulations only.Buddhism, Islam, Christian, Hinduism and Confusism are official main religions and other minority religious groups are also not discriminated. Inter-religious dialogue is done by the official, government funded Foundation.  Religious conflicts, arguments, differences, complaints, discriminations and most important of all, all the coordination is done by this foundation.  It is even more powerful in deciding the religious matters than the individual governments.  The Directors of this foundation is ranked equally with the cabinet ministers of the member countries. There is no more religious fanatics or extremists in the foundation.  Religion is to be practiced individually for the moral development and for the hereafter.  No need for fighting because of religious differences. Good, common teachings and virtues are compiled and repeatedly promoted.  Different duties of religions are practiced without disturbing others.  Religious tolerance is a subject taught in every school and forced by the authorities.  So our Asia-values, or AU values are based on absolute democracy, proper representing and respect of all the ethnic minorities and all the religions.  Respect of other Religions is the main core foundation of our Religious practice. Religious tolerance, Right of representation by all the religious groups including minorities is the most important achievement of the AU. I am sure that the above dreams could not come true 100%.  But I pray and hope for the best.  Insha Allah, God will favour and help all of us. There is free migration of people around this region.  The Christians from the Philippines and East Timor migrated to northeast. Muslims also migrated from the Indonesia, Malaysia and lower part of Thailand to Upper part of Thailand, Tibet, Yunnan and Burma, towards north.  And there is a massive migration of Buddhists from Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam to the south towards Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines. 

So there is better understanding, assimilating and cooperation among AU members, leading to the present formation of the Federation of Asean Nations.  And most of us are optimistic about the dream of the future “United States of Asia”.  Now there is no point arguing about the borders of the individual states.

And our Federation is one of the most powerful in the whole world, economically, politically and military strength.Our official language is English.  We have already over come the narrow nationalistic policy of promoting and making the local languages official, e.g. Burmese, Malay, Thai languages etc.  So people needs to learn two languages only.  That is their own mother tongue and English. Even those who speak only one dialect could translate to other languages by using their special wrist watch computer translator.  Actually it is no more right to mention this watch as special as almost each and every person in the Federation are wearing these translator watches.  So our kids are spared of more laborious work of learning languages.  We could even scan and translate all the languages by using handheld, portable, pocket sized equipments.Nowadays no one care about politics. 

Because politicians could not wield any power in AU.  No -official favour is possible.  No need to obtain political sponsorship or patronage to get the contracts and permits.  Now politics is pure voluntary work for the people without generating much self-profit.  Because of lack of interest, some states even have to draft the newly graduated youths to enlist as mandatory political-service for the states.

But nowadays, because of Meritocracy, transparency and total free of favoritism and corruption most of the decision making job of old corrupt political leaders are taken over by the government servants.  After all, all the laws, rules and regulations are already in the mainframe supercomputer. There is no much place for a human being to decide but to counter check whether it is correct and acceptable or not.  Even if he want to change, he had to consult other backup, reserve, appeal computer with the preset programmes.  Actually each and every citizen could punch in for appeal.  So it is not a great deal or a privileged power at all.There is no more red tape in the government service.  Anyone who delays his work has to pay the price.  Even the judges have less room for deliberation.  Police, army, Public prosecutors and any other person could not abuse their power anymore.  If they are corrupt or abuse the force and power they are severely punished.  There is a very clear and definite separation of power.  Role of the army is also clearly defined and they have to obey the orders only. 

So this is my very sweet dream. I hope I could have the real taste of my dream in a much nearer future.

Only Allah (God) knows and is capable of these major achievements.

Our duty is to try and pray only.

Yes, let us all pray and work together for our children.

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