Last appeal letter to God

Last appeal letter to God


Prayers of Dr San Oo Aung

On behalf of all Myanmar/Burmese

Dear God,

                 Please forgive me for not addressing You with proper respectful titles as I am appealing here on behalf of all the people of Burma/Myanmar from different faiths or religions. We all had also prayed to our respective Gods (I hope you are the one and only God that all the different religions are referring to) but we have yet to see the answers to our prayers.  Please kindly forgive me for daring to write a personal appeal letter to you.

We all had personally approached the world leaders, superpowers, Presidents, Prime Ministers, United Nation Secretary Generals, various world organizations and even the SPDC Generals and the people of Burma/Myanmar and the whole world but all of the Burmese people are still suffering under the oppressive cruel SPDC Junta. So I have no choice but have to write a personal appeal letter directly to You.

Dear God, please kindly guide all of our Burmese citizens from this deep darkness into light, into the Straight safe Path. The Path of those on whom You have bestowed Your Mercy.

Dear God, we, Burmese citizens are weak and have no power to fight back or resist the cruel, unjust present military leaders. Give enlightenment, repentance and redemption to all of us including our enemy, the present rulers. Please kindly change and soften the heart of the present leaders to give way for the new and better government.

Dear God, please kindly remove the oppressors and relieve all of us from the inhumane present government. Please replace them with the kindhearted new government who would rule Burma with justice, fairness and according to the written laws without any bias or corruption.

Dear God, please kindly heal our diseases and our wounds. The whole Burma is now infested with physical diseases, mental deteriorations and we are facing the manmade and natural disasters one after another. Economy and business are going downwards steeply but our earning power is low, inflation is out of control and commodity prices are rising daily. Some of us have even lost our jobs.

Please have Mercy on all of us, protect us from all the dangers, disasters including the long protracted civil war and restore unity and peace among all of us. Please soften our hardened hearts to love and respect each other to be able to live happily together.

Dear God, kindly release Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, all the political leaders and all the political prisoners of Burma. Kindly restore their mental and physical strength to lead our country into a new progressive era.

Please forgive all of us from all the major and small sins, the sins we knowingly committed and accidentally committed.

Dear God, give all of our citizens: peace, health, wealth, unity and loving kindness. Because of the incompetent and corrupt military rulers, all of us are poor, downtrodden and looked down by the whole world. Have mercy on all of us, give us hope and elevate the status of all of us. Please grant us success in each and every field we have tried and even we haven’t or could not try or imagine yet.

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