Myanmar/Burmese Muslims under SPDC

Myanmar/Burmese Muslims

under SPDC

Muslims are ordered by Islam to be loyal to the nation and country they lived in even if the government is a non-Muslim ruler.

But if the ruler is very cruel, discriminate and commit tyranny and atrocities on Muslims, we are allowed to fight back a Holy war.

  • If we are weak we must migrate from that place.

  • We are ordered not to just die under the atrocities.

  • God will condemn those died without doing any thing.

  • God promised the paradise for those die during the religious struggle.

  • And God also promised to fulfil the prayers of those suffering the un-justice.

It is very difficult to change the other people, whether they are right or wrong.

  • It is easy to change our-selves.

  • Yes, it is better, easier and more effective if we try to change our-selves.

  • It is easier than fighting, quarrelling or arguing with others. Once you started to blame others, they will deny and start defending them-selves.

  • The stone wall will be built, they will give all the excuses and will even point the finger back to us and start to blame us.

  • We would not get the desired result but will make a new enemy.

We have to change our-selves to win over the hearts and minds of our Burmese Buddhists brothers and sisters.

If they believe that we are sincere, trustworthy, reliable and good they will definitely change their hearts and corporate and even help us.

In Islam, our most important duty as the citizens of the non-Islamic State is to obey the government and abide by the rules, regulations and the laws of the land. 

But if the government discriminate unjustly on us, we have some options to choose. 

The first and easiest thing is to perform special prayers to Allah.  And Allah had already promised to answer the prayers of victims of injustice.

Second choice is to resist or protest in a peaceful manner, if possible within the law.  At least we must have some courage for that protest.

Another step should be borrowed from the Mahattma Ghandi’s civil disobedience.

We could take a more peaceful and milder form by avoiding direct confrontation with the law or the authorities.  Even Ghandi’s “Salt Protest” is direct confrontation.

That type of direct confrontation may be a little bit difficult in Burma’s political, social and economical life, because the APC dominance is still omnipresent and omnipotent.  Army, ex-army, SPCD, Swan Arrshinn and the USDA  or ‘Kyant Phot’ or the thuds of SPDC still dominate and influence our every-day’s life.  If we refuse to cooperate with them we, will suffer first. 

  • So we should secretly try to avoid them, avoid cooperation with them secretly.  We should secretly always try to sabotage each and every activity of those tyrants.

  • We can do in many forms, although APCs have all the permits to buy from the government, they still need to buy from the people. 

  • If we refuse to sell we will get a very big revenge, so we have to sell them but with a little bit higher price. 

  • If they forced us to work or donate, give low quality goods and service.  Try to delay, destroy their aims and objects.

  • Socially, try to avoid them or treat as outcasts. 

  • Refuse to make friend or marry them. 

  • Try to sabotage all of their activities.

Another better way is to migrate to a better place. 

Some of the people only have a chance to do this because most of the host countries are not willing to accept us. 

  • Although they claim to be Muslims, they created a lot of lame excuses to justify their hostile activities to us. 

  • We are poor distant cousin brothers in Islam, in contrast to Bosnian and Indonesian real brothers in Islam for them. 

  • Even non-Muslims from other Asean countries, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Arabs got more favourable treatment by Immigration and Home Ministries because of policies and laws which clearly discriminate on the citizens of Burma (Myanmar) irrespective of religion. 

The last option is to take armed rebellion. 

  • It is not an easy option for each and every Muslims in Myanmar. 

  • We have to sacrifice all. 

  • And just look at the Rohingya rebels and other rebels including some Muslims.  Who is willing to support financially, politically, militarily and etc? 

  • And after all we do not want outside influence. 

  • Power must come from inside the country only. 

  • Even if Muslims could topple the present government, who could guarantee that the next government will stop all the discriminations and give us all the rights including the right of representation in the government. 

  • Almost all of the prtsent opposition leaders from NLD, ABSDF, government in exile to the armed rebels have almost the same racial policy with the present military government. 

So what is the use of the Muslims’ sacrifices

So I hereby want to advocate or promote the other alternative means of struggles for us. 

WE should aim for the

Power of the powerless

Muslims in Myanmar(Burma) must struggle to get the ‘Power of the powerless instead of armed struggle. 

All kinds of violence, means more risks and less chance of success. 

As we are a minority only, we have to sacrifice a lot without any hope at all.

Instead of aiming to get the top executive administrative Power, we should aim to get the power to influence those in power!

To become a power broker, king maker, king breaker, or have the power to pull the strings from behind the curtain should be the target of Muslims in Myanmar. 

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