Absolute power corrupts absolutely

 absolute power corrupts absolutely

Truism of the maxim by British historian, Lord Acton –  

‘Power tends to corrupt

and absolute power corrupts absolutely’.

Without real and meaningful check-and-balance for such overbearing power,

“Things can go wrong, very quickly, dangerously, catastrophically and on a mega-scale,

when it is corrupted into unbridled arrogance of power”.  “I believe that the country should have a strong government but not too strong”.

“We need a strong opposition

to remind us if we are making mistakes.

When you are not opposed you think everything you do is right.” Truism:An undoubted or self-evident truth; especially: one too obvious for mentionA truism is a claim that is so obvious or self-evident as to be hardly worth mentioning, except as a reminder or as a rhetorical or literary device.In logic, a proposition may be a truism even if it is not a tautology, a restatement of a definition, or a theorem derived from axioms that are generally held to be true. In fact, some would say that such analytic propositions should not be regarded as truisms.In philosophy, a sentence which asserts incomplete truth conditions for a proposition may be regarded as a truism. An example of such a sentence would be: “Under appropriate conditions, the sun rises.” Without contextual support — a statement of what those appropriate conditions are — the sentence is true but uncontestable. A statement which is true by definition (“All cats are mammals.”) would also be considered a truism.Often the word is used to disguise the fact that a proposition is really just a half-truth or an opinion, especially in rhetoric. 

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