For the Burmese Muslims, Christian and Buddhist friendships are superior to the Islamic-brotherhood

For the Burmese Muslims 

Christian and Buddhist friendships

are superior to the


Michael Jackson – They Dont Care About Us lyrics  

  • Sikinhead, deadhead
  • Everybody gone bad
  • Situation aggravation
  • Everybody allegation
  • in the suite, on the news
  • everybody dogfood
  • Bang bang shock dead
  • Everybodys gone bad
  • All I wann say is that
  • They dont really care about us
  • All I wann say is that
  • They dont really care about us
  • Beat me, hate me
  • You can never break me
  • Will me, thrill me
  • You can never kill me
  • Chew me, sue me
  • Everybody do me
  • Kick me hike me
  • Dont you black or
    white me!
  • All I wann say is that
  • They dont really care
    about us
  • All I wann say is that
  • They dont really care
    about us
  • Tell me what has
  • become of my life
  • I have a wife and two
  • childre who love me
  • I am the victim of police
  • brutality, now
  • Im tired of bein the
  • of hate, youre rapin
  • me of my pride
  • Oh for Gods sake
  • i look to heaven to ful-
  • fill its prophecy…
  • Set me free
  • Skinhead, deadhead
  • Everybody gone bad
  • Trepidation, speculation
  • Ecerybody allagation
  • In the suite on the news
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  • Throw the brother
  • in jail
  • All I wann say is that
  • They dont really care about us
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  • Everybody allegation
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  • All I wann say is that
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  • All I wann say is that
  • They dont really care about us
  • All I wann say is that
  • They dont really care about us
  • All I wann say is that
  • They dont really care about us
  • All I wann say is that
  • They dont really care about us

 Michael Jackson – They Dont Care About Us lyrics

Dear loving son,

Don’t cry for me dear son.

This is my fault that I wrongly refused to accept the sponsor of my relatives in US, UK and Australia and had decided to migrate to this Muslim country, about one quarter of the century ago. I am willing to pay for my wrong judgment.

Actually nowadays in this so called Muslim country,  discriminations on all the Burmese citizens, from the refugees up to the Muslim professionals is obviously practiced without caring for the numerous appeals and requests from NGOs, UNHCR and etc..

You should understand that we, Myanmars/Burmese are the 14th ++ Grade foreigners in this country and may be at the similar status in all the other Islamic Nations around the world. [Face of George Washington (USD) is practically more precious for these OIC Muslims than portrait-less Prophet. (pbuh)]

The rank of foreigners here_

  1. US,
  2. UK,
  3. EU,
  4. Australia
  5. Japan,
  6. Korea,
  7. Taiwan,
  8. Singapore,
  9. Saudi Arabia
  10. Indonesians (In some fields of getting citizenships, they stand far in front of all others.)
  11. Other ASEAN countries,
  12. Common Wealth countries
  13. Other rich countries
  14. Other Muslim countries
  15. +++++ may be Myanmar/Burmese

I wrote directly about this unfair, discriminations to the relevant authorities but there is no improvement in the treatment even on Myanmar Muslim professionals.

Dear son, I hope you had read my article about Islam Hadari. If not, read this_

Humble request to the Prime Minister of Malaysia

Dear son, there are a lot of BIG little Nepoleans, successfully introducing one RED TAPE after another on all the different type of Burmese Migrants.

Dear son, I hope you could remember a great towerring Muslim, Allahyarham Prof Dato’ Dr Syed Hussein Alatas (May Allah allow his soul to rest in peace). Because of my letter to him to tap the brain drain from Burma after 88 revolution, he circulated my letter to every head of department of UM and even invited me to work in UM. He decided to send a team to recruit the Burmese Specialists. It is now history! There are a lot of Myanmar doctors, MOs and Specialists working in University Malayia and UHKL.

Dear son, 

  1. Because of the newly implemented another RED TAPE requiring the police security clearance, some of the  police officers are unnecessarily delaying  the reply and some of the PR applicants need to wait for numerous months.
  2. As the saying goes, “Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.”
  3. I wrongly believed that grass in our neighbour Muslim country would be more halal and Islamic grass would be greener than the grass from the non-Islamic countries.
  4. When looked from the far, the blurred vision of the democracy was flawless and perfect.
  5. I wrongly believed in the so called Muslim brotherhood.
  6. Ha, Ha, brothers-in-Islam?
  7. How naived I was!
  8. I erroneously believed all these bullshits.
  9. For those rich Muslims, we are non-existent entity.
  10. For them, rich Arabs are their brothers-in-Islam.
  11. Blue blooded Bosnia orang puteh Muslims are their brothers.
  12. Only Malay blooded refugees like:
  • Indonesians
  • Pashus from Burma,
  • Thailand,
  • Vietnam,
  •  are their Brother-in-Islam to take care of and earmarked for first track citizenship.

All the OIC leaders will shout emptily for Palestinians and Iraqis as their mantras.

  • They all just used to condemn the US and Israel as a popular slogan to gain votes from their Muslim citizens.
  • And later paid the US middlemen lobbyists million of USD to arrange for the audience with US Presidents to apologize their public shoutings by giving lame excuses as if to trick their local radical Islamic voters.
  • Rohingyas are also in and out of detention camps.

When I read about_

  • The Thai King granting citizenships to Myanmar Ethnic Minority villages at the border
  • The issuing of Pink Cards to the Burmese Refugee Children which gives them the to get all the rights of the Thai Children.
  • Thai Chiang Mai’s  mayor and police chief’s attendance to the Mosque opening ceremony Burmese Muslim refugee from Taungoo. (But cruel Myanmar Tatmadaw government refused to allow local Muslims to repair the damaged Taungoo Mosques)
  • The Islamic school at the border is funded by Christian missionaries.
  • American Jew, Soros is also helping the Burmese Muslims.

When even the government servant Myanmar professionals’ children were refused admission to the government schools nowadays, all the Myanmar Illegals’ Children’s education is out of question.

But the government newspapers’ front page report with the photograph about 3000 schools built by the government for Indonesian Illegals shows the extent of unfairness and the lack of level playing field.

Although we were government servants, my children were blatently denied places even in our respective universities and mercilessly advised to send our children to private universities.

Even if we use all of our monthly pay for our children’s private university fees, it may not be enough. (Doctors’ salary here is lower than nurses’ salary in the west and almost equivalent to the ambulance drivers’ salaries. No wonder no Orang Puteh doctors accept to work here and they have to rely on third world doctors, South Asia and Myanmar doctors.)

So once we got the PR, I sadly left government service and my carrier for the sake of children’s education.

But I need to take the house refinancing for three times for your private education. Even that is not yet enough for your youngest sister.

Be patient my son, don’t angry, you are going to be a doctor soon. I hope you and your younger brother could chip in for this youngest one.

Sorry son, I tried my best, working more than twelve hours every day without any rest. I worked on public holidays and rest on two Eids only. (Sometimes give lame excuses as not getting Locum replacement doctor and tried to sneak back to the clinic on those Eid days!)

I know that you are angry and sad because even that is not enough for the repayment of your education loans.

And instead of helping the migrants, some people take our hard earned money by overcharging us. ( But they were generous with the Bosnia Muslims. Each family was given apartments free of charge. Water, electricity and health were free. They were given ID cards stating that they were not subject to Immigration laws, they were allowed to stay and work anywher without limits.) Their lame excuse was, those Bosnias suffered really from war and WRONGLY accused all of us that we are the economic migrants.

Dear son, why do you want to be one month older than me, as the Burmese saying goes. I know the Esoup fable you whisper to me. The wolf would accuse that if that if it was not that sheep it may be its father, who dirtied the water, last year. Whether the sheep explain that it was down stream or it was not born yet last year would be not accepted as the truth.

Yes son, I was wavering and almost miss the point!

Blue IC holders around the world got the privileges as the citizens except for the voting rights (In Ireland PR are even granted that chance) and right to be elected as people’s representative.

All of the  PR Students up to the Universities got the same rights as citizens, including loans and scholarships. Here only they even denied this humanitarian assistances and have the heart to further take our hard earned money at the PRIVATE HIGH PAYING UNIVERSITIES.

Burmese Muslims were still given places in International Islamic Universities but nowadays they are denied to be accepted in_

  1. Medical,
  2. Engineering and
  3. it is even quite difficult to get the Law

One Rohingya named, Altaff is a handicapped person. He suffered from ?Motor Neurone disease while staying here. For his daughter’s school admission, one Samaritan with the good connection sent him up to the MOE, director. Director told him that only if he has a Passport his daughter could get the special permission to go to government school.

That was the last straw that breaks the camel’s neck. Altaff retorted that even that cruel Myanmar Military Generals had allowed him to go to the government school and that the Director’s country Muslims are worse than the Kafir Generals!

Anti-Muslim, notorious Military Dictator Ne Win had allowed your father, me, to study in the Medical College

And the another Rohingya Medical doctor who had earned a MSc Computer  Science from the National Government University and worked here in two universities for 14 years was denied PR here. What a shame when this government could easily grant citizenship to Indonesian taxi-drivers, sweepers, toilet cleaners etc.

He was holding Bangladeshi Passport, and the another SO CALLED MUSLIM brother country, Bangladesh refused to renew his PP. So he has no choice but to join the tour group to Australia. He was granted refugee with PR status in less than three months. Next week, he got the letters from his children’s school his wife’s college and his University,  congratulating him for the PR and advising to collect back the refunds he had paid.

Here, although they CAN give numerous scholarships with different naming to the SPDC chosen students (read their children and military top generals’ relatives) they are denying us all the government help.

After-all almost all of the GLC or government linked companies had refused to grant our clinic as panel. Those companies who joined the Health Care Management companies that we are serving selected out our clinic. Even when the Income tax department, which collects tax on every person irrespective of race and origin, discriminated us and appointed their own race clinics.

My son, with God’s will, you are going to earn a Medical Degree at a reputed university soon. Be patient and you should be proud of. However, it was more sadness than pride that ruled the day when you are crying for me. Don’t worry dear son, I hope Allah would be on our side.

Dear son, I was like you, very sad and angry in 60’s.

Arabs shamefully lost the six day war and Mohamed Ali also lost his heavy weight title. This adds salt to my lost at the national level student completion. From that day onwards, when I perform my regular prayers (could only fullfil/perform about three times out of five) but I refrained to lift my hands and refused to pray/ask anything from God for about a year. (May Allah forgive me for that sin) But I think, all knowing, merciful Allah had forgiven a child’s misbehaviour and rewarded me with unimaginable rewards.

I hereby thanked Tun Dr M and family for their kind change of heart on our family members and the interview granted to us.

I hereby salute DSAI and friends for the helps extended to us when they were in office and for the brilliant lecture give in Hong Kong last week. We also thank Datin Seri for the kind interview and continuous support for our cause.

But dear children, I understand that although we are here for about a quarter of a century but still denied the right to even apply for the citizenship here.

The Rohingya doctor who had migrated to Australia one and a half year ago, telephoned me that his family is going to get the citizenship within six months.

So if you get a chance,

  • go son,
  • migrate to the non Muslim country
  • as Muslim Governments around the world are hopeless.
  • I had made a mistake not to accept my relatives’ invitation from UK, US and Australia.
  • For me it is too late as I am at the end of my carrier.

My youngest daughter was born here and never been to Burma, could not even read a Burmese word. But she is same as all of us, discriminated because of the creed.

In today’s increasingly common parlance, I wish to remind all of my children that even your children would be treated as a third generation ‘pendatang’. Although we all are Muslims, your children’s father’s name (that is you) has no bin and he could be denied his rights. You and I, i.e. all of the Myanmar migrants are not like the certain Chief Minister, whose father was an Indonesian migrant lorry driver.

As the DPM declared that illegal immigrant children would be rewarded with instant citizenship rewards. I wrote to the present PM to grant direct citizenships to our family because one of his deputies’ wife told me to stop complaining and ask what I want, when I wrote to Tun Dr M. She could not understand and even refused to accept the truth that I complaint only when our requests are denied. I wrote to the YAB PM whether we should tear off our Myanmar PPs to become illegals in order to qualify for that offer. We were replied to follow the procedure, that is waiting for another few years to be eligible to APPLY for that. It is a gross unfair practice as some of the people are giving short cut.

And Dr Kamal, Rohingya Myanmar Muslim they denied PR after 14 years was granted the same status within three months in a Christian Australia.

 He is sure going to get the Australian citizenship in six months but we need to wait more than that to be eligible to apply for the citizenship here. I would definitely die before getting it.

We could not sponsor our relatives; parents, brothers and sisters etc. My parents went for Umrah (small Haj) and on the way back home came and visit us here. We never meet for ten years, so they puasa (fasting) almost the whole month of Ramdam. Their visa finished few days before Eid or Hari Raya. The Malay Muslim Immigration officer refused to extend their visa regardless of our appeal.

Dear son, I know you were sad because your grandparents could not spend the Eid with us. You were puzzled because my grand uncle (my father’s elder brother, a Burmese Muslim, who was holding UK passport was allowed to stay here. You were very young son. For him there is a special Immigration counter, no need to queue and although we requested for one week extension, the Immigration officer smiled and stamed three months’ extension. That was free of charge and she advised my uncle to just take a round trip to Singapore, just pass the Singapore Immigration, turn round into the check-in countre to come back here. He could stay forever like this by doing this every six months! ASEAN membership and ASEAN Charter is just bull shit! Useless for Myanmar citizens!

My brother came here to invest and do a business in view of migrating later. Although he needs to show RM 300,000, he showed RM 500,000 and bought a company. Our Malay friend advised and pointed out that we need a local partner, PRINCE OF THE LAND with 30% investment. So we paid that 30% share, free of charge, to one of our trusted friend, who believed to be able to pull the cables, appointed him a Chairman. Of course we need to pay him the necessary service fees and salary. As that man was over confident and avoid to pay the necessary officials, our business application was rejected and the Malaysian Immigration refused to extend his visa. THE LAME EXCUSE WAS, BECAUSE OUR BUSINESS APPLICATION INVOLVED A LOCAL, Visa for the foreign partner could be approved or the extension of the social visa, the business must be started. Catch 22? I wrote to the PM about these unfair restrictions but sadly DSAI is the only person who dares to give a speech about this in Hong Kong, last week.

Dear son, if I had decided to migrate to the more HUMAINE Christian west, I would definitely allowed by their just laws to legally  sponsor my parents, brothers, sisters and relatives not only to stay there, but to migrate and get citizenships! Sorry dear Papa and Ar Mar and brothers. I migrated to the wrong place; I cannot help you all to be free from the KILLER THAN SHWE’S MILITARY.

After seeing the latest Rambo, many of my patients, especial teenagers asked me about my parents and relatives back home. They advised me to bring them here but I have to bluff with a smiling face, although my heart is crying, that they have business and properties and refused to migrate. But I could not pretend for long if the inquisitive kids probe more. My tears flow automatically and my voice trembled. Then only they understand that I am trying to cover the truth.

So what are we griping about in the land of blue skies and ‘ais kachang’?

Our land of blue skies could and should have been a land of milk, honey and plenty. Instead, we have increasingly Burmanization every where here.

Now I sadly know my dear son_

  1. “The grass may not be greener on the other side,
  2. but the skies are more blue.
  3. And even if the grass is not greener,
  4. it is grass you can stand on with your head held high.
  5. Don’t follow the footsteps of a fool like me
  6. To believe in the illusion of Islamic-brotherhood,
  7. Chasing the mirage Islamic Paradise
  8. Try to migrate to the Christian West
  9. There may be a glass ceiling above you
  10. But your status would not be 15++ foreigner like here
  11. And at least at the same status as Indonesians,
  12. not far below them like here.”

Khoda Hafiz

Your loving father

Dr San Oo Aung


Post Script

Islam is about values.

One of the most important values of Islam is to_

  1. ‘propagating good and
  2. forbidding evil’.

Propagating good and forbidding evil’ _

  1. is not optional.
  2. It is compulsory.
  3. Islam makes it mandatory that we oppose evil.

We are asked to oppose evil with our hands.

Our Prophet (pbuh) has been asked by God:

  1. “I have been ordered to dispense justice between you.”
  2. “Whenever you judge between people, you should judge with (a sense of) justice” (4:58).

The Prophet has said:

  1. “If any one of you comes across an evil,
  2. he should try to stop it with his hand (using force),
  3. if he is not in a position to stop it with his hand
  4. then he should try to stop it by means of his tongue
  5. (meaning he should speak against it).
  6. If he is not even able to use his tongue
  7. then he should at least condemn it in his heart.
  8. This is the weakest degree of faith”


  1. “Co-operate with one another for virtue and heedfulness

  2. and do not co-operate with one another

  3. for the purpose of vice and aggression” (5:2).

This means that_

  1. who perpetrates deeds of vice and aggression,

  2. even if he is our closest relation or neighbour,

  3. does not have the right to win our support

  4. and help in the name of race, country, language or nationality.

This is what Islam says. 

Folowing Rituals are not values.

  1. accepting Allah as the one and only God and
  2. Muhammad as the final Prophet of God,
  3. performing the five times a day ritual prayers,
  4. fasting for 30 days or so during the month of Ramadhan,  
  5. paying the zakat and fitrah tithes, and
  6. performing the Haj pilgrimage in the Holy Land of Mekah at least once in your life.

Above Rituals are merely a demonstration that you have values.

  1. It is pointless performing rituals if you lack values.
  2. Rituals are not important if you lack faith or values.
  3. Rituals are the end result of the values you hold.
  4. Your prayers are between you and God. Whether you perform them or not is between you and God. It does not concern anyone else. The same goes for all those other rituals as well.  

But if you do not stand up for justice and fight against evil, oppression, persecution, etc., then it is no longer between you and God.

  1. God can forgive you for not praying.
  2. God can forgive you for the beer you drink every night.
  3. But God will never forgive you for your sins against society.

By not opposing evil you have not sinned against God.

  1. You have sinned against  millions of fellow-Muslims and other humans.
  2. And you will have to seek forgiveness from all of them.
  3. God can’t forgive you.
  4. Muslims and other humans will have to do that.
  1. In Islam if we have no power to fight back the tyrant unjust ruler,
  2. it is compulsory for us to migrate (or Hijrat).
  3. If we stay put, suffer and die under the oppressive ruler,
  4. Allah will not give us any rewards, but will condemn us.
  5. After all, Allah had given the whole world to the victims to escape and start a new life.

Our Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) had ordered his followers to migrate from Mecca to Medina for the same reason. Prophet Musa or Moses had also led the Jews to migrate from the tyrant, cruel Pharos of Egypt.

  1. Islam lays down rights for man as a human being.
  2. In the Holy Quran, God has said:
  3. “And whoever saves a life it is as though he had saved the lives of all mankind” (5:32).
  4. There can be several forms of saving man from death.
  5.  A man may be ill or wounded, irrespective of his nationality, race or colour.
  6. If you know that he is in need of your help, then it is your duty that you should arrange for his treatment for disease or wound.
  7. If he is dying of starvation, then it is your duty to feed him so that he can ward off death.
  8. If he is drowning or his life is at stake, then it is your duty to save him.

Regarding the economic rights, the Holy Quran says:

  1. And in their wealth there is acknowledged right for the needy and destitute. (51:19)
  2. Anyone who needs help, irrespective of the race, religion or citizenship has a right in the property and wealth of the Muslims.
  3. If you are in a position to help and a needy person asks you for help or if you come to know that he is in need, then it is your duty to help him.
  4. “Indeed, the noblest among you before God are the most heedful of you” (49:13).


See also_

  1. Exploiting Human Beings…A Global Disease? Marina Tun Mahathir Mohamad, daughter of former Malaysia PM
  2. Common virtues of Buddhism and Islam 


    Listen/read first, Pak Lah

    Peter Ooi‘s letter in Malaysiakini (extracts)

    Rather than trying to find ways and means to penalize them,

    Instead should find the causes of their deeds.

    On the surface, I gather that such actions would not have taken place if Pak Lah really has big ears for the rakyat.

    They have cried loud and clear, you chose not to listen.

    Should in the first place lend his big ears to those – – – .

    Discuss frankly what really needs to be done.

    Life is a mirror of your actions. If you want people to be patient and respectful to you, show them first patience and respect. 

In Sabah: What Election?

I Just Want My MyKad 

    Posted by Raja Petra, Wednesday, 27 February 2008

    (By KARIM RASLAN/ The Straits Times/ ANN)

    Active Image

    The skies are overcast and there’s a light drizzle. The Barisan Nasional ranks are well-composed and orderly – a sea of blue waiting patiently for their rivals, the Democratic Action Party (DAP) and Parti Keadilan Rakyat, to arrive.

    However, if you wander away from the nomination venue through the streets of this palm oil boom town, it’s easy to forget you’re in Malaysia. Step closer to the seafront and the language changes subtly – the vowels become shorter and more pronounced. One hears unrecognisable words and dialects – Bugis, Toraja and Banjarese – and smells the ever-present sweet scent of kretek (clove cigarettes).

    In a town of well over 350,000, no one has any idea what percentage of the population is actually Malaysian. The streams of people coming in have blurred the boundary between Malaysia and Indonesia.

    For Fizah, 26, a divorced mother of one who has lived in Tawau for the past five years, the top concern is getting her documents in order. As a Bugis from South Sulawesi, she doesn’t care who wins the elections. In fact she barely comprehends it. She just wants a MyKad, the Malaysian identity card.

    Long-term residents aren’t so sanguine. Robert Wong, a Sino- Kadazan, feels resentful at the way the Indonesian Bugis, in particular, have gone from being foreigners to bumiputeras, leapfrogging people such as himself.

    For the big corporate players, the surge in palm oil prices, coupled with cheap labour, has been a huge boon. There’s a BMW Z4 for sale in one of the town’s car showrooms.

    Given the money involved, access to land has become a major source of controversy here. DAP candidate Jimmy Wong explains: ‘Agriculture is the foundation of our economy. Give people land and they’ll be able to lift themselves out of poverty. Former chief minister Datuk Harris Salleh understood that and he gave out land grants to everyone – regardless of race.’

    But Wong’s middle-class concerns – good jobs, opportunities, investment, infrastructure development and a transparent government – have been drowned by the sea of workers who have poured through the cramped and dirty arrival jetty next to Tawau’s fish market.

    No work is too demeaning or poorly paid for the immigrants. They toil either in the oil palm estates or the vast timber processing plants in Kampung Tanjung Batu.

    Alban Lompor, a Bugis, arrived in 1970 at the age of 37. Taking a drag on his kretek, he recalls life then: “I worked at everything – clearing land for oil palm, logging, even rubber-tapping. I earned enough money to support my family – all seven kids. I went home to South Sulawesi only once. My sons can hardly speak Bugis – they’re Malaysians now. And my 37 grandchildren? None of them understands a word of Bugis!”

    Over the decades, hundreds of thousands of Filipinos and Indonesians have become Malaysians. In the past naturalisation was relatively easy but that has changed as the process has been subjected to greater scrutiny and supervision.

    Still the reality of their presence remains, realigning Sabah’s previous racial and religious balance and making life tougher for those who are beginning to feel overwhelmed.

    Here on the edge of Malaysia, with new Malaysians being ‘minted’, the elections barely register among the vast majority for whom a treasured MyKad is all that matters.

    As I watched the proceedings on Nomination Day, one of Wong’s DAP activist friends approached me and asked: “Well, do you think the democratic process works?”

    Sensing my hesitation, he quickly added: “But we have to hold onto it, we have to hold on.”

    (By KARIM RASLAN/ The Straits Times/ ANN)

    The writer is a Malaysian columnist.



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