What’s up UNHCR?

What’s up UNHCR?

We could not blame Christian dominant UNHCR and the donor western Christian countries for failing to assist non – Christian people of Burma/Myanmar with full enthusiasm when all the Muslim countries and Buddhist countries failed to even lift a finger to help Burmese/Myanmar refugees and people.

One Rohingya named, Altaff is a handicapped person. He suffered from ?Motor Neurone disease while staying here in Malaysia. UNHCR/NGO white lady doctor told him mercilessly that he could not be cured for life and WRONGLY accused him as hereditary disease.

One of those white ladies refused to help a Burmese refugee with blood in the urine, but the worse part is, she shouted rudely that he is not going to die tomorrow, does not need the urgent help. But that poor refugee was admitted to a government hospital next day on his own and sadly passed away within few days.

And another Burmese Buddhist lady with Toxic Multinodular goitre, with the proof of blood and ultrasound results, was told by the RUDE WHITE LADY DOCTOR from UNHCR that she could not die the next day or next month. She could even wait for a year and given the medicines and sent back.

The patient throw away the UNHCR afflated NGO Clinic medicine, went to the private hospital, the specialist look at the obvious MNG, glanced at the blood, Ultrasound reports and decided immediately but correctly that she needed operation. But as the prices are high, she went to the government hospital, seen a professor/specialist, done further tests and given her date for operation.

We later heard the rumours that UNHCR and those doctors were taught by some refugees the ways of how to scold the refugees and how to use delaying tactics to get under-table “donations”.

Natural Law, Ananda Thuriya’s famous poem

Natural Law,

Ananda Thuriya’s famous poem

Ananda Thuriya’s Dhammata poem starting with_

The law of the nature

For one to win,

  • another has to fall or give way
  • That is the law of the nature!

Your Majesty’s life of

  • staying on the throne, in a golden palace,
  • surrounded by ministers, courtiers
  • with all the Royal paraphernalia; flags, coat-of-arms the state emblem, and titles.
  • luxuries, possessions, wealth and properties are not permanent.

The Royal luxuries would not last forever.

  • It will burst like a bubble of water, just come out of the wild ocean.
  • All the present pleasures could disappear instantly.
  • Nothing is permanent. Continue reading