Natural Law, Ananda Thuriya’s famous poem

Natural Law,

Ananda Thuriya’s famous poem

Ananda Thuriya’s Dhammata poem starting with_

The law of the nature

For one to win,

  • another has to fall or give way
  • That is the law of the nature!

Your Majesty’s life of

  • staying on the throne, in a golden palace,
  • surrounded by ministers, courtiers
  • with all the Royal paraphernalia; flags, coat-of-arms the state emblem, and titles.
  • luxuries, possessions, wealth and properties are not permanent.

The Royal luxuries would not last forever.

  • It will burst like a bubble of water, just come out of the wild ocean.
  • All the present pleasures could disappear instantly.
  • Nothing is permanent.

Even if Your Majesty pardoned me,

  • I could not escape the Kama, which are following me in Sansara, according to my past deeds.
  • The entire human beings are mortal and I also would definitely die one day.

In the Sansara circle

  • even if our positions are reversed,
  • I would not seek revenge but forgive your deeds on me.

My mortal body is just

  • made of flesh and blood and death is awaiting me.
  • That is just the law of the nature!

“For one to win, another has to fall or lost or destroyed. That is the nature!

In the year AD 1171, Minyin Naratheinkha ascended to the throne of Bagan and named his brother, Narapatisithu, Regent or Ein She Min or heir-apparent. He also elevated his own tutor Ananda Thuriya to the rank of minister.

Later Narapatisithu killed his brother and took over the throne because his brother took his very beautiful wife Weluwadi.

Ananda Thuriya was arrested and ordered to be killed.

Ananda Thuriya wrote the above poem and sent to the King Narapatisithu.

I had tried to translate his unique noble poem in simple English because of my limited command of language.

This poem is a Burmese literature’s classic and the legend of his greatness, even touching the sainthood.

We could even compare with Jesus Christ’s prayer to God during the agonies of crucifixion:

‘Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.’

Ananda Thuriya is to be honoured, with profound regard, as one of the finest products of Burmese civilization, literature and culture.


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