Of course I love my country…

Of course I love my country…

John Lee | Feb 6, 08 3:24pm

I refer to the Malaysiakini report Anwar: Bumi policies affect investments.

I consider myself lucky that I have traveled to almost all the Asean countries and have managed to observe, albeit shallowly, the socio-political structures of our neighbouring countries.

I identify myself as a Malaysian Chinese – the ‘Malaysian’ is an adjective and the ‘Chinese’ is the noun. This is inevitable in Malaysia because the country’s laws and policies are based on racial and religious lines.

I am part of the fourth generation of Hua Ren – the overseas Chinese. The Hua Ren are noticeable in every country – Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam and, of course, Singapore.

The Malaysian Chinese are unique in the sense that we continue to carry our ancestors’ name without alteration, unlike all of our neighbours, except for Singapore. We are also unique in that, unlike our neighbors, we choose to practice faiths – Buddhism, Taoism, and Christianity – different from the majority race.

None of our neighbours have decided to endorse apartheid, er sorry, affirmative action or bumiputera policies. They seem to be doing well, namely Thailand and Vietnam. In fact, there is a special term for overseas Vietnamese returning home after the war with their fortunes – the Viet Kieu.

I am counting the years before Vietnam overtakes Malaysia as an economic powerhouse. I should know a bit better because in my profession, I assist Malaysian businesses in setting up shop there.

I was born in Malaysia. My identification card says I am a citizen. However, I am classified as a non-bumiputera. My religion is kafir. My economic value is low in my own country because I am a non-bumiputera and a non-Muslim. Yet my economic value is high overseas.

Chinese Malaysian professionals are highly sought after. Malaysian accountants find success in China, London and Australia because they are multi-lingual and very hard working. Being cheaper and less arrogant than Singaporeans is another plus point. The ability to converse in English and Mandarin is highly prized by multinational corporations in China.


Heck, half of all Chinese Malaysian professionals are actually future Singaporean citizens.

Even in the Middle East, the Chinese Malaysians are sought after to support the Islamic banking industry because of their hard work and ability to assimilate easily. The Middle Eastern people in the finance industry don’t discriminate against you, but then your women had better wear the burqa and hide in their homes.

In then end, the Chinese Malaysian will continue to actively seek migration, just as their forefathers did. They will accumulate the necessary skills and talents, and then use their entrepreneurial mindset and willingness to work hard and move on once Malaysia becomes a barren place.

The oil will run dry here. The country will be carpeted with palm trees. Malays will overwhelmingly dominate the population. It will look like Indonesia. Then it will look like Pakistan. Finally, it will settle into an Afghanistan.

At last, the Malays will be able to proudly claim that they are no longer contesting for 30 percent of the economic pie. They will actually own 100 percent. I am not too sure of my personal future, as well as my children’s future, but I am not worried about the future of the Hua Ren.

In conclusion, do I love my country? Of course I do. I love my country as much as my country loves me.

Paralyzed, illegitimate, transitory to full-fledged lawful government

   Paralyzed, illegitimate, transitory to

full-fledged lawful government

At first I tried to refrain from commenting on the possible forming of the two new parallel governments because as a mixed blooded Muslim of Burma, I have a bad taste about all the governments. 

Except for few fellow comrades, even some of the patriot revolutionists and activists have a blurred vision on us.  

Communalism is a phenomenon hitherto unknown to Burma. Burmans are known abroad as hospitable people and as such, they are friendly to foreigners.

Racial hatred against Indians was a thing unheard of in Burma. Anti Indian sentiments started after the First World War during the British rule.

  • Reference: Moshe Yegar, Muslims of Burma, page 32,

In Burma there were half million Muslims in 1921. More than half of Indians were Indian Muslims.

  • Reference: Moshe Yegar, Muslims of Burma, page 29 paragraph 1 and foot note 1. Page 31 line 1, 2, 11

Although Myanmar Muslims are different from the Indian Muslims and Indian Myanmar Muslims, Burmese Buddhists put them together even mixed with Hindu Indians, and called them Kala.

  • Reference: Maurice Collis, Trials in Burma.

There were anti Muslim riots in 1930 and 1938, while still under British rule. The real basic hidden agenda was aimed at British Government but the Burmese dare not show this openly. The growing Nationalistic sentiments fanned by the local media disguised as anti Muslim to avoid the early detection and notice followed by the full blown force of mighty British Government machinery.Throughout the Burmese struggles against British rule, all the political issues, movements, meetings, demonstrations, riots, rebellions and even the revolutions were instigated, inspired, influenced and led by newspapers.



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On 22.9.38. British Governor set up the Inquiry Committee.

  • Reference: Muslims of Burma” A study of a minority Group, by Moshe Yegar,Page 38, line 1.   


They found out that the real cause was the discontent in the government regarding the deterioration in sociopolitical and economic conditions of Burmans.

  • Reference: “Muslims of Burma” A study of a minority Group, by Moshe Yegar,Page 38, paragraph 2.

 They use the anti Muslim propaganda as a disguise to cover up for the political struggle to gain independence.So the Buddhist used the Muslims as a scapegoat, for the first time, to fight against the British. It was used as an inciting factor by the irresponsible Burmese newspapers.

  • Reference: Muslims of Burma” A study of a minority Group, by Moshe Yegar,Page 38, paragraph 2, line 12,13,14 

The Simon Commission (The Royal Statutory Commission, appointed according to the Law of the Government of India1919, The Montague-Chelmsford Law) to inquire the effects of Dyarchy system of ruling Burma, had recommended that special places be assigned to the Myanmar Muslims in the Legislative Council. It recommended that full rights of citizenship should be guaranteed to all the minorities: the right of free worship, the right to follow their own customs, the right to own property and to receive a share of the public revenues for the maintenance of their own educational and charitable institutions. But British refused most of the recommendations. After the Independence because of successive military governments’ propagandas have brain-washed them and the Ultra-Nationalist movements, they still regarded us as Migrant Indians, foreigners, not pure-blooded rascals etc.  

  • In their version of democracy, equal human right for all the citizens is at the denial state.  

  • In their vision of Independent New Burma, we remained in the blind spot. 

  • In their victory plan, we are not sure whether we could even get a chance to buy a ticket to look at and enjoy the victory ball dance or be allowed to even buy a ticket to share the joy of our fellow comrades’ victory speeches. 

We even suspected that some of the comrades tolerated our presence during the revolution may even change if any one of our fellow mixed-blooded Muslims (definitely not me. I am nothing, haven’t done anything yet and am only interested to look at our free democratic union motherland progress and prosper) were just elected as a MP.

He could be seen as Kala and deal with contempt.  “Racial Profiling” as Kala could not count or hold water in the CIVILIZED WORLD OUTSIDE MYANMAR. It is a crime! Although most of the Myanmars are too used to it, Muslims including me, who are at the receiving end, take seriously as an offence.

We are not wrong, according to UN accepted Genocide guide lines. In the land like Myanmar where it is even a taboo to mention even our Independence father Bogyoke Aung San, those salute him or made a khamoke (hat), symbol of his daughter’s party, were jailed, but every body is free to profile others!  Calling Kala never stopped there. It is used with animosity and always followed by discriminations. I my self was at the receiving end for the most of my life in Burma.

I wish to see the united opposition outside forming a new or revamped refurbished into a government in exile. Exile political leaders (probably joint between NCGUB & NCUB) and all the opposition groups should be united but I am afraid that_

If there are Three Burmese Opposition men (I mean it included all the Ethnic Minorities and Religious Minorities of Burma up the Chinese and Indian mixed blooded people) there could be as much as seven political parties or factions of a party. 

If we named them A,B and C_ 

  1. Party No. 1 with members A,B and C. 

  2. Party No. 2 with members A and B

  3. Party No. 3 with members A and C

  4. Party No. 4 with members B and C

  5. Party No. 5 with members A alone

  6. Party No. 6 with members B alone

  7. Party No. 7 with members C alone

I just showed as an exaggerated example. This is human nature only.  As long as we could not detach Atta, I, me, my, (Kala reading Kamawar) and just accept the true teachings and essence of Buddhism and other religions, keep the practices at home and at the worshiping places and practice the Secular Democracy respecting Human Rights, Individual freedom, Rule of Law and Good Governance, power struggle and atrocities will never end. 

Except for the propaganda warfare and drumming up some international support, it is almost like a quadriplegic, just talking only. Even Superman Star Christopher D’Olier Reeve had achieved more effective results than our exiled government. And British theoretical physicist Stephen William Hawking, disabled by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), who is now almost completely paralyzed is thousand of times more effective.

In May 1995, Christopher Reeve was paralyzed in an accident during the cross country portion of a three day equestrian competition. He was confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He lobbied on behalf of people with spinal cord injuries, and for human embryonic stem cell research after this accident. He founded the Christopher Reeve Foundation and co-founded the Reeve-Irvine Research Center.

As the saying goes, “half a loaf is better than non”, I would be happy if our comrades could be united to form or extend the present government in exile.

As for the illegitimate puppet civilian government inside Burma formed by illegal military regime to keep the power under the military control, the people of Burma, Democratic West and UN could refuse its legitimacy.