Illegitimate SPDC government trying to legalize the bastard

  Illegitimate SPDC government

trying to legalize the bastard

I hope Burma Digest leaders could forgive me for using some rough words that may cross the red line in normal polite literature but then only the truth could be seen easily. But as even our dear Bogyoke Aung San  had also used in his brilliant speeches, to hit point blank, we may need some times to refrain from the wavering diplomatic jargons (Speech or writing having unusual or pretentious vocabulary, convoluted phrasing, and vague meaning) and utilize some direct hit words that could be seen as a little bit rough, uncouth or vulgar. (bastard=son born out of wedlock)

Yes, Than Shwe’s SPDC Military is an Illegitimate Government as_

  • Military coup in 1962 had illegally toppled the legitimate democratic civilian U Nu’s government.

  • Military coup in 1988 had illegally grasped the power from the people’s power movement.

  • Palace coup on 23 April 1992, toppling General Saw Maung, who promised to withdraw the Burmese Military to the barracks, was illegal.

  • Using the procrastinations and excuses to continue to stay in power despite of promising the road map to democracy and transferring the power to the democratic civilian government.

  • Violent crack down on peaceful demonstrators and monks were illegal.

  • In spite of repeated promises to the people of Myanmar, UN, ASEAN etc, avoiding the dialogue to start a National reconciliation and initiate the democratization process reveal the true colours of the SPDC’s untrustworthiness.

May you allow me to use an anecdote (An entertaining and often oral account of a real or fictitious occurrence.)

p-irate-good.jpgOnce a pirate abducted a beautiful princess and raped her without her consent. And it goes on for few decades.

Then the Pirate Senior Captain (but he thought he was a Senior General and declared that he was one without knowing that as a Pirate leader of the fleet of ships (named Tatmadaw Yay) the proper title or rank should be Fleet Admiral. navy-flag.jpg(The Tatmadaw Yay is the naval branch of the Myanmar Tatmadaw with 16,000 men and women. The Myanmar Navy currently operates more than 122 vessels.)

Nowadays, he is old and so_

  • wishes to be free from his notorious Pirate immage, the Killer million gold. (Million is Than and Gold is Shwe in Burmese)pirate-skull.jpg

  • Wishes to have an heir apparent. [An heir apparent is an heir who (short of a fundamental change in the situation) cannot be displaced from inheriting. It is also used metaphorically to indicate someone who is the apparent “anointed” successor to any position of power, e.g., a political or corporate leader.]

But the real problems with that megalomenic and paranoid Killer Million Gold (Allow me to continue to use this monarchic title of the pirate of Myanmar) are_

  • He refuses to marry legally to the bride.pirate.jpg

  • He insists to write the matrimonial contract with his own crony lawyers who are unqualified, unskilled, some illiterate and mostly corrupted. They were even forced to draw the contract under duress.

  • He refuses to follow the tradition customs or follow the proper protocol.

  • He insists to put unfair, one sided terms and conditions in the contract that his parents only could he respected as the head of the house, his brother must be appointed the butler, his aunt must be the cook and his cousin must be the security chief of the future HOME.

  • He insists that 20% of the staff of the house must be from his family.

  • But the worse point is, although he is raping Ma Bur Ma and regarded as his keeping, he has a great hatred or contempt to his mother-in law Daw Save just because she is well respected and loved by his ill-gotten (obtained illegally or by improper means) wife, Ma Bur Ma.heartts500.jpg

  • He even forced her to change her name into Ma Myan Mar.

Now he decided to get a bastard son, a puppet civilian government under his complete control to trick not only the whole population of village, neighbouring villages and the whole world that he and his bastard son are democratic leader, to avoid the pariah status and to dodge the sanctions. (pariah = a social outcast, Untouchable.)

He refused to allow U Gambari, sent by Senior Admin officer from Town Council, Daw Kyee Mon.

Now he refuses to even marry Ma Myan Mar.

He hate all the family members and relatives of the bride, including well respected Daw Save. (Save = Suu in Burmese)

So now Pirate, Rapist, Killer Million Gold is trying very hard to get a heir apparent without a proper marriage ceremony. He even refused to just sign the proper marriage deed at the Justice office or the Magistrate’s office.

What’s left for Ma Myan Mar, when her rapist illegitimate spouse even refused to do a religious ceremony at the village monastery in front of the village Sayar Daw. Old Sayar Daw was already in the jail, some young monks were tortured and killed and some were already abroad after crossing the border.

But Pirate, Rapist, Killer Million Gold had already decided to have a a heir apparent whether any one approve or recognized or not.


No one could order him.

He doesn’t care the bride, Ma Myan Mar’s family, relatives, friends and People.

He doesn’t care the neighbours.

He don’t care the influential rich villagers from the west part of the village as long as his immediate neighbours, U Ta Yoke, Ko Kala, U ASEAN and Daw Thai continue to support him.  

Killer Million Gold wrongly thought that he could do what ever he likes.

He is ignorant that that Bastard becoming the king of our house is the last straw for the patience of the Burmese people and the International Community.

I have to use the once popular dancer Sein Aung Min’s words,

“Pyaw Pyan Yin Lae_Aung Min Lune Yar Kya Lain Myee”.

When I use the straight forward anecdote, they could accuse that we are rude.

But this is the time to call,a spade a spade!”

We need to clearly call the future Puppet Civilian Government controlled by the military as a Bastard as there is no other suitable word for them.

Note: Pirate Killer Million Gold, Than Shwe’s Valentine’s Day (Cartoon) taken from Feraya