Comparing Malaysia and Burma results in boos and jeers

Donald booed at church forum

because of comparing how

Malaysia is better off than Burma

Soon Li Tsin

It was proven in St Francis Xavier’s Church last night that comparing how Malaysia is better off than Burma will only result in boos and jeers.

This was the response that Petaling Jaya Selatan (PJS) parliamentary incumbent Donald Lim received when he used the same example on how well the country is doing – several times.

“Under the BN leadership, we are doing much better than Burma …” he said before he was interrupted by boos and jeers.

In a closed-door election forum attended by 250 parishioners, voters in the church were given a rare chance to hear both Barisan Nasional and opposition candidate slug it out on stage.

The deputy tourism minister was pitted against his opponent PKR’s Hee Loy Sian while Bukit Gasing incumbent Gerakan’s Dr Lim Thuan Seng squared off with DAP’s Edward Lee.

Boos and cheers

This was followed by Donald’s pitch on BN’s past successes and his PJS manifesto for the city which includes battling crime and traffic problems.

Last speaker Lee was clearly the ‘star’ of the night when he promised to lobby for local council elections should he be elected and urged the people to be more proactive in handling community issues which drew applause numerous times.

The question-and-answer session resulted in many serious discussion surrounding PJ’s traffic woes and high assessment rates.

Asked to comment on how to stop talented Malaysians from leaving the country, the three-term PJS parliamentarian said he was ‘okay with it’ before talking about the ‘Malaysia My Second Home’ program which led to boos by the crowd again.

When a member of the audience asked Donald to talk about oil subsidies and profits by Pertonas, he said it was ‘not a state issue’ to more jeers from the audience.

“I am not going to sign this pledge. When you talk about your rights, about justice and fairness but we must think about other people’s rights.

“If you want to vote me in or not this time, it’s your choice. I’ll do what I can for you. I’ll let my records speak for itself,” he said.

Paradigms needed to be shifted for Myanmar Revolution

  Paradigms needed to be shifted

for Myanmar Revolution

I have edited and adapted to the Myanmar context from the original letter to Malaysiakini by KJ John .

I hope Malaysiakini and KJ John and could understand and forgive for this. They should even be proud that they could contribute a very good letter for the fellow Myanmar/Burmese citizens.


I remember that one human resources consultant who discovered that more than 99% of the SPDC Government employees even in Research and Development Department were ‘psychologically complaint personalities’.

Actually all the R&D organisations need staffs who challenges the paradigm; that is what the scientist, Thomas Kuhn, called the ‘structure of scientific revolutions’. Paradigms needed to be shifted for scientific discovery, not maintained.

How could anyone then undertake R&D within an organisation filled with complaint personalities?

I have started to speak and write against all those whom I believe lack integrity; the same principle I expect from of all my good friends who choose to criticize my views as well. I really believe that one’s credibility and integrity are a very good basis for all types of politics and an equal principle for integrity in our lives; for our every human action, and non-action.

The SPDC Public Services Department was no more interested in serving the public interest. She had lost her neutrality and had become blindly biased towards the Tatmadaw agenda, and often consequently, sacrificed national interest in the name of public interest.

Traditions of the British public service mindset that taught that all public servants were servants of the King and loyal only to the party in power so long as they served the national interest.

All of us seek to exercise our right as citizens? To me there is only one serious and core issue. After 60 years of independence, are we as a nation moving in the right direction? Do we consider that our feelings of national unity are better today than four years ago, before Tatmadaw’s coup? Are we cleaner today in terms of corruption and abuse of authority and power; in terms of the integrity agenda that Tatmadaw promised? Is protection and preservation of the environment better today? Are our water resources being better handled today?

My conclusion on the core issue for this general election therefore is – can we integrate this nation with integrity, under the current Myanmar Military model of leadership and governance? Sadly and disappointingly, my answer is a definite ‘no’. Tatmadaw’s uni-ethnicity has outlived her usefulness.

To build the nation, elimination of corruption and elimination of poverty at the ground level. We cannot continue to have a dominant team ruling the country and the rest behaving as if they were asking for scraps from the table. How low should a person stoop? We should be like brothers and sisters eating at the same table; sharing the food equally and even stopping occasionally to ask one another if they wanted more.

That is how I eat with my parents and my siblings at table; and that is how I think our nation should behave. Without the kind of behaviour now, we will never achieve excellence in our performance and real harmony among the people even if it took another 500 years. It is time now to ask, ‘Can I afford to chicken out on this?’

 I am encouraged that with each passing day I read of more and more readers voicing out against this despicable government. It is high time for the government’s antics be exposed and they butted out of their cushy offices. I need not state what many others have said to remind ourselves of their misdeeds led by one of the most hypocritical PMs we have ever known.

Do we like the direction this country is heading? Increasing military dominence and religious intolerance. Widespread corruption. Loss of competitiveness. Increasing inflation, dwindling purchasing power.

Voting NO in Referendum to topple SPDC

Voting NO in Referendum 

to topple SPDC

I have edited and adapted to the Myanmar context from the original letter to Malaysiakini by New Malaysian I hope Malaysiakini and New Malaysian could understand and forgive for this. They should even be proud that they could contribute a very good letter for the fellow Myanmar/Burmese citizens.

Under very heavy ongoing assault by ‘people power’ , International criticism, UN’s pushing for democratization and the opposition forces, Myanmar Military Junta is now feeling the heat of the mounting challenge. Weakened by the fallacy that it is the only choice people have, underestimating the progressive maturation of the Burmese public and the expanding accessibility to right information, SPDC Junta is succumbing to the wrath of the people, who have become increasingly aware of the decades of political atrocities committed by the Myanmar Military leaders.

Arrogance, corruption and abuse of power has reduced the Myanmar into nothing more than a crippled system. Not only has Tatmadaw lost its respect, but what the people cannot accept is their total lack of righteousness in the practice of the science of government.

Gloating in their power, overusing their authority, shamelessly acquiring ill- gotten wealth, the obnoxious Tatmadaw culture has become so repulsive that the people have become so disgusted, infuriated and disappointed.

Even the Monks have woken up to the tragedy created by Tatmadaw. The management of the Myanmar nation has become so bad. SPDC Junta has become inflicted with a cancer which is beyond help.

The one and the only way to save Myanmar form this disaster is to reject once and for all SPDC Junta and give it a chance to rest and recreate. This has to happen otherwise Myanmar will  deteriorate, through the destructive forces of corruption.

A nation like Burma, if the government has the righteousness, would have reached levels much higher that what it is now. The people are ashamed of SPDC General’s corruption. All the three separate branches of the government system has been corrupted wholesale by the military leaders who were appointed by Myanmar Military Junta.

The legislative, the judiciary and the executive, all of which must operate independently, are now fused and spoilt by the military leaders who were appointed by Myanmar Military Junta.

SPDC Government is totally crippled and rotten. The time is ripe to for the people to act decisively. This is the moment of truth, the decisive moment for the people to show who the real boss is.

Get rid of Myanmar Military Junta rot created and accumulated over the years by Myanmar Tatmadaw. The only way is by exercising our power of decision – vote out the bad by voting NO to the REFERENDUM and give the the NLD led opposition a chance again. In creative development it is multiple options that brings novelty and betterment.

If Tatmadaw is the only choice, than creative development will be stifled and the nation will lose out to others. So let us vote out the bad and put in the new. Vote for a new leadership by yourNO” vote to the SPDC Referendum.