Repeal draconian private healthcare Act

Repeal draconian private healthcare Act

ZARIM KAMARUL’s letter in the Star Online_

I REFER to Dr John Teo’s letter, “Act unfair to doctors” (The Star, March 28).

The PHFSA (Private Healthcare and Facilities Act) was created in 1993 at the urging of consumer associations as they claimed they often handled complaints from the public on poor services provided by private hospitals and clinics.

But they were told that the Health Ministry’s hands were tied.

This is untrue.

The Medical Act 1971 is very clear, especially in trying to apprehend bogus doctors.

Doctors wanting to practise in Malaysia must have graduated from a recognised university, must have registration with the Malaysian Medical Council and must posses a valid Annual Practicing Certificate.

Anyone not complying is a fraudulent or unlicensed doctor and is liable for a fine or jail term of two years or more.

The Medical Act 1971 is in itself comprehensive.

But what was absent was enforcement.

One of the bizarre edicts of the new law was that it applied only to private doctors but not to government ones.

Among others, private practitioners will need to work in specified clinic conditions, pay a suspicious registration fee of RM1,500 and buy medical equipment they may never use.

The Act was passed in parliament despite the objections by MMA presidents.

The recent elections have shown that the Government must pay attention if unfair laws are proposed or are being promulgated.

This country must not exchange democracy for the rule of little Napoleans as the de facto method of governance in the civil service.

The PHFSA must be repealed.

Shah Alam.

Act unfair to doctors

DR JOHN TEO’s letter in Star Online

AS our Prime Minister announced his new Cabinet and as the unprecedented general election results unfolded before our eyes, what was clear to all Malaysians, regardless of race, gender, religion and profession, was that our destiny and objectives are the same. That is: equality, fairness and the ability to share and prosper together as one race in this great nation of ours. 

One of the very important tasks ahead for the new Health Minister and the Cabinet to look at is the Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act 1998 which came into force last year amid an outcry by private doctors throughout the country. 

With the usual government modus operandi of implementation of similar regulations like the introduction of Fomema to monitor foreign workers’ health and the proposed E-kesihatan to monitor transport workers’ health which was later scrapped, the stakeholders i.e. the private doctors and even patients do not play any major part in its formation.  

The threat of a RM300,000 fine for not registering is enough to send all private doctors scurrying for the registration forms. The concession was that the authorities will not use the Act without due care and disregard to the private practitioners and that its main objective is to weed out bogus doctors and unqualified practitioners. 

It is now necessary to ask why is a fully qualified doctor from a local university with a valid annual practising certificate that qualifies him to practise professionally in this country as in the case of Dr Basmullah Yusom languishing in jail because of the PFHSA?  

His only crime is of course failing to register his clinic as he is planning to move to another locality soon. 

I speak for myself, but I also believe that I speak for a big majority of private doctors in this country, that the PFHSA should be repealed. 

Most doctors, whether in government service or the private sector, have only one main objective in mind and that is only their patients’ welfare and health first and foremost. 

I am not suggesting that errant doctors or practices should not be regulated. But there are many Acts in place already to do that and the fact remains that the PFHSA has too many regulations that can be yielded and enforced in so many forms that many doctors are objecting too. 

In all fairness, the PFHSA should also be renamed and revamped as the Facilities and Health Services Act without the word “private” as I believe that the same high standards should be demanded for all health facilities and services, be it private or government, as all Malaysians are equal under the law in this great nation of ours. 

It is the fervent wish and hope of many doctors that this great injustice called the PFHSA is corrected swiftly and effectively by the new Cabinet in this dawn of a new era in Malaysian history. 

Kota Kinabalu.

Selfishness leads to search and hit the softspots

 Selfishness leads to search and hit the softspots

“Think of national interests”, Suaram told by

unjust leader from the Justice Party

On the protest voiced by Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram) on the Selangor-levy plan, he said local non-governmental organisations (NGOs) like Suaram must place priority on national interests and not champion universal human rights and attack the state government for looking after its residents in their own homeland.

Yes, do not champion universal human rights but just look at your party’s name.

Do you stupidly still think that  your party is established for justice to DSAI alone? BUT not for the UNIVERSAL JUSTICE?

Dear DSAI and Datin Seri Dr Wan Aziza, please give an intensive course on Democracy, Human Rights, Justice, Rule of Law, UN Human Right Decleration on this shortsighted person.

If not this MB is morbidly suffering from Myopic astigmatism, a condition in which his eye is affected with myopia (Shortsightedness) in one meridian only: that is on foreigners.

He will later start an anti-Foreigner campaigns_

Now he said foreigners took the work of locals and buy the houses.

Soon he will propose to shut down the Kelang Port to stop exporting goods and petroleum so that Malaysian citizens could enjoy the surplus, unsold, exports. Sure, commodity prices would go down because of unsold, un-exported goods.

Soon he would stop all foreign tourists from entering Selangor to reduce traffic congestion and to give more hotel rooms available to local tourists. Hotel room rates would go down up to the level affordable to all the Malaysian citizens.

Soon he would stop all foreign direct investment to give more opportunity to the locals.

Selfish politicians like him would never think globally.

Selfish politicians usually use national interests as a smokeshield to disguise their cruel deeds.

Selfish and weak politicians always try to exploit or hit the soft spots. Khalid dare not exploit on Malaysian old pendatangs so he is looking the blood of fresh pendatangs.

(Sorry Malaysian Chinese and Malaysian Indians for using this insulting words. I myself was labled like that in my own country and here we all are treated unfairly and unjustly as 10th. Grade foreigners amongst fresh pendatangs)

Selfish politicians always use the (Ultra) Nationalistic sentiments to incite or exploit against Foreigners.

Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim should be controlled by DSAI and Datin Seri Dr Wan Aziza.

Justice Party (I hope Justice for all and not for selected races and citizens only) leader, new Chief Minister Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim said foreign workers living and working in Selangor enjoyed all the state’s infrastructure, like good schools, health facilities and roads and the state was just calling for them contribute something in return.

I sensed a déjà vu phenomena while reading Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim’s words_

Former PM Tun Mahathier had also reported to utter these words as a lame excuse when he imposed increased medical fees for the foreigners.

  • Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim  is ignorant that legal foreign workers’ children are not allowed at all in any government schools!
  • Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim  is ignorant that the government had built 3000 schools only for the illegal immigrants from Indonesia. (According to NST front page news and photograph of a school)

Even PR holders are denied the good faculties in Public or Government Universities nowadays.

  • Local students are subsidized using part of our levies and income-taxes.
  • Even in the expensive private universities, locals are supported using the foreigners’ levies and income-taxes.
  • Adding salt to that do you know that we need to pay  more then locals? And one idiot is asking to charge more on foreigners in the local universities. Is this the Justice?

Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim should open his eyes and fight for that injustices and then I am sure the foreign workers would be willing to pay even hundred times more than he proposed.

He is ignorant that Government health facilities always charge THREE TIMES first clast fees to the foreigners while keeping them in the Third Class.

  • He should fight to charge same rate as locals at hospitals if he wish to charge again in his state.
  • He came from Justice party: after charging those levies (when the locals earning the same salary are usually exempted from paying income-tax because of low earning.)
  • Afterall those foreign workers are working for your country, your countrymen’s companies that your citizens owned at least 30% and for your citizens. Where is “Justice” if the workers your citizens employed are forced to pay extra charges or sometimes denied medical treatment?

Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim  should be banned from claiming that he is from Justice Party if he continue to deny justice for all.

Using state Roads?

  • Foreigners also pay income-tax or levies.

  • Even if they use the taxis or busses, they paid the fees that is inclusive of all the Road Tax, Import Duty, Sales Tax, AP Fees, Tool fees etc.
  • If the Foreigners buy cars are they exempted from above?

So don’t give lame excuses Tun and Tan Seri, this is your country and State. If you want to discriminate on poor foreign workers, just do whatever you like. But don’t give those lame silly excuses. Just Hit the Soft Spots!” It is safer than exploiting the same citizens.

By the way, your “zero tolerance on squatters” is also targetting the poor. 

Please read the following news_

Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim in the Star Online news 

BANTING: Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram) should take a more national approach to foreign worker issues and not attack the state government, says Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim.

Khalid said the state government’s proposal to collect RM9 monthly from all migrant workers in the state was aimed at setting up a fund to help provide re-training for local unemployed youths so they could land better jobs.

He said foreign workers living and working in Selangor enjoyed all the state’s infrastructure, like good schools, health facilities and roads and the state was just calling for them contribute something in return.

Well done: Khalid, you have darken your party and opposition.

“Suaram feels that bringing in foreign workers is one of the solutions to human rights problems but they should understand we have to help our own people, too.

“This is a democracy, so we can open up and discuss the matter,” he told reporters after officiating at the closing ceremony of the training for local authorities’ enforcement officers at the Selangor Enforcement Training Centre (Pulapes) in Jugra here yesterday.

On Monday, Suaram executive director Yap Swee Seng hit out at the state government’s proposal, calling it unjust as foreign workers received low wages and were often exploited by employers or recruitment agencies with non-payment, unjust deduction of salary, long working hours and unfair dismissals.

He added that migrant workers were barely surviving and probably in debt after paying exorbitant fees to come to work in Malaysia.

Khalid meanwhile said the RM4,000 in levy and agency charges migrant workers paid was too large a sum, and the state planned to call on the Federal Government to reduce the amount.

He also proposed that a centralised information system be set up to keep an accurate record of foreign workers in the state.

“I was among the people involved in the corporatisation of the system for foreign workers and I can show ways to keep tabs on even the illegal workers,” he said.

Khalid also said the Federal Government should not cast aside suggestions just because they came from opposition parties and should accept the good

“We want to show the federal government how to keep records on illegal workers (Have you use illegals in your old palmoil company?) by having the state levy. I will set up a centralised information system to keep correct records on those who come and work in the state,” he said.

Abdul Khalid said the RM3,000 to RM4,000 charged by migrant worker agencies was high and that for the Selangor government this was not reasonable.

(Then you have heart to extort extra RM 9.00, that will definitely pass onto the poor workers.)

(Have your old company pay the levies for your workers.  Afterall Tun said that levies were meant to made the employers expensive to hire foreigners but Tun and all of you close your eyes and look other way round when the poor foreign workers have to pay those money.)

If you are man enough demand part of the levies to be paid to state governments from the immigration or MOF.

He said millions of ringgit were paid by foreign workers to recruiting agencies that brought them to the country and the Malaysian government collected a levy but eventually the agents concerned did not know where the workers were and this “flood of foreign workers” created problems for society.

Although migrant workers, especially the illegal ones, were eventually repatriated by the government, the problem did not seem to end as they returned to the country and the ones who benefited were the travel agents and migrant workers recruitment agencies, Abdul Khalid said.

See this great Malaysiakini news,

  1. Permas: New MB’s statements ‘chilling’ by Soon Li Tsin 

The community residents’ association of Selangor and Federal Territory (Permas) is disappointed with Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim’s decision to continue with the ‘zero squatters’ policy.   

Opposition leader Wan Azizah unveils bold agenda

The nation’s first female parliamentary opposition leader, Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, today unveiled an ambitious agenda to boost economic growth and fight corruption.

Access to equal opportunities

Strengthening race relations

Withdraw Monthly Fee

on Migrant Workers

Wednesday, 26 March 2008 
Suaram is deeply disturbed with the plan of the Selangor state government to collect RM10 monthly fee from all migrant workers in the state of Selangor. The new policy was announced by the Chief Minister of the newly formed Selangor state government, Khalid Ibrahim recently during a press interview with Chinese press.

According to the Chief Minister, the money collected will be used for the purpose of setting up a re-training fund for unemployed youths. It aims to equip them with more skills and in a long run reduce the reliance on migrant workers. 

The migrant workers community is

  • one of the most exploited
  • and most marginalized groups in the society.
  • They work in conditions described as 3-Ds – dirty, demeaning and dangerous,
  • and theirs are jobs which the locals shun off.
  • They receive low wages
  • and are often exploited by employers
  • or recruitment agencies for non-payment,
  • unjust deduction of salary,
  • long working hours,
  • unfair dismissal etc.

By taxing the migrant workers

  • who are barely surviving
  • and probably in debt in order to pay the exorbitant fees to come to work in Malaysia ,
  • an extra heavy burden is added on the migrant workers and their families.

And to use the money collected from the migrant workers to re-train local unemployed youth and eventually replace the migrant workers, is scandalous, to say the least.

Even if the monthly fee is to be paid by the employer and not the migrant workers, we are concerned that eventually this fee will be deducted from the migrant worker’s wages one way or another.

The new policy reflects how unsensitized Malaysian political parties,

  • be they in the opposition

  • or the government,

are to the plight of migrant workers.

The Parti Rakyat Keadilan (PKR) has espoused the principle of justice and won a huge victory with the pledge to the people to fight against the widening income gap between the “have” and the “have-nots”.

Certainly, taxing the poor migrant workers to assist local unemployed youth, do not measure up to the principle and spirit of justice.

Suaram calls on Chief Minister Khalid Ibrahim to immediately withdraw this unjust policy. We also urge the Chief Minister to consult civil society organizations who are working on migrant workers issues before making any policy decisions in the future.

Yap Swee Seng
Executive Director



Applying for Malaysian citizenship

Applying for Malaysian citizenship

Home Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar 

Please read his interpretation of_” WE RULE BY OUR LAW,” first and my comments later. 

PUTRAJAYA: Some of the 200,000 foreign workers who overstayed for up to 30 years have applied for permanent residence status and citizenship even though they are not qualified. (OK)

“One does not acquire any right to PR or citizenship just by working in the country. (OK)

“A guest worker in this country is a guest worker,” said Home Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar. (OK)

He said the rule was for unskilled workers to work for a maximum of five years while skilled workers could work for 10 years in Malaysia. (May be OK?)

Unlike some countries, he said, Malaysia did not offer PR or citizenship to people even though they have invested millions of ringgit in the country. (OK , we all know that invest only could not earn a citizenship:)

There are now some 1.2 million foreign workers in Malaysia.

(Legal = already paid the levies and middle-men:)

(Illegals should be punished together with their Malaysian bosses + Political powers who pushed out them from the country of origin or pulled them)

(What about refugees? Political, Religious and Economic refugees from Burma, Sorry , you used to call Myanmar! ASEAN leaders are also responsible for their exodus because they shielded and Protected the SPDC Junta so that they could continue to exploit Myanmar)

Syed Hamid, who took over the portfolio recently, said his priority would be to tackle the issue of illegal foreign workers, including those who overstayed.

(Now with the stroke of luck you need to listen to the Sabah leaders and give priority there!)

(But Your Honour would be wrong if dumped political migrants as illegals. Your Honour  has the moral responsibility to look after the so called economic migrants  or who migrated because of bad economy as a result of SPDC Military Junta continued mismanagement. Because ASEAN and Malaysia must accept that if they continue to  shield, protect and support the Myanmar Military Government for their own interests, they should take responsibility for these people also. Burmese people’s sufferings are prolonged because of ASEAN.)

Another problem on the ministry’s priority list is the visa-on-arrival facility that saw about 60,000 tourists overstaying since the visa was introduced last year. (OK)

Yet another problem to be “revisited” is the licences issued to some 300 out-sourcing companies to bring in foreign workers. (Dare to ask? How ? When? Why? they got the licences)

Syed Hamid said the way the licences were used led to numerous cases of foreigners being stranded in the country without jobs and proper accommodation despite having paid agency fees.

He also said he would be tabling for second reading the Special Complaints Commission Bill, to act on complaints of misconduct by enforcement agents, in the next Parliament session?

My comments 

So Blue ICs  are given to whom, other than spouses of Malaysians ? 

Could you give the break down of Indonesians’ profession or work or status at the time of approval. Sure you will hide behind OSA. Then it would be the proof of lack of transparency or unfairness on our Myanmar Muslims.

But I am 100% sure we Burmese (sorry you YB prefer to call Myanmar) Muslims, even the professionals are unfairly discriminated here.

Because YB Minister was an ex-FM you may be brainwashed by the generals you may wish to say no but I am sure you may not dare to deny the followings on the HOLY BOOK OF QURAN_

  • Mosques damaged by agent provocateurs are not allowed to rebuild in Myanmar.
  • Old Mosques ruined because of natural cause are not allowed to rebuild in Myanmar.
  • Many mosques are destroyed by the local military officers and Muslims were even forced to give free labour to build pagodas, monasteries, army camps or new settlements for the all expenses paid Myanmar Buddhists migrants into the Muslim dominant area.

When the democratic Western countries pushed Burma, you all ASEAN countries protect the Myanmar Generals and ASEAN leader from this country was the one who persuaded all the remaining ASEAN leaders to let off SPDC from the hook. It was cleverly trapped on record by witty Singaporeans.

We could understand that Petronas alone has more than 4 billion investment there and we agree that you all are right because it is important for your country’s economy.

We could understand and do not wish to blame because you all could not or dare not protest about the Muslims in Myanmar.

But we could not understand when you could not even allow those effected Myanmar Muslims migrated here to just allow to work here or study here easily. We are not asking even a cent from you but are even willing to pay the required fees.

Why it is very difficult for even Myanmar Muslim Professionals to get Red or Blue ICs but there are a lot of Indonesians, Pilipino and Thai Muslims holding various ICs and many Indons had even served in various very high government posts, MBs Ministers and even Secretary Generals of the ruling parties? We agree with you for accepting those brillient great people but what about the toilet cleaners, odd job workers, hawkers easily getting the approvals?

The whole world could see how cold bloodedly the SPDC soldiers had shot and killed the Japanese journalist and dare to assault and killed the revered monks.

Just read my other relevant articles about Muslims in Myanmar. Or just ask Datin Seri Wan Aziza or Tun Mahathier. (You could read some of their comments in their interview with me.)

Or you could ask your Law Minister YB Datuk Zaid Ibrahim or YB Taressa Kok or YB Elizabeth Wong or even your PM’s son-in-law YB KJ, who protested infront of Myanmar Embassy. Your old Law Minister Datuk Nazari Aziz had also protested infront of Burmese Embassy as the UMNO Youth leader. (Please don’t angry, for using Burma as that was the name of Myanmar at that time)

If Your Honour, Home ministry and government just wish to punish me, blacklist me, so be it. That is my fate.

I hope and believe that I could get the reward back from Allah later. After all if we don’t tell you, who will inform you and your boss, YAB Datuk Seri AAB. YAB promised to listen and your new Imformation Minister was said to be willing to read the blogs and internet.

Dear YB Datuk Seri Home Minister. Is is time to change your outdated laws formalysed during the merdeka days. The world is already changed and globalized. If you resist to change the people will start to abandon you.

If there is truth in the RULE OF THAT CITIZENSHIP LAW (read Rule of Law) it is OK for you to proudly announce it. But as that LAW was believed to be used (read Rule by Law) to shut out others and just to open the back door to the Indonesians you should not proudly follow that law but should try to amend it.

Please read my article_

The worst National Registration Department in the world


Politics for People

  Politics for People

_ by Thuria Tayza

It’s time now to start serious discussions on “Politics for People”.

There are at least three reasons for doing so.

1. People’s sufferings on the ground;

  • near starvation,
  • child malnutrition,
  • high maternal
  • & child mortality rates,
  • short general life expectancy,
  • hyper prevalence of infectious diseases,
  • lack of good healthcare,
  • lack of clean water supply,
  • lack of electrivity,
  • lack of credible education,
  • lack of employment,
  • lack of reliable income,
  • lack of internet access,
  • lack of media freedom,
  • lack of labour rights,
  • child soldiers,
  • human trafficking,
  • forced prostitution,
  • drug trade,
  • environmental destructions………

these are all real , not just political propaganda.

2. When junta approved their constitution by hook or by crook or by spooks; to carry on the fight to next stage, pro-democracy political activists inside the country will need to take part in 2010 elections; then they will need a credible leparty political platform which is relevant to time and circumstances of the day.

“Politics for People” will be a very noble and respectable political platform.

3. When the military install a puppet civilian government after 2010; to go on fighting against that puppet civilian government, we’ll need a good political weapon. “Politics for People” will be an effective weapon because under the new puppet civilian government people of Burma will go on suffering all the same.

So we need to start brain-storming on how to help the real people under real-life sufferings in Burma: _

A. How can political activists help the real people _

  • e.g., like Ko Htin Kyaw and group who voiced people’s concerns for the worsening poverty;
  • like the efforts by Phyu Phyu Thin and group to provide assistance to HIV patients highlighting the lack of adequate and humane care for patients with infectious diseases in Burma

B. How political leaders can help the real people _

e.g., like the 88 generation student leaders who came out onto streets to protest hyper inflations after 5 fold fuel price hikes, which eventually snowballed into massive Saffron Revolution last year

C. How activists on border areas can help the real people _

e.g., like Dr Cynthia Maung who has been for so many years providing health care to all refugees and migrants there;

like AEIOU program giving tertiary education to refugee youths there

D. How ethic forces can help their own people _

  • like Free Burma Rangers providing healthcare and other essential assistance to IDPs;
  • like Shan Women Action Network releiving sufferings of ethnic refugee women

E. How journalists inside and outside the country can help the real people _

e.g., like many a faceless civilian journalists and bloggers during Saffron revolution who risked their lives and tried to record the sufferings of people and spread the word to the outside world.

F. How exile pliticians can help the real people _

  • e.g., by talking more about people’s real suffering on the ground in Burma,
  • but spending less time on writing money-making project proposals for themselves

G. How international community can help the real people of Burma _

e.g., by persuading or pressuring military junta to cooperate better with United Nations for direct poverty relief efforts for real people on the ground

H. How ASEAN countries can help the real people of Burma _

 e.g, by persuding Burmese authorities to gradually relax their

  • super tight control and very harsh censorship on
  • media,
  • press,
  • public meetings,
  • entertainment
  • and stage performences,
  • internet
  • and telecommunications, etc.,

in essence to allow freedom at least up to ASEAN standard, if not to perfect western standards.

I. How future new puppet civilian government can help the real people _

  • e.g., by being less corrupt
  • and more transparent
  • and accountable,
  • and paying more heed to public opinions