The worst National Registration Department in the world

The worst National Registration Department in the world

Although the Malaysian National Registration Department got the best delivery award amongst all the Government Agencies, we found out a lot of delaying tactics and ever increasing RED TAPE RULES for us in this department. Shamefully may be one of the worst NRD department in the WHOLE WORLD.

The most inefficient delivery system for us but curiously the best for the YAB AAB’s Administration. For us they take few years just to issue or to change ICs. May be deliberate delaying tactics for us only because I had read in the Newspapers that they just take one hour to replace an IC, My Card during election times.


It takes a dozen of years to get a RED IC or PR and we need to wait exactly TWELVE YEARS from the date of getting PR, to be JUST eligible to APPLY for the citizenship. And it would take FEW DOZENS of years again to get the approval or to be accepted as the citizens. So, most of the NON INDON, NON THAI MALAY MUSLIM or NON PHILLIPINO MALAYS, first migrants would die before getting BLUE ICs. It is especially difficult for Myanmars even if one is the Muslim Professional.


This is clear case of discrimination on foreigners. Where is transparency? Where is Rule of Law? Where is Justice? Where are Human Rights? Where is the ASEAN spirit? Where is MUSLIM BROTHER HOOD?


And except for allowed to stay and work in Malaysia, most of the other privileges of citizens are conveniently denied to the PR holders here, not like other countries around the world.

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Applying for Malaysian citizenship


MyPR card from July

PUTRAJAYA: The present permanent resident (PR) card will no longer be valid effective July, making way for the more technologically-sophisticated and highly secure MyPR, Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar announced.

He said permanent residents had been given ample time to make the change to MyPR, which was introduced in June 2006.

“I believe we have been fair by giving more than sufficient time for them to make the change. We have extended the deadline from 2006 till last year and we have even further stretched the grace period till June this year.

“We have no plans to extend the deadline. After June, the old PR card will automatically be invalid as identity card for Malaysia’s permanent residents,” he said.

Syed Hamid was speaking to reporters after visiting the National Registration Department together with his deputies, Datuk Wan Ahmad Farid and Datuk Chor Chee Heung yesterday.

To date, there are 376,245 PR card holders, of whom 204,901 have yet to change to MyPR.

Syed Hamid said it was for permanent residents to change to MyPR to avoid confusion as the old PR card was of the same colour as the identity card issued to Malaysian citizens.

“The only difference between the two is the card for PRs has a red-coloured star on it, which can easily be overlooked.

“MyPR has a red background, is equipped with high-security features and has the country of origin of the holder stated on it,” he added.

Syed Hamid said since Independence, the Government has awarded citizenship to two million foreigners based on many criteria.

On another matter, he said some 190,000 people had yet to change their identity card and another 195,000 had not collected their MyKad over the past two years.

Please read this remark by Sami Vellu in Malaysiakini_

“The government is of the opinion that when you introduce a programme, everybody will benefit. It is not so. The programme is drafted in such a way that certain people will never benefit,” he said.

“Even if it is meant for everybody, the person who delivers it will never allow it to be delivered. This is the curse in the country, the delivery system.

“The government would like to give everything to everybody, but the man who delivers will never do it,” he added.

Samy Vellu stressed that while the government is not discriminatory, those in the civil service are.

“Anything for other races, they don’t like to see it … some of them don’t consider us (non-Malays) as Malaysians. They are the ones who brought the Barisan down in this elections.

 ‘Change the head’

Asked how this curse can be broken, Samy Vellu prescribed a startling remedy. “Barisan Nasional must change its head.”

Sensing that it can be misinterpreted, the MIC president promptly explained that “the head” was in reference to the mindset and not the leadership.

“A new thinking,” he continued. “The new thinking should be equal opportunities for Malaysians according to their percentage.”

(Note: must stop the different kind of treatment to different foreigners. We Burmese are least previliged foreigners in Malaysia)

At this juncture, the MIC president shifted his focus to the significant swing in votes, especially from the Malays, for the opposition.

“You see today the bumiputera votes went to the opposition. Why? Because they feel there should be equality in the country … I never expected in my life that Malays will move in such a big magnitude to the opposition.

“The Indians, of course, for the first time have also moved. The Chinese (votes) have always been up and down,” he said.

Welcome back Saudara (YAB) DSAI


Welcome back Saudara (YAB) DSAI


Photos taken from the Malaysiakini_ 1, 2 and 3

anwar ibrahim april 14 kg baru event 150408 21anwar ibrahim april 14 kg baru event 150408 11










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As an indication of his thinking, Anwar, who last week delivered the keynote address on the centenary of the birth of Hamka (below), the renowned Indonesian Islamic scholar, cited a quotation from Hamka with which he closed his speech at Muhammadiyah University in Jakarta:
hamka haji abdul malik karim amrullah indonesian writer“The shifting sands of time render all things impermanent. Some will rise and some will fall. As for me, just as I have come, I too shall leave this worldly life which alternates between joy and grief… and even as I fall victim to my oppressors’ wrong, whose tyranny knows no bounds drunk as they are with power, they ought to know that they too will also fade into oblivion… as for those who have vilified me and sullied my name and my honour with their boundless hate and envy … this much I can offer them: to err is human, to forgive divine…”

Hamka (1908-81), who was imprisoned by Sukarno on trumped-up charges of being a traitor to the country, forgave his nemesis and moved on to become one of the leading lights in the cultural and political reform movement of the region.

Nearing the end of his period of exclusion from elective office, Anwar, in quoting this passage, has shown his magnanimity of spirit, harbouring neither ill-will nor animosity towards his detractors and adversaries.

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