Anwar Ibrahim the Master Plumber

Anwar Ibrahim the Master Plumber

Antares (TQ and salute you for these DSAI articles)

I refer to the Malaysiakini article Whom should we trust?

Sim Kwang Yang has raised some very pertinent issues in his essay. Ultimately, we have to love and trust ourselves before we can love and trust anybody else. Otherwise we will end up behaving like the proverbial lemming, incapable of independent thought and action.

Every day I bump into people who continue to parrot well-worn clichés about Anwar Ibrahim being tainted during his long stint in Umno, his unrelenting political ambition, his connections with the Zionist banking fraternity – and, worst of all, the Islamic zeal that first shot him to prominence as a hot-headed leader of Abim (a Muslim missionary movement).

All these negative perceptions of the man are ultimately rooted in deep fear of individuals like Anwar Ibrahim whose lives seem like epics compared to most of us.

Every culture produces its own cult heroes – strangers who appear from out of nowhere, slay an ogre, marry a princess, and end up ruling the kingdom. Most of us are fascinated by heroes. After all, that’s where our role models come from. However, in recent times, with the rise of the corporate superpower, heroes have become a manufactured product.

The mass media conspires to transform ordinary folks into superstars – and then, almost inevitably, they commit deicide by ripping their icons to shreds through vicious gossip and slander.

Sim rightly advises us to reclaim the authority that resides within each of us, to embody within our own beings the noble qualities of the hero. This is the mark of a mature individual. As more of us become our own heroes, we shall no longer be in awe of other heroes. Instead, we will befriend and cooperate with them to manifest our collective dream of the Promised Land.

During Mahathir’s 22-year reign as PM, he effectively dismantled all the mechanisms by which citizens of a functional democracy can replace non-performing or misbehaving public servants.

Without journalistic freedom, no real information reaches the ground, only corporate propaganda.

Without academic, artistic and intellectual freedom, there can be no open dialogue on values, perceptions and collective visions. Without a politically-neutral civil service and police force, a climate of Orwellian absolutism prevails. And without an impartial and independent judiciary, no justice can exist, nor can serious wrongs be righted.

In effect, Malaysian politics under Mahathir was like a public toilet with no working flush mechanism. There’s nothing more unpleasant than walking into the loo only find Unsinkable Floating Objects in the bowl. With no flush – and no bucket and pail to perform the job manually – we had no choice but resign ourselves to the less-than-delightful odour and the disgusting sight of public servants, fattened on sleazy lucre, who simply refused to resign or retire even when they had long overstayed their welcome.

Rather than succumb to mistrust and fear, we would do much better to regard Anwar Ibrahim as the Master Plumber who will take on the unpleasant but absolute necessary task of fixing the flush mechanism. Once that is accomplished, nobody will be reluctant to ‘get their hands dirty’ by participating in local politics as every adult citizen should. The public bowels will be regularly moved and Malaysia’s infamous stinky loos will become a nightmare of our collective past.

In other words, let’s get a grip on our conditioned reflexes. BN has ruled us for 50 years by playing on our fears. They fanned the flames of the non-Malays’ Islamophobia even as they played up the Malays’ anxieties about being overwhelmed by noisy platoons of pig-eating pagans.

In a fear-free atmosphere of open discussion – such as we are experiencing for the first time courtesy of the Internet – clarity, truth and wisdom have a much better chance to prevail over atavistic superstitions and taboos.

When the public lavatories are clean and functional, people will be less likely to walk around full of their own crap – and public servants who become bloated with egotism and greed will find themselves flushed away.

Metamorphosis of Foreign Minister

 Metamorphosis of Foreign Minister 


Burmese detainees torch Lenggeng detention centre

Malaysiakini news

At least 60 Burmese immigrants rioted in the Lenggeng detention centre in Negri Sembilan today, torching a building after failing to win asylum to a third country.

The group initially gathered outside their block at the detention and tried to bring down the perimeter fence, local state police chief Osman Abdullah was quoted as saying by the daily Star newspaper website.

“The authorities tried talking to them but a short while later, they turned violent and then gained entry into the office and set it ablaze,” he added.

Osman said about 200 police and security personnel were deployed to bring the situation under control.

The Lenggeng detention facility houses 820 illegal immigrants, of which 218 are from Burma, he said.

“We are still investigating the cause, but at this point in time all I can say is that they were unhappy because they heard that their application to a third country had been rejected,” Osman added.

Officials at the detention centre could not be reached for comment.

Nowadays we heard a lot of antiforeigner rhetoric from the ex-Foreign Minister almost every day.

 I hope he could remember the followings_

  • After ? Chinese-women nude squat
  • After ill treatment of Indian IT experts at Brickfield
  • After the Indonesian detainees’ riots
  • After the Indonesian martial arts referee man-handled
  • Irene Fernandez’s effective defence in the courts
  • Dozens of anti-Malaysia protests at Malaysian consulates in Indonesia and India various
  • Cancellation of Malaysian contracts in India
  • Indian and Chinese Governments cancelled the sheduled visit of Malaysian Ministers 
  • Malaysian HMs, FM and BN Secretary Generals later apologized to the effected countries

As a Home Minister of less than 30 million country, you are attacking more than 6000 million foreigners. You should understand that for the eyes of those 6000 million foreigners, your citizens are foreigners also.

Please think GLOBAL or Glocal according to your YAB Deputy PM’s advice.

 We know that you are personally a very kind-hearted person.

But we are worried with your every day foreigner bashing stunts. You should not hope to get back the lost support of Malaysian citizens by just stroking the patriotism with the narrow minded Xenophobic anti-foreign provocations. Although it is the wellknown short-cut to garner support by inciting the ultra-nationalistic spirits and blind patriotism, you should just look back the lost of Indian and Chinese votes in the last election.

Don’t play with fire and please kindly stop your Xenophobic, anti-Foreigner war cries. It is very dangerous if the effected foreign countries’ governments revenge with kicking out your citizens, investments and start to boycott the Malaysian products.

  See some news_


Myanmar riot at detention camp, building torched


SEREMBAN: Sixty Myanmar nationals were involved in a riot at the Lenggeng detention camp for illegals near here, apparently after they were told that their application to move to a third country was unsuccessful.

The rioters, believed to be political refugees, also torched an administrative building and threatened Immigration and Rela personnel with injury in the 10am incident on Monday.

State police chief Datuk Osman Abdullah said the rioters gained entry into the two-storey administrative building which was located in the middle of four blocks housing some 820 male illegals.

“They set fire at the ground floor causing damage to office furniture and computers. We were fortunate that the Fire and Rescue team arrived quickly to put out the flames,” he said when met at the centre.

Osman, who said losses had yet to be estimated, said the authorities were not able to determine who told the rioters that their applications had been rejected.

“The group had gathered outside their block first and tried to bring down a parameter fencing about 8am. The authorities tried talking to them but a short while later, they turned violent and then gained entry into the office and set it ablaze,” he said.

Osman said although there were 218 male Myanmar nationals at the centre, only 60 were involved in the rioting. He said illegals from several other countries living at the camp were not involved.

About 100 police and Federal Reserve Unit personnel and another 100 Rela members were called in to bring the situation under control. Also on duty were some 40 Immigration officers.

Personnel from the Civil Defence department and the health services were also on standby. However, Osman said there were no reports of injuries.

Asked if the rioters were unhappy with the treatement at the centre, Osman said preliminary investigations did not point to this.

“We are still investigating the cause, but at this point in time, all I can say is that they were unhappy because they heard that their application to a third country had been rejected,” he said.

The camp, which also housed 280 female illegals, was handed over by the Prisons Department to the Immigration Dept in January.

Osman said the Immigration and police personnel had begun investigations to establish the leaders involved in the melee.

“We will conduct a thorough probe and act against those involved in the arson as well. They will be charged under the relevant laws,” he said, adding that the rioters were not armed.

News Straits Times news about HM’s anti- Foreigner slanted views. If the criminals are foreigners are just punish according to YOUR LAWS. You should avoid RACIAL PROFILING but could punish with death sentences.

 Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said yesterday some criminal activities were being

 committed by syndicates led by foreigners staying temporarily in the country.

He said strict rules had to be enforced at entry points to assist the authorities, especially the police,

to arrest those carrying out criminal activities.

These include members of syndicates known to be using unsuspecting Malaysian women as drug

couriers overseas.

“It is a sad state of affairs that has hit our country. Local girls are being fooled by members of 

international drug syndicates who promise them handsome payments (for work done overseas),” he



Many Malaysian women have been arrested overseas for drug trafficking. Members of some syndicates allegedly offer high paying jobs overseas to the women, who end up unknowingly transporting drugs for the syndicates.




The latest arrests occurred in January in Malta. Dayang Sakienah Mat Lazim from Bukit Payung, Terengganu, and Norfaizura Azura Md Lias, 28, from Pulau Pangkor, Perak, who is three-months pregnant, were said to have been deceived by a local woman whom they met in Kuala Lumpur in November.

“We do not want to accept the arrival of tourists who will become a burden to us,” said Syed Hamid after meeting with Rela members at the Rela Training Centre in Sungai Udang. 

Rela may be upgraded to an enforcement agency


MALACCA: The Home Ministry is mulling over whether to upgrade Rela to an enforcement agency in a move to enhance its enforcement and public order operations.

Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said a draft of the proposal was being finalised for consideration by the Government.

“The role and responsibility of Rela has increased and become even more challenging,” he told reporters after attending a get-together between its officers and leaders at the Rela Southern Zone Training Camp in Sungai Udang yesterday.

“So it is appropriate that the organisation is upgraded to an enforcement agency under the ministry.”

Syed Hamid said the move would allow for better logistical support and funding for facilities, equipment, and uniforms for its personnel.

“We need to give the 508,000 volunteers sufficient training, not only to enhance the capability of Rela but also to further assist the police and immigration. To date, Rela has caught 73,938 illegal immigrants,” he added.

Under the 9th Malaysia Plan, three more Rela training camps would be set up – in Negri Sembilan, Pahang and Perak – to complement the existing camps at Sungai Udang in Malacca, Sungai Petani in Kedah and Tuaran in Sabah.

On Makkai Osai, Syed Hamid reiterated that the decision not to renew the vernacular paper’s licence was taken after thorough consideration.

The Government did not restrict the publication of newspapers as the media had a role to play in society, he said, but cautioned news publications to not create conflict or disharmony among the people,

“Freedom comes with responsibilities. The Government allows ample freedom of speech and practices democracy with fairness and integrity,” he said.