Advising OIC to re-brand and repackage the image of Islam

Advising OIC to re-brand and repackage the image of Islam


_ by Dr Zafar Shah (One of my Pseudonyms)


Dear OIC leaders,                           

Please may you kindly allow me to advise the Organization of the Islamic Conference to try to change the present image of Islam by the non-Muslim world. Because of the extremists’ action of violence especially on-unarmed civilians, nowadays quite a lot of non-Muslims are looking with the suspected eyes on all the Muslims.  

I am not here to argue anything about Jihad. However, we all must acknowledge that some people against Islam had successfully re-branded all of us after the end of cold war. As there is no more evil group against them, weapon producers need to create a new enemy. So they re-package us, Muslims as a new enemy and successfully re-branded as Terrorists. With peace after cold war, they are going to lose every thing. With the creating of a new enemy, re-branded, Terrorist Islam, they could keep on getting profits by selling weapons to both sides.  

Dear brothers, I am here to think out of the box to win back the hearts and minds of the whole word, especially non-Muslims and even including our enemies. 

Former US president Bill Clinton called for the US to increase the foreign aid, suggesting it was important in fighting terrorists and “cheaper than going to war”. He said, “Spending this money to be in a world with more partners and fewer terrorists and more possibility for growth and more prosperity for Americans is a very inexpensive thing to do.” 

Yes, Mr Clinton is absolutely right. Why should not we do the same thing to get what we want? 

It is very difficult to change other people, or the whole world’s perception on all the Muslims. It is a lot easier to change our selves. We need to re-brand and repackage the image of Islam by changing ourselves. 

Christian Missionaries had shown us the example for centuries. Their charity work of building schools, hospitals for the poor, regardless of race and religion around the world is the good example to follow. Oil rich OIC countries should lead and other countries, Muslim organizations, NGOs and individuals should chip in. Muslims should lead all the Humanitarian aids and helps around the world. 

We hope and pray that all of the Muslims would be able to realize that the greatness of a person or an organization does not lie in the power it wields, or in the armory, ammunitions, or wealth it displays but in the greatness of its heart and its good deeds. What we have is not important, not only the whole world but Almighty Allah would definitely care and record what we do with our possessions or wealth on poor and needy. We would get the rewards not only in the hereafter but in the present world, depending on our deeds but not according to our possession in the present world.

We would be most remembered not for material achievements but for the generosity, kindheartedness, donations, helping hands extended to the needs, poor etc along our life span. Someone once said, “a man never stands as tall as when he stoops to help a little child.”

There is greatness in giving and we could see the shame in grabbing with greed. The never-ending grabbing person is in some kind of bondage to greediness, wanting, longing for everything, and he could not let go of anything he saw means that actually he is a virtual slave to this material world and was bankrupt spiritually.  

Dear Muslim brothers, let us forgive and forget all the wrong doings of others on us. We all should stop any kind of revenge. We need to have peace with the whole world including Israel. Allah had given a lot of land and wealth to all of us. Instead of fighting we should made peace and help to resettle our Palestinians friends in our own countries. We have to accept peace with Israel even if we could not get back all we want. Once we show our good will, generosity, kindheartedness others will definitely change. 

We cannot win over our enemies with revenge, hatred or terrorism. We could, Insya Allah easily win over their hearts and minds with forgiveness, generosity and loving kindness. We could easily re-brand Islam by re-packing it in our charity works. 

So let us start charity work of building schools, hospitals for the poor, regardless of race and religion around the world. Muslims should lead all the Humanitarian aids and helps around the world. Let us all re-brand and re-pack Islam in a kindlier gentler and noble form.

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