Appeal to International Leaders: Please show mercy by granting AMNESTY to Myanmars in your countries

Appeal to International Leaders:

Please show mercy by granting AMNESTY

to  Myanmars in your countries

Please read the following cruel, inconsiderate action in the Stars Online news, “Foreigners nabbed for violating work permit” by  V.P. SUJATA on Friday May 9, 2008  


PUTRAJAYA: Ninety-eight foreigners working in two factories in Port Klang have been arrested for violating their work permits.

The majority of them were from Myanmar (71) while the rest were from Nepal (21), China (four) and Indonesia (two).

The men entered the country to work in the plantation sector.

Two Malaysian employers were also detained for harbouring the illegal workers at their factories.

Immigration Department enforcement director Datuk Ishak Mohamad said the Ops Bersepadu conducted by 50 Immigration and Rela personnel on Thursday at Telok Gong was based on a report by the Anti-Corruption Agency.

“The total compounds to be collected from these men is close to RM1mil,” he said.

Another 36 arrests were made in Terengganu under Ops Sapu on the same day at a construction site off the East Coast Highway, he said.

During the 11.45am operation by 20 immigration personnel, 34 Bangladeshi, one Thai national and a Malaysian employer were arrested.

Please read this Deafening silence from Malaysia regarding Myanmar Cyclone?

During the great disaster in Myanmar, I hope if Malaysian government could do the followings to help us without spending a cent.


Please announce amnesty on all the Myanmar/Burmese undocumented workers/migrants and asylum seekers including those already in the detention camp. (At least if they could work and earn, they could help their families, relatives and friends.)


You could put a time limit for example six months to one year.

It is shameful that you are heartless to continue arresting and some of your agents are harassing them daily.


Dr San Oo Aung

17 Myanmar Illegal Immigrants Held In Kelantan

BERNAMA, RANTAU PANJANG, May 6 (Bernama) — The Anti- Smuggling Unit (UPP) Tuesday arrested 17 Myanmar nationals without valid travel documents in Kampung Kempas, Machang, as they were being smuggled into the country by a syndicate.

Kelantan UPP commander Mazlan Che Hamid said the Myanmar nationals, aged between 16 and 30 years, had been turned over to the Immigration authorities.

He said the van driver, a Malaysian, stopped the vehicle by the roadside and fled after realising that it was being tailed by UPP personnel at 4.30 am.

The UPP personnel had followed the van from Kampung Kedap here, some 40 km from Machang, he said.



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