No regrets in supporting Burma to join Asean

No regrets in supporting Burma to join Asean

Malaysiakini news, May 22, 08

The government has not erred in playing a significant role in supporting Burma’s entry into regional pact Asean in 1997.

(Comment: Ha Ha Ha, exploit Burma’s economy together with Generals and IGNORE/DISCRIMINATE the MYANMARS or BURMESE in your countries. )

“It is a country close to us and if Myanmar (Burma) were to be isolated, its development, economy and trade would be stifled, besides having to face a more serious poverty problem.

(Comment: Ha Ha Ha. You ASEAN leaders are propping up SPDC Junta and shielding them from the attacks of US, EU and Democratic countries in UNSC and every where. If not for ASEAN there is a possible regieme change. Myanmar is still poor because of irresponsible ASEAN leaders who are blinded with greed.

Just think a little bit, you all ignored the Junta’s Anti-Muslim riots and accepted them into ASEAN. ALLAH/GOD punished all ASEAN with financial crisis. Many leaders lost their power.

Why Allah allowed an American Jew to successfully attack many Muslim countries? Because he is helping all Burmese  including Muslims while you all shamelessly condone the Junta’s attack on Muslims and Islam in Myanmar.

So, good, carry on, continue your support to Junta without any regret. God knows the truth but waits. Do you all believe GOD/ALLAH?)

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Malaise in our public hospitals Pt 1

Malaise in our public hospitals Pt 1

Ahmad Sobri in Malaysiakini | May 22, 08

AHMAD SOBRI is a surgeon who has served in both the public and private sectors in Malaysia for 20 years. He is currently based in South England and his interests include resuscitative techniques including reanimation. His work also includes health policies, planning and finance.

When Dr Chua Soi Lek first came to office, he apparently called for a meeting of all senior officers and when asked about the priority of problems at the Ministry of Health, he reportedly was inundated with numerous comments about the dastardly troubles private hospitals had created and how they and their devious doctors were leeching the poor Malaysian public and something had to be done urgently.

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End miseries of refugees


See this to know how Burmese migrants are unfairly discriminated here in Malaysia even when compare with other foreigners_

According to Lim, the 30-year problem has reduced Sabahans into a minority in their own home state.

There has been serious allegations that illegal immigrants from neighbouring Philippines and Indonesia have been given identity cards by the authorities to enable them to vote in elections.

There are conflicting accounts from official and unofficial sources on the exact number of illegal immigrants in the state. Most, however, agree that the number is around 750,000.

The total number of foreigners, including illegal immigrants, in Sabah is estimated at 1.75 million.

As a result, foreigners outnumbered locals in the state, which has a total population of 3.3 million. Most of the working foreigners are employed in the construction and agricultural sectors.

Read also_the extracts from the letter to the Malaysiakini by Arianna May 23, 08_

Sabah illegals problem a national problem 

For over 30 years Sabah have been telling the federal leaders about the illegal immigrant problems in the state. It fell on deaf ears.

Many of the illegals are Filipino Muslims from the rebellious Mindanao region.

Sabahans have long know that Umno – especially under ex-premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad – ‘encouraged’ these illegals to settle in Sabah. Sabahans know about the Project M to recruit them . . .

Sabahans know many of these illegals now have MyKads and bumiputera status, the same as we Sabahans who are sons and daughters of the soil (natives).

Sabah electoral roll is littered with illegal voters under the Project M . . .For their numbers in Sabah are too numerous and of greater concern is the way they can easily obtain citizenship and MyKads.

But what every Sabahan Malaysian doesn’t understand is why Malaysians, especially the leaders, fail to see that the illegals in Sabah as a threat to the security of our country.

What Sabahans want to know is why Malaysians are treating this as ‘a Sabah problem’ when these MyKad-equipped illegals are robbing their rights as citizens.


End miseries of refugees

Malaysiakini news by S Pathmawathy  May 22, 08

Opposition parliamentarians and the Migration Working Group have urged the  government to put an end to ivy josiah 01the miseries and distraught faced by refugees seeking asylum in the country.
“Malaysia is in violation of international laws
although it has not acceded to international conventions if asylum seekers are not properly treated in the country,” said Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) director Ivy Josiah representing the Migration Working Group.

“As Malaysia has not yet enacted domestic laws that recognise, protect and assist asylum seekers, refugees and stateless persons, they are treated as non-documented migrants, and are subject to arrest, prolong detention under difficult condition, whipping, imprisonment, and deportation to the Malaysia-Thai border,” said the Migration Working Group in a statement.   Continue reading

Myanmar SPDC negligence Vs China’s quick response in distress

 Myanmar SPDC negligence


China’s quick response in distress

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Donation Towards Relief Efforts in Burma and China

Donation Towards Relief Efforts in Burma and China

MP YB Tony Pua


The DAP has designated this week for all its branches throughout the country to conduct fund raising exercises towards the disaster relief efforts in Burma and China. Continue reading

Laura Bush to Myanmar: ‘Let people of US help’


WASHINGTON (AFP) — First Lady Laura Bush implored Myanmar Wednesday to “let the people of the United States help” with emergency cyclone aid after the military junta barred US navy ships from providing relief supplies.

The wife of President George W. Bush refuted charges by the Myanmar state media that there were “strings attached” to the navy aid, and said it was vital for the reclusive government to allow the US ships laden with emergency supplies to sail near the worst-hit regions of Myanmar’s Irrawaddy Delta. Continue reading

UN head to urge more aid in Burma

British Broadcasting Corporation

UN head to urge more aid in Burma

United Nations chief Ban Ki-moon has arrived in cyclone-hit Burma to tour the devastated Irrawaddy Delta and meet with military ruler Gen Than Shwe.

Mr Ban said the focus should be on saving lives, not on politics.

Burma’s rulers have blocked large-scale international aid but have now agreed to allow some UN helicopters to carry supplies to survivors. Continue reading

Myanmar seeks $11 bln in aid – ASEAN


Myanmar seeks $11 bln in aid:

$ 10 bln for Generals and $ 1 bln for the victims?

How can you convince or assure that Tatmadaw and its local authorities would not cut % from that huge amount of money.


Just allow the donors and UN related agencies handle that money and allow the free access to all the effected areas to all those foreigners.  


Victims would be able to even get more than your estimate of $11 bln in aid.


Myanmar seeks $11 bln in aid – ASEAN

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