Allow migrants a chance at the M’sian Dream

Allow migrants a chance at the M’sian Dream

My letter to the editor of Malaysiakini

May 28, 08 4:26pm

The present Singapore Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong, commented that if Singapore continued with the old procedure of giving citizenship, Singapore would become an old folks’ home for its Permanent Resident holders. So he started offering PR to professionals who had completed two years’ work in Singapore. It is therefore possible to get Singapore citizenship within five years. Thus, new Singapore citizens could sever their umbilical cords from their old countries and give full loyalty to Singapore.

To become or to be labeled as a professional in Malaysia and after graduation with a recognised degree from a recognised university, we must have at least a few years of working experience. Doctors must have five years’ experience before applying for a job in Malaysia. Then after passing stringent rules and regulations and sometimes even special examinations set by the relevant authorities in Malaysia, these professionals are accepted to work here. But they are eligible to apply for Malaysian PR only after five years.

Then after a dozen years of struggling, these foreign professionals are accepted as Permanent Residents and receive the Malaysian red identity card. Only after exactly twelve years of getting PR, these red IC holders are eligible to apply for Malaysian citizenship. The process could take at least another dozen years and most of the first-generation migrants usually to Malaysia died before they were accepted as Malaysian citizens.

In most of the developed countries, migrants could get a Green Card or PR within two years and citizenship after five years. PR holders or new citizens in Malaysia cannot even sponsor their parents and siblings to follow them to migrate to Malaysia, not like other countries around the world. And children of PR are totally ignored or never considered at all for government scholarships or government loans.

We wish to request the Malaysian government to review and totally revamp the Permanent Residency (PR/red IC) and citizenship (blue IC) granting process. Permanent Residency should be automatically approved after 10 years of stay in Malaysia to all the professionals and those who are married to Malaysians unless they are in breach of clearly written rules and regulations, have a criminal record, pose a threat to national security or such things.

Citizenship (blue IC) should be automatically approved after 20 years of stay in Malaysia to all professionals and those who are married to Malaysians on condition that they have not contravened the abovementioned rules. After 20 years of survival in Malaysia, they should be exempted from the Bahasa Malaysia test too.

In Malaysia, because some of the Indonesian militants in the Bali bombing were holding Malaysian PR and using Malaysian-issued Certificate of Identification (in lieu of passports), the Malaysian immigration authorities has even stopped issuing these travel documents to Malaysian PR holders forcing them to go apply for these documents from their country of origin.

We don’t want to look back over our shoulders nor maintain the umbilical cord with the country which we left. As it now stands, we cannot plan for our future because of the Malaysian government’s very strict policy on citizenship rules. Our wish to give our undivided full loyalty to our adopted new home, Malaysia, currently cannot be fulfilled.

Please give us and our children a future, a hope. Kindly liberate us from the past shadows by granting us independence from the land we left. Please change and expedite the present very slow process by offering full citizenship and blue identity cards. Then we all could give our undivided loyalty to our new land, Malaysia, and work for our mutual progress and prosperity without looking over our shoulders.

Malaysia’s unity in diversity makes the present Malaysia progressive and peaceful. And though we Burmese migrants – including Burmese Muslims – may each resonate differently, most of us are Malaysian-ised. Although we may differ a little bit, our hearts and minds are filled with love for all things Malaysia.

Acceptance as Malaysians would be our children’s turning point. We had left a ruthless régime that had shown us all its animosities. Please kindly consider giving our young innocent children at least a chance to dream the Malaysian Dream. Please do not shut down their future. Please give us and our children a future, a hope, a chance.

Justice? Then where is justice for PR Students denying scholarships and good places for university entrance?

 Then where is justice for PR Students denying scholarships and good places for university entrance in Malaysia. (PR students are given the same facilities with citizen students around the world!)

PR students parents are paying same income-taxes


Some PR children are born in Malaysia and had never been to the country of origin. And even could not read or write that ‘foreign’ language.

Some are active in sports and even choosen for district and state competition.

Got almost all round As.

But all round bright PR Students are totally ignored.

When I requested personally to ABIM, the very very high ranking official told me that even many of their own race students could not enter te professional courses, just to accept ANY place in the university.

So we sent our children to PRIVATE Universities. But these PR Students need to pay 7++% extra because others are getting discount.

abim and university students 290508Where is justice? We paid taxes. Our taxes are used to subside others in Public Us. Our children are forced to Private Us and asked to pay more then others who are enjoying all the gov. related loans and scholarships. (These money also come from our taxes.)

 Read this news_

 ‘RPK the sailor-man’ riles up Abim Jun 3, 08


raja petra kamaruddin and malaysia today 250707Taking up Abim’s objection to his use of abrasive language, Raja Petra said he would then ‘whack’ the group “gently”.Writing at length on the importance that Islam places on fulfilling justice, he accused Abim of practising two standards of justice.

 “Ninety percent of the tax is paid by the non-Malays and 10 percent by the Malays. But 10 percent of the scholarships must go to the non-Malays and 90 percent to the Malays,” he said.

“And when they propose to change this to 40 percent for the non-Malays and 60 percent for the Malays, the Malays raise a hue and cry. And they call this justice. And they say Islam is about justice.“If this is an example of Islamic justice then I just shudder to think what would happen if Muslims start becoming unjust.”

education01Last Friday, Abim secretary-general Khairul Arifin Mohd Munir acknowledged that new rules and mechanisms are needed to tackle poverty among non-bumiputeras.

However, he said it would be a mistake to do so merely by increasing the percentage of scholarships for non-bumiputeras without increasing the total number of scholarships.   

Arguing that there is a constitutional basis for assisting XXXs, particularly in education, he cited the need to alleviate the higher incidence of poverty in this ethnic group and to achieve social balance.He said that a detailed study should be carried out the reasons for current problems and to review the awarding of scholarships, including placements in universities abroad.



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