Intervene in Burma Now

Intervene in Burma Now

_ by Yebaw Day  in Burma Digest

1. ChiCom Masters are too busy with their Earthquake victims, and also in suppressing the Tibetans, and preparing for the Olympics, so they will not be able to help SPDC very much.
2. SPDC just lost about 300 men and 25 boats in their navy, and lost the South West Command in Pathein area.  So the entire Irrawaddy Division area is quite vulnerable for a beach landing, just like in the movie, the Longest Day, D-Day 6 June 1944.

Myanmar Accuses France of Sending `Warship`.

At the United Nations, French Ambassador Ripert said the ship in question is operated by the French navy but is not a warship. It is carrying 1,500 metric tons of food and medicine.

3. The French, UK, and US warships are only 13 miles (French) and 80 miles (US)  off the coast.  It would take them only several hours to hit the beaches and land their people.  Once they are there, the SPDC army will not be able to push them out.  Once they are there, the people will rise up in revolt.

This time of the year, May and June is when the US military and Thai Army conduct their annual Cobra Gold exercises.  Usually, there are as many as 25,000 US Marines and Sailors.  This time they mention only 11,000.  Whatever it is, it is quite a significant number.

HMS Westminster leaving Portsmouth for deployment
4. The SPDC has managed to blacken their own name through their own efforts and the entire world knows how evil they are. People did not know what is Burma, where is Burma, and they don’t know how bad the junta has been. Now, ever since Nargis hit, everyday Burma and the Junta is mentioned in the international media.    In the past 50 years since 1958 when Ne Win first took over in the ein saunk asoh yaht, there has been no instance in time where the Burmese military has ruined their reputation so badly as this present time, nor have they become as well-known as this time.  Thus, the world (with the exception of Ta Loke Kyee Pauk Phaw Ma A-Loh ChiCom)  will readily agree with intervention.

5. The Cause is truly needy.  Nowhere in the history of Burma have there been as many as 2.5 million people homeless and destitute.  Nowhere in history of this ravaged land have so many people died in so short a time –  150,000 and climbing. 

USS Essex

6.  The time to act is now or never.  The Chinese have been obstructing too much for their own good. Why?  Not only because they are afraid that if foreign experts come, the people will revolt, and they will lose their Burma Colony,  but also because they have plenty of things to hide. There must be some kind of Chinese Navy installations in the Irrawaddy region that they don’t want the West to see.

  The Chinese have desired to possess Hainggyi Island and the mouth of the Irrawaddy in order to secure a water highway up to Mandalay and beyond, up to Bhamo.  From there, it is only 50 miles by land to Yunnan Province and on to Kunming, the capital of Yunnan.  Sittway (Akyab) harbor has been sold to the Indians, so their Sittway-Magway-Namkham-Kunming pipeline highway is doubtful.  But if they secure the Hainggyi – Pathein – Irrawaddy River – Bhamo route, their goals will be fulfilled. 
7.  If the Chinese were considerate of the Cyclone victims, well and fine. But they  have no consideration at all. No pity for our people.   On the contrary, they dare to obstruct international aid to our victims, which is outright meddling in our internal matters, whereas they are tearfully crying for international help for their Earthquake victims which is totally unjust and unfair.  For that, we have to fight back by denying the Chinese any further rights to anything in Burma, no Navy bases, no economic rights, nothing. Not a sou. No more.
8. If the Chinese Navy re-secures their foot hold in the Irrawaddy, with 2.5 million people dead and gone, the entire region will be open for them.  They will buy the whole Delta and make it theirs, and the rotten SPDC will sell it to them, just like they sold off  Mandalay.
If the Delta becomes one great Chinese Naval base, the English, French, Indian, Singapore, Malaysian, Indonesian, and US Navies can say goodbye to their naval powers.  They will all become third-rate, fourth-rate powers.  China will become THE dominant seapower and the Indian Ocean will be renamed the Southern China Ocean.  The UK-US navy base far down in the island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean will become unimportant.  The Indians, Thais, other ASEAN nations, and the West to include Aus-NZ, have vital interests for peace and power equilibrium in this part of the region and it behooves them to intervene.  If the three western naval vessels begin the intervention, the rest of the regions militaries will join in.  It is only to their benefit to prevent a ChiCom-Burmese Nazi hegemony in this region. 
9. There is more than enough justification to call for international intervention.  There is enough money and resources to pay for it. There are still many offshore oil and gas reserves around the sea coast and the Delta region can once more become the World’s TOP rice producer if managed properly.  The seas around Burma still have plenty of fish, pearls, and the islands are wonderful tourist resort areas.  The people are desperate for work and properly paid employment.  They are tired of  slavery. Burma can and will pay for itself.  We must appeal for intervention, now or nevermore. 

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