Cyclone Nargis: Immediate and long term relief

Three-month programme will reach nearly 140,000 of the most affected survivors ActionAid has developed a three-month relief programme working through three local partner organisations to bring immediate and long term relief for survivors of Cyclone Nargis.

By the end of July the charity will have reached 27,300 households (136,500 people) in 390 villages. ActionAid has allocated funding of $1.35 million for this. To date ActionAid has spent $178,000 on relief work in Myanmar (Burma.)

Through KDN (Knowledge and Dedication for the Nation) Pact Myanmar and Myanmar Egress, ActionAid is currently providing emergency relief in the districts of Pathein, Laputta, Bogale, Pyapon and Ngapudaw.

‘Recovery must go hand in hand with the relief effort. People remain very vulnerable for a long time after a disaster so we need to ensure that they are getting all the help they need,” says Roger Yates, ActionAid Head of Emergencies.

‘It’s equally important to ensure that people are given the means to get on with their lives. That takes money and I would urge the public to keep giving.’

With KDN and Pact Myanmar, ActionAid is funding:

– Two temporary settlements in Pathein for 3,900 homeless people from 44 villages – providing food and water, shelter, clothes and mosquito nets.

– Distribution of food and water to people in the 44 villages whose houses were not destroyed, aiming to extend to 180 villages by the end of May.

– A temporary settlement in Kwelwe providing food and water, shelter, clothes and mosquito nets to 120 homeless people.

– Distribution of food and water to 17 villages in Ngapudaw with a population of 8500.

– Distribution of food and setting up cash-for-work programmes (cleaning and clearing up, and digging new water harvesting ponds) in 34 villages in Bogale with the aim of extending to 40 villages by the end of May.

– One medical centre in Pyapon serving 550 villages from which six mobile medical teams (including one doctor and one assistant doctor in each team) operate.

– ActionAid is also working with the voluntary wing of the Myanmar Chamber of Commerce – Myanmar Egress – to ensure the adequate and timely supply of goods and to help in negotiations with the Myanmar government.

– With ActionAid funding, Myanmar Egress has reached 50 villages with one-off distributions of food and water, temporary shelters, clothes, household items and medical supplies and has also started cash for work programmes.

To make sure that work is carried out effectively ActionAid has also helped train more than 200 partner staff and volunteers in emergency distribution, relief and recovery work.

Source: ActionAid

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