Sample of Burma Democracy Star Medal to award Democracy activists

Re: Sample of Burma Democracy Star Medal



Dear Comrades,

                         My friend Ko Tun Aung and I tried to create a sample of a medal to be awarded as a virtual medal in appreciation of fellow comrades who are active in Burma Democracy movement.


As we have a very limited expertise in the arts, we just took the Burma’s Mawkhunwon medal and changed the wording very crudely.


Please feel free to create better medals.


We hope that those medals should be awarded virtually on line to Burmese Democracy Activists, journalists and Bloggers in and outside Burma. (Liberated area).


We (It may be better if NCGUB should initiate this campaign) should award this to foreigners and even the head of governments who are sympathetic and supporting for the attainment of democracy in Burma.



Your Comrades


Ko Tun Aung, San Oo Aung and friends

Please look at Wikipedia encyclopedia for this kind of awards given by Wiki-editors to one another.


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WikiProject Awards

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For example: 


This Barnstar of National Merit

is hereby presented to XXXXX by

YYY for his/her tireless contributions

 to Burma/Myanmar-related articles.


I, AAAA, award Hintha the Original Barnstar

for great work on Myanmar.

May the Force be with you! AAAA

The Jewish Barnstar

I award you this Barnstar for defending

today the above Page against

Vandalism and Crackpottery. — ZZZ


You have ben awarded the

seldom coveted Thumbs Up Award

The Lots of Barnstars Award

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