I have a dream Pt 2

I have a dream Pt 2


KJ John in Malaysiakini | Jun 3, 08


Dear KJ John, may you kindly allow me to borrow again your very good article and Burmanized it so that my fellow Burmese citizens could taste it better.

TQ for allowing to use this article and for indirectly contributing to the evolution / revolution / reformation of Myanmar under military dictatorship.

This is the part 2 on (read Part 1 here ) how Martin Luther King Jr’s speech titled ‘I have a dream’ can be juxtaposed to Burma’s present political scene. King speaks about Afro-Americans and their place in America.

Is it Burma’s kairos (please look at the meaning of kairos at the end of this article) to define a new paradigm and mindset? We had repeated protests by civilians, students, workers and monks and could see the professionals, doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers, peasants etc during the 8888 movement.


Let me continue with King’s speech and re-render it for Burmese

to reflect. It might help us wade through our own present issues and challenges. 


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A month on, sickness and sadness in Myanmar’s neglected villages

A month on, sickness and sadness in

Myanmar’s neglected villages


A woman stands among damaged houses in Labutta

where survivors in many areas are still awaiting vital aid

ANGU, Myanmar (AFP) — The Irrawaddy delta bore the brunt when Cyclone Nargis struck on May 2 and 3, instantly killing more than 20 people in Angu village, while dozens of villagers have since fallen ill with coughs, colds and diarrhoea as vital aid fails to reach the survivors.

Nearly all the 700 villagers of Angu, a farming and fishing community, are in a state of shock, many of them just staring blankly into nothing or lying motionless in makeshift tents which they share with farm animals and pets.

Khin Hle sits motionless under the shade of her once-happy two-storey home, which was reduced to a shell of broken wooden frames when Cyclone Nargis hit one month ago.

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