Mar Mar Aye: Donate for Myanmar Cyclone Victims’ Relief (Burmese song)

Mar Mar Aye:

Donate for Myanmar Cyclone Victims’ Relief 


Interveiw:Zarganar’s Relief Role



Zarganar, a popular Burmese comedian and social activist, has been heavily involved in volunteer disaster relief aid in the cyclone-damaged areas. An estimated 400 Burmese involved in the entertainment world joined together to do volunteer work in the delta.

Question: Can you talk about the situation on the ground since the cyclone struck Rangoon and the Irrawaddy delta?

We started our [volunteer] emergency relief work on May 7, and we are still working. I have been to all the townships struck by the disaster, except Nga Pu Taw.


Answer: There are 420 volunteers in our group. We divided our volunteers in groups to work more effectively. The places we go to are usually places nobody has been to yet. We have been to 42 such villages, most under the administrative area of Dedaye Township. Three of these villages are large village tracts where the paddy [rice] purchasing center was located. 

We went to three large village tracts in Bogalay Township. They hadn’t received aid not only from the government, but also from UN agencies. No NGOs had reached there yet.

Q: What did you see there? What do they need at this moment?

A: I can give you an example. There was a large village tract called Ma Ngay Gyi, where 1,000 families used to live and 700 houses were demolished totally. The other 300 houses left remnants of house-poles and floors. In total, 221 people died in the village and 300 are missing. Nobody knows where they are. Continue reading

Myanmar cyclone: Drug lord crony will profit

But, like every other drug lord who has lasted long enough to salt his gains into legal trades, the secret of his success is not his guns or cunning, but his connections. Continue reading

Why is Burma alone? Because it wants to be

Published Tuesday June 3rd, 2008

Xenophobic Junta says ‘No’ to US Navy

US says Navy ships will leave Myanmar area after failing to get OK to help in relief efforts

International Herald Tribune

The Associated Press
Published: June 4, 2008


YANGON, Myanmar: The U.S. military Wednesday ordered navy ships loaded with relief aid off Myanmar’s coast to leave the area after the country’s xenophobic junta refused to give them permission to help survivors of last month’s devastating cyclone.

Adm. Timothy Keating, the top commander in the Pacific, ordered the USS Essex and accompanying vessels to depart the Myanmar area after what he said were 15 separate attempts in recent weeks to get the junta’s authorization to help with relief efforts. Continue reading

Burma: It Can’t Wait – Sheryl Crow (Day 30)

Burma Says New Constitution Washes Away NLD Victory

03 June 2008

Myanmar children stand inside their home which was damaged by Cyclone Nargis, on the outskirts of Yangon, Myanmar, Tuesday, May 20, 2008.APBurma’s state media say a referendum approving a new military-backed constitution has “washed away” the victory of Aung San Suu Kyi’s opposition party in 1990 elections.

The official New Light of Myanmar newspaper Tuesday says last month’s approval of the new constitution outdates the 1990s landslide election victory of the opposition National League for Democracy. Continue reading

Meikhtila NLD denounces referendum result

Jun 3, 2008 (DVB)–The National League for Democracy in Meikhtila township strongly denounced the results of the government’s constitutional referendum in their monthly meeting yesterday, according to the Meikhtila party chairman. 

The Burmese military regime claimed the constitution was approved by 92 percent of voters in a national referendum held on 10 and 24 May, but the vote was marred by reports of intimidation and vote-rigging. Continue reading

Refugees Return to Relief Centers in Laputta



 By Minn Lwin                                                                                             Tuesday,june 3,2002

Cyclone Nargis victims prepare to leave the Central Relief Camp after the authorities decided to close the camp in Kawhmu Township of Rangoon Division on June 2. All of them are supposed to leave the camp by Tuesday but many said that their villages are still flooded and inhabitable. (Photo: Reuters)

Thousands of cyclone survivors who were forcibly expelled from relief centers in Laputta over the last two weeks have returned, according to volunteer groups and local residents in Laputta Township.

This comes after international aid workers had said that cyclone survivors who had taken refuge in shelters were being driven out of towns by the local authorities and dumped in rural areas with no aid or supplies. Continue reading