8.8.88 – Kabar Ma Kyay Bu Heyt! (Burmese Song)


8.8.88 – Kabar Ma Kyay Bu Heyt!

8888 Uprising song (Burmese)

8888 Uprising song (Burmese)

Freedom Song for Free Burma (English)

Freedom Song for Free Burma (English)

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim interview in Bloomberg

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim
Bloomberg Interview,

May 29 2008


Certainty In Freedom ~ A Song for Burma (Original Song in English)

Certainty In Freedom ~ A Song for Burma (Original Song)

King-Obama’s dream comes true but Oh! Burma is still having Nightmares

King-Obama’s dream comes true


Oh! Burma is still having Nightmares


Congratulations Mr Obama for fulfilling the dreams of King or Martin Luther King Jr. We hereby wish that you could benevolently choose Mrs Hillary Clinton to be your Deputy running mate in the coming election.

For Oh! Burma, (or OLD BURMA) we are continuing the unfinished nightmare started by General Ne Win. We hope that there would be a blessing in disguise for our Burmese people. The present cyclone victims’ continuous suffering, SPDC’s blockage, hijacking and siphoning of the International aids combined with economic hardship because of SPDC’s mismanagement and global inflation/recession would fuel the dissatisfaction of Burmese and lead to another final revolt against SPDC and Myanm Military rulers.


nightmare1.jpgAs Mr McCain is the long time friend of Burma and we trusted he would be willing to help Burmese people if we need, we wish to request Mr Obama not to look at the other side and pretend you never see the plight and sufferings of Burmese people. Please don’t leave us, Burma alone Mr Obama.

 Extracts from Dean Johns’ article | Jun 4, 08 in Malaysiakini

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‘Let me pay market price for cars too’

‘Let me pay market price for cars too’


Kenny Gan:

  • I don’t mind paying market price for petrol provided I can pay market price for cars.
  • Currently, our cars are anything but ‘market price’.
  • We have one of the highest car prices in the world due to our abnormally high import duties on foreign cars.
  • I’m not talking about luxury cars either, half of what we pay for a basic family cars goes to tax.
  • The tax component of a car will pay for the extra cost of unsubsidised petrol for the life of the car!

In a country where public transport is abysmal and most people have no practical choice but to own cars, middle-class families are being pushed to the wall. Subsidised petrol helps to offset the high installments car owners have to fork out monthly to pay for their overtaxed cars.

Many owners have to take a nine-year loan just to pay off a basic car. On top of that tolls are a heavy burden to motorists and threaten to keep going up due to one sided deals signed with toll concessionaires.

The government can do nothing about the world price of crude oil but high car prices and high tolls are definitely self-inflicted. Lack of investment in public transport rubs it in. Is this lack of urgency to improve our public transport designed to help Proton sell more cars?

The government has forced the public to own cars by mismanaging the public transport sector, inflicted a high prices for cars, burdened the motorists with extensive toll roads and now wants market price for petrol. Is this a caring government?

Tan, Joseph K: If the government would like to make fuel price as per the market price, firstly, it needs to reduce import taxes and excise duties for all passenger car to comply with the Japan- Malaysia FTA. At least, Malaysia can opt for cheaper hybrid cars which are good in fuel efficiency. And pay back to Malaysians the inflated taxes already imposed on car owners.

Kevin P: I was aghast at the above report. Hard cash back to the people is a good idea but to whom? Those who drive small cars and motorcycles? Good actually, but what about those that do not own a car or a motorcycle? Those who have been taking public transportation all this while?

What about the truly hardcore poor? I know that they will reveal it all ‘in due course’ but isn’t this method up for abuse? How are they going to manage the list of people that died? Are dead entitled to the cash as well?

Why can’t they sell off Proton and liberate the automotive market? Allow people to buy quality and more fuel-efficient cars without costing an arm and a leg. Why? RM56 billiion worth of fuel subsidy is about RM2,074 per Malaysian (regardless of age). They will need to study who are those that have been abusing the subsidies.

I am sure most families do not pump even RM4,000 worth of fuel a year. And that is for a family of four who are entitled to RM8,000 in subsidy.

CK Chim: A simple way to alleviate costs for vehicle-owners is to reduce or eliminate road tax and excise duty instead of sending postal orders, etc and creating an administrative nightmare for everyone. Whether one resorts to cash payments or whatever, its not a permanent solution as these will lead to a worsening traffic situation on highways and pollution to the environment.

There has been a lot of talk about the sad condition of our public transport system in major towns and cities. Do we realise that one of the main reasons for this is the promotion and proliferation of small vehicles? With a further move towards small vehicles (as people find it cheaper to own small vehicles), the public transport operators will not find it viable to invest on improving their public transport systems simply because passenger numbers are not growing.

US aid ships asked to leave Myanmar

YANGON: The US military ordered navy ships loaded with relief aid off Myanmar’s coast to leave the area yesterday after the country’s junta refused to give them permission to help survivors of last month’s devastating cyclone. Continue reading

Ellen Page Hitler PSA Myanmar Cyclone Burma: It Can’t Wait

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Can’t Wait for Beautiful Hot Teacher, Tila Tequila

White House criticizes Myanmar regime

White House criticizes Myanmar regime

WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House criticized Myanmar’s ruling junta on Wednesday for refusing to allow U.S. Navy ships to help their country deal with last month’s devastating cyclone.

The U.S. military ordered the USS Essex and accompanying vessels, loaded with aid and a fleet of helicopters to fly it in, to depart Myanmar’s coast after 15 attempts in recent weeks to get the junta’s permission to let them help with relief efforts. The ships were already in the region for international exercises when the cyclone hit and were sent to waters near Myanmar, also known as Burma, in case authorization could be obtained. Continue reading