Ellen Page Hitler PSA Myanmar Cyclone Burma: It Can’t Wait

30 Days for a Million Voices: Please join us!

No two dictators are exactly alike, and Than Shwe is his own kind of monster. We want the world to know who he is — so that he can no longer terrorize the people of Burma behind closed doors (his most recent crime — denying aid to desperate victims of the Burma cyclone).

Please spread this video as far and wide as you can. It (and the 19 previous videos) can be seen at http://www.burmaitcantwait.org. We are organizing a campaign of one million people to join together for human rights in Burma and to stop Than Shwe. Tell your friends, family, and colleagues to sign up today.

Principal Talent: Ellen Page
Producer: June Guterman
Writer, Director: Isaiah Seret
DP: Ray Peschke
VFX: Steven Kaplan
Sound Design: Peter Aaron Fineberg
Production Manager: Bill Kirchen
Sound Recordist: Dustin Bath
Teleprompter: Acuprompt
Make up: Jo Strettell
Hair Stylist: Daniel Howell
Music: Sufjan Stevens “Variation on Commemorative Transfiguration and Communion at Magruder Park”
Executive Producers: Jack Healey, Jeremy Woodrum, Dan Adler, Prudence Fenton, John Solomon
Special Thanks: to ID, Yoram Benz, Lenny Smith

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