Cyclone Victims Migrating to Thailand

Cyclone Victims Migrating to Thailand

 By SAW YAN NAING in Irrawaddy

“I came to Thailand because the situation back in the Irrawaddy delta was becoming critical,” said cyclone survivor Ma Win. “We had received no aid. My child was seriously sick and suffering from diarrhea. I was ill too; we only had boiled rice to eat for three days.”

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Myanmar criminals are taking a leaf out of SPDC Referendum

Myanmar criminals are taking a leaf out of SPDC Referendum


Global oil price hike, increase in rice price is leading to Global economic slump and recession in many countries. SPDC mismanagement of economy, Cyclone Nargis after effects and mismanagements compounded the ever rising inflation and economic downturn. 


The present crime rate in Myanmar increases rapidly in tandem with the Tsunami Inflation. Myanmar Inflation is worse because known Tsunamis strikes rarely and reached the peak rapidly and used to recede very rapidly. But Myanmar’s Inflation is rises endlessly without going down as if given overdose of Viagra given every day.



Modas operandi of criminals, robbers, muggers and dacoits now a day is to bring some legal documents along with them and forcing the victims to sign while committing the crimes in Myanmar. The various legal documents they brought are:

  1. Granting immunity or pardon for their crime of robbing, raping, torturing and killing while committing the crimes.
  2. Sales and Purchase agreements for houses, shop-lots, lands, cars e.t.c.


They threatened, torture or even kill the victims so the robbery victims at last give up and signed the legal documents under duress.


  1. Are those documents legal?
  2. Could stand the scrutiny of Local and International Courts of LAWS?
  3. Could UN, UNSC, The Hague or any sound minded fair, impertial and just institutions could accept those documents of criminals to be legally acceptable documents?


We don’t think so.

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Day dreaming again? Gov’t to halve foreign workers by 2010

Day dreaming again? 

Or just show-off the antiforeigner policy to please the citizens? 

Gov’t to halve foreign workers by 2010

Malaysiakini news Jun 6, 08

The government plans to almost halve the number of foreigners working in the plantation and manufacturing sectors in two years by reducing its yearly foreign intake by 400,000.

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Government should review the unfair treatment of PR students in Malaysia

Government should also review

the unfair treatment of PR students in Malaysia


Government could review education fees for Foreigners but at the same time should review the present unfair education policy on PR students.

Malaysian government should give the PR students the same privileges as citizen students according to the standard International practice. 

Read the StarOnline news by SIMRIT KAUR and KAREN CHAPMAN 

PUTRAJAYA: The Government will review the fees paid by international students at public universities to reflect the true cost of their studies.

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Fly away Fly high Fly free my love


 Fly away Fly high Fly free my love





In Islam, it is stated clearly on the principles and teachings of the Islamic religion on family life.


Examination of the soundness of the Muslim family is considered particularly important in view of the erosion of the sanctity of family relations currently seen in the Western world.


In Islam there are clearly stated rights and obligations of children and parents,

  • the role of children in Muslim society,
  • children’s education
  • and religious training,
  • and the status of daughters.


Muslim society clearly demarcates the responsibilities of mothers and fathers, with the mother charged with care of the home and sustenance of the children. Breastfeeding is regarded as the religious duty of mothers and the natural right of children.


And the father charged with earning the maintenance of the children.

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8888 ‘s memories

8888 uprising documentary Part 2

8888 uprising documentary Part 1

Hidden Camera: Burmese Struggle for Democracy

Dictator of Myanmar (Satire Burmese song)


Dictator of Myanmar (Satire Burmese song)

FREE BURMA (English song)


FREE BURMA (English song)

Tempest of Blood (Moon Aung)

Democracy For Myanmar (Burma)

Burma Democracy Songs – Track01


Burma Democracy Songs – Track01