Myanmar SPDC Health spending: UNDP

Myanmar SPDC Health spending is at 132nd. position

2007/2008 Report

06Commitment to health: resources, access and services

Public expenditure on health (% of GDP)Excel
HDI Rank Country 2004  
1 Iceland 8.3  
2 Norway 8.1  
3 Australia 6.5  
4 Canada 6.8  
5 Ireland 5.7  
6 Sweden 7.7  
7 Switzerland 6.7  
8 Japan 6.3  
9 Netherlands 5.7  
10 France 8.2  
11 Finland 5.7  
12 United States

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Myanmar SPDC spending for education, UNDP report


2007/2008 Report

11Commitment to education: public spending

Public expenditure on education (% of GDP)Excel
HDI Rank Country 1991   2002-05 1
1 Iceland ..   8.1  
2 Norway 7.1   7.7  
3 Australia 4.9   4.7  
4 Canada 6.5   5.2  
5 Ireland 5.0   4.8  
6 Sweden 7.1   7.4  
7 Switzerland 5.3   6.0  
8 Japan ..   3.6  
9 Netherlands 5.6   5.4  
10 France 5.5   5.9  
11 Finland 6.5   6.5  
12  United States

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Extracts of Important Indicators to show the wrong priority given by SPDC

Extracts of Important Indicators to show

the wrong priority given by SPDC

UNDP Human Development Report

2007/2008 Report


HDI Rank – 132



1989 Phone Maw Day in RIT

UNDP Human Development Report on Myanmar

United Nations Development Programme

Human Development Report

2007/2008 Report


HDI Rank – 132

01. Human development index
Human development index value, 2005 0.583
Life expectancy at birth, annual estimates (years), 2005 60.8
Adult literacy rate (% aged 15 and older), 1995-2005 89.9
Combined gross enrolment ratio for primary, secondary and tertiary education (%), 2005 49.5 1
GDP per capita (PPP US$), 2005 1,027 23
Life expectancy index 0.596
Education index 0.764
GDP index 0.389
GDP per capita (PPP US$) rank minus HDI rank 35
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Zaganar’s Interview

UN expert concerned about Myanmar comedian’s arrest

GENEVA (AP) — The United Nations’ expert on human rights in Myanmar said Monday he was very worried about the arrest of a well-known comedian who was trying to help survivors of last month’s devastating cyclone.zar1.jpg

Comedian Maung Thura — whose stage name is Zarganar — was taken from his home in Yangon by police Wednesday night after going to the Irrawaddy delta to donate relief items to survivors, a relative said.

“I’m very concerned because I don’t know so far about his whereabouts,” said Tomas Ojea Quintana, the U.N. Human Rights Council’s new investigator for Myanmar.

Quintana, from Argentina, said he asked the government for clarification about Zarganar’s arrest.

The relative said Friday that the family had heard nothing from Zarganar since the arrest and that the ruling military junta had given no reason for the arrest. Continue reading

Proper Rule of Law should be introduce for granting citizenship

Rule of Law

should take over

Rule by arbitrary Law

for granting citizenship

Malaysian Citizenship Law should be reviewed urgently from the present unjust law that practice discriminations to the law that respects Equal Human Rights in compliance to contemporary International Practice and according to true Islamic teachings.

Malaysian Home Ministers and their Deputy Ministers used to proudly claim in the newspapers that granting citizens is not the migrant’s right but the privilege granted as rewards or sympathy.

This concept is basically wrong. The highly qualified migrants who could contribute to the progress of Malaysia are deserved to be accepted and should be granted citizenship without delay. Malaysia should make the new citizenship law by granting a right to the qualified migrant, of course only if he is entitled according to the law and is free from any crimes. Continue reading