Once upon a time in Burma,..there was a University known as RASU

Once upon a time, Rangoon University was known as RASU (Rangoon Arts and Science University) among all of us. RASU and RC were the famous short forms for the students from RASU as well as those were from other brother and sister Universities of Rangoon.

U Chit tea shop and Judson were always meeting points for the most of students and RC was the place where we used to rub shoulders among each other in crowd for sports, games, activities and live stage shows.

Once you were in the campus one’s mood would be always positive and happy. He would find smiling faces of friends, who respected each other, however never failed to make naughty jokes and lovely disturbances as shown in Burmese Old Movies. Outburst of laughter could be heard from some of the lecture halls as lecturers were good in their subject as well as able to make jokes related to their topics.

There were paper arrows flying in the lecture halls carrying all sorts of massages for the ladies during the breaks. Ladies were busy gossiping, and eating sweets or local Ah Chin and Zee Paung, while males were busy walking at corridors to have a chance to get a glimpse of their sweet hearts. That was the fragmented mosaic of RASU still intact in this blogger’s memory.

RC ( Recreation Center) of RASU after Cyclone Nargis

Oh.. RASU..
We never thought of the day this place would be deserted like a jungle.
We never thought that …..RASU would be a killing field again.
We never thought of the day we would be even, unable to enter RASU because your gates were locked and guarded.
We never thought of the day we all would be forced to be dispersed away from RASU and our motherland.
We never thought that your name, will be not known as RASU to future generations
However we would like to see you again in our lifetime as what you used to be.

Sit Mone

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