Human Rights

Human Rights

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What is it that makes human rights ‘right’? This question keeps popping up in my head. And is it ever ok to violate them?

Can it be said that we have recognized the necessity of rights through the evidence supplied by history of what happens when certain principles are not adheared to and what happens when we do.

 Maybe human rights are simply those principles, that when adheared to, avoid certain negative outcomes that we dont like and produce outcomes that we do like. That there is nothing ‘inherently’ right about them except that they produce results that are universally appreciated (or unappreciated when ignored) by the people that experience them.

Do the rights hold any other property than that? Do they even hold this property?

Could they stem from this thought experiment:

1: Imagine if you ask a healthy individual if he would prefer to be able to do as he wants with his body and mind, or not? He would most definetly say yes.

2: Then ask him- Given that there exists people that have the power  to restrict the things that he can do with his mind and his body, would he want them to be able to?He would definetly say no.

This would result in the rule that ‘a human shall have all the freedoms as granted to him by nature and be free from the influence of others on these freedoms’.  And I would dare say that this is reflects the wishes of all humans, so it is universally valid.

What about violating these rights? We send people to jail.. We punish them.. Sometimes for bad reasons, but sometimes to uphold the principle of that sentence.  I’m not sure how to justify it.. But I think our legal systems would benefit from creating a prevention ,and if necessary, punishment system that takes care to limit its own breach of that principle.

FunnyBrowny <!– –>date : 14/06/2008 time : 09.38
Rights are not GIVEN. It’s not FREE.

You have to earn it, and once you have it, you have to defend it.

And to earn it, and to defend it, you need power.

And once people have power, they do things like sending people to jail and even take away their lives.

“Human Rights vs Human Nature” kind of thing.

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