ASEAN workshop warned against overly ambitious human rights body

Singapore – Too much ambition could easily scuttle the establishment of an ASEAN human rights body, a workshop on forming the agency was warned Thursday. “Let us have no illusions that the road ahead will be easy,” Raymond Lim, Singapore’s second minister for foreign affairs, said in outlining what lies ahead for the high-level panel that is to draft the “terms of reference” for the rights body on the sidelines of the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) Minister Meeting in July. Continue reading


There are people all over the world who are making virtuous suggestions relative to the achievement of peace — but that activity is not changing anything. Merely to offer guidance and issue calls is, in effect, to wave placards and shout slogans — and that is useless in the reality-context of the world. What is required, in order for peace to be established in the world, is something profoundly different. Continue reading

DSAI hits Asean

DSAI hits Asean

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Ex-Malaysian leader hits Asean

FORMER Malaysian deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim on Friday described as a “major disappointment” the draft charter of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean), which is scheduled to be ratified this year.Anwar, who is in the country for a two-day visit, said the Asean charter is not “strong” in terms of democracy and human rights.



“It was diluted on matters of democracy and human rights. It seems so because (Asean) countries are not prepared to accept the dictates of the present,” Anwar said in a “Colloquium on Islam, Politics and the Prospects for Peace” held at the De La Sale University-Graduate School of Business in Makati City last Friday.

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Treat all migrants equally Mr Home Minister

No quick solution for illegals in Sabah, says Syed Hamid


Dear Home Minister. TQ for the talk of equal treatment for all the migrants. But most of us suspect that there is no political will or courage to solve the East Malaysia migrant problem but for all the Malaysian authorities, doing any thing to the Burmese (all races and religious groups) is so easy without any backlash or consequences. We suspect that you just made a sweet talk as an excuse for the inaction on those migrants there. But once you said about the equal treatment, we hope that as a Muslim and the high ranking Government Minister, you would keep you promise. In Burmese the promise of the king (read authority) is a vow or word of honour!

We could let it as by gone be by gone but please kindly treat our migrants exactly like those migrants in east Malaysia.

According to your Deputy Prime Minister, which is reported in the front page of local newspapers, those illegal migrant children would be granted citizenship. Is Malaysian government willing to extend this offer to Burmese Migrants?

The local newspaper front-page reported photograph of a school, one of THREE THOUSAND schools for Indonesian Illegal Migrants. Why Burmese legal and illegal migrants are even not allowed to attend Government schools. They are even willing to pay extra school fees.

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Protect our freedom by protecting refugees

Cheah Kah Seng | May 23, 08 4:21pm

I refer to the Malaysiakini report Don’t forget Burmese refugees here too, PM told.

We also need to recall and learn from the Asean governments’ maltreatment of Vietnamese boat people of late 1970’s. True, we were poorer at that time, threats of communist violence and subversion were fresh in our psyche, and Vietnam was not part of Asean then. But hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese sold their belongings for gold bars, and took to the sea on unseaworthy vessels. They drowned at sea, were raided and raped by pirates, and suffered inhumane treatment in camps in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and to a lesser extent, Hong Kong. Continue reading

Interview with an eleven years old Cyclone Nargis survivor of Burma

If the world were a just place,

the first building project would be

a prison to hold Shwe, and his fellow thugs —
after their genocide trial.

__Joel Brinkley is a former Pulitzer Prize-winning foreign correspondent for
The New York Times and now a professor of journalism at Stanford University.

Interview with an eleven years old Cyclone Nargis survivor of Burma

Now we are surviving with donation, for food and clothing,
I will try my best to protect my brother and sister by all means
by Mya Hnin Aye

This blogger (Sitmone) found the following interview from MM Thinker

Blog. MM Thinker put a note that he was crying while posting the following interview. This blogger shared his feeling and decided to translate into English for the international readers.This blogger would like to apologize the original source, the Voice Weekly for unable to get permission due to the situation that we all should understand.

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