Treat all migrants equally Mr Home Minister

No quick solution for illegals in Sabah, says Syed Hamid


Dear Home Minister. TQ for the talk of equal treatment for all the migrants. But most of us suspect that there is no political will or courage to solve the East Malaysia migrant problem but for all the Malaysian authorities, doing any thing to the Burmese (all races and religious groups) is so easy without any backlash or consequences. We suspect that you just made a sweet talk as an excuse for the inaction on those migrants there. But once you said about the equal treatment, we hope that as a Muslim and the high ranking Government Minister, you would keep you promise. In Burmese the promise of the king (read authority) is a vow or word of honour!

We could let it as by gone be by gone but please kindly treat our migrants exactly like those migrants in east Malaysia.

According to your Deputy Prime Minister, which is reported in the front page of local newspapers, those illegal migrant children would be granted citizenship. Is Malaysian government willing to extend this offer to Burmese Migrants?

The local newspaper front-page reported photograph of a school, one of THREE THOUSAND schools for Indonesian Illegal Migrants. Why Burmese legal and illegal migrants are even not allowed to attend Government schools. They are even willing to pay extra school fees.


The Star Online

KOTA KINABALU: Finding solutions to Sabah’s thorny migrant problem might not be as easy as many Sabahans hope.

KOTA KINABALU: Finding solutions to Sabah’s thorny migrant problem might not be as easy as many Sabahans hope.

After a two-day visit to Sabah, Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said there was a need to address the wide-ranging issues of illegal immigrants in a humane manner and without getting emotional.

He said issues of illegal immigrants were straightforward but the problem involving stateless and street children needed to be addressed in accordance to international law and children’s rights.

“As for illegal immigrants, we can handle it as governments of their country of origin will provide relevant travel documents for deportation. We have deported over 100,000 since 2000.

“However, stateless children of migrants are not being accepted. We have to see what we can do to resolve this problem,” said Syed Hamid, adding that such problems existed in Peninsula Malaysia with the Rohingya issue.

“Previously we discussed with the United States who accepted a few thousand Rohingya to their country,” he said, adding that Malaysia hoped to discuss with other countries to help take in the stateless people.

“I spoke to a 16-year-old stateless boy who has no education. It will be difficult to find a third country for him,” he said.

Urging the people here not to be emotional over the issue, Syed Hamid said the issue of illegal immigrants was being played up.

“You can’t impose, we need to cooperate and find solutions. We understand the fears of the local people,” he said, adding that the Special Cabinet Committee on illegal immigrants headed by Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak would be meeting soon.

On calls by Sabah leaders for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into cases of illegal immigrants obtaining Malaysian ICs through the backdoor, Syed Hamid said that there was no need for one.



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