Rights urged for Myanmar migrants


Pressure is mounting on Thailand to give greater protection to illegal migrant workers from Myanmar.

Human rights groups say they make up around 75 per cent of foreign workers in Thailand, and that number is expected to rise in the wake of Cyclone Nargis.

The Thai government has just introduced a new anti-trafficking law that recognises labour exploitation for the first time.

Thit lost her arm in an accident but has little
hope of getting compensation [Al Jazeera

But campaigners fear that the new regulations may not be enough, and that more needs to be done to help give migrant workers basic rights.



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88 Generation Burmese Activists – 8888 – 19 Years – Part 2

88 Generation Burmese Activists – 8888 – 19 Years(Part I)

8888 Recall(Part I)

When religions talk

When religions talk

Malaysia Today

Religious leaders, scholars and business people are meeting all over the world to argue about free speech and Islamic sensibilities. How much does this achieve?

The Economist

DEBATES about Islam and the West can throw up unexpected tensions. Take the American and the Brit, successful young professionals who met recently at a seaside resort in Egypt. As it happens, both were devout Muslims who pray five times a day. But as they discovered, manifest piety, of the sort ubiquitous in poorer bits of Egypt, arouses instant suspicion in parts of the country where rich tourists and important Westerners need cocooning—even when those Westerners have come to attend the august deliberations on “Islam and the West” taking place nearby with the blessing of Egypt’s government.

The young men’s daily supplications were snooped on aggressively by the police and they found themselves longing for the freedom to bow down before God that is taken for granted in California and the English Midlands. Inter-faith encounters, it seems, are tricky enough when they take the form of careful speeches by heads of government and other movers and shakers; for ordinary people who simply want to say their prayers, things can be downright baffling.

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Food for the soul

Food for the soul

Extracts from Sim Kwang Yang in Malaysiakini | Jun 14

I understand that it is not nice to just copy and paste this paid section. But as this article is very informative for those who want to read good English books, I hereby just tried to give the list of the books SKY read and praised.

“I remember distinctly the suddenness with which a key turned in a lock and I found I could read…”  So wrote Graham Greene in his essay entitled


The Lost Childhood.

My father stood out as a learned person, spent many hours narrating to me the stories of On the Waterfront, the exploits of the 72 heroes who were driven to become bandits in the mountains by the unjust imperial court of China.

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