Actress Nawaratt wanted related to Aung Zaw Ye Myint

Film actress Nawaratt, a close friend of Aung Zaw Ye Myint topped the wanted list of the police for her alleged involvement in the drug trafficking ring of Lt-Gen Ye Myint’s son. Photo:

Mizzima News

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Let-Gen Ye Myint is now in Singapore


” Despite all drug scandals are going on in Burma (MYANMAR ), father of main culprit Aung Zaw Ye Myint, Lt-Gen Ye Myint and wife Dr.Tin Lay Myint were in Singapore. They left country from 15th June,2008 by Silk Air and purpose of visit Unknown.Probably collecting all drugs related money from all sources.”
Report by ” Thu Ye Kaung “
from:Ko Htike’s Blog

Dictators “Defacing” Famed Burma Temples

The military dictators of Burma (Myanmar) are defacing Pagan’s dreamy field of timeworn medieval Buddhist temples (Traveler, January/February 2004) with a trumped-up “restoration” and improvements more suited in ways to a recreation center than to one of Southeast Asia’s greatest archaeological heritage sites.

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The circus has come to Myanmar

The circus has come to Myanmar

Dr Wong Ang Peng in Malaysiakini | Jun 16, 08

Kindly forgive me for change your good article in Burmese context or Burmanized it.

Look out, the circus has come to town … and the clowns have come marching in.

First, we have the Supremo Sr General ignoring the Myanmar Cyclone victims for three weeks.

One joker General, Minister suggesting to ignore the proper retrieving of dead bodies for identification and proper burial according to their religious believes. He uttered inhumanely that if the corpses are ignored and let the fish to eat, all human flesh would be gone in three weeks.

Another comedian General remarked sarcastically that the cyclone victims do not need chocolate bars; they could eat frogs and fish as they are rural farmers.

And the military idiot jokers cracking jokes endlessly as if emergency rescue phase was finished and chasing out the victims from shelters to their original places which were totally ruined or disappeared from the earth, apparently to vote for referendum.

The Senior Great Magician Than Shwe stole the lime-light from the cyclone victims by pulling out the 92% YES VOTES from his hat.

This Senior Great Magician Than Shwe also wonderfully played his flute like a pied piper misleading the great Asean leaders and UN authorities to nod all he said as if in a trance. UNSG, UN organizations and Asean politicians seem mesmerised to his tune that we can weather off the consequences or aftereffect turbulence ahead.

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