Dear YAB Najib, do not blindly deny the truth about the unfair discriminations on migrants

Dear YAB Datuk Seri Najib Razak,

Thank Your Honour for the interest in replying the unfair migrant treatment allegation of your country. No one is not asking your country to open the flood gates for us like your collegues had done in Sabah, we all are merely requesting  a kind favour from your government to just ajar the closely-tight water tap to let the hungry refugees to let us drink a few drops of water.

Why did your government could go and bring in the Bosnias with airplanes and provided free flats and fully support them? 

No need to give the Burmese Refugees even a cent. We are not beggars. Just stop Rela raids and allow them to stay, work or study for a limited time in your country. You can charge an appropriate visa fees like Thailand is doing now on Burmese refugees. 

And kindly facilitate the legal migration process by granting the citizenship to all the Burmese who are holding Red ICs for more then FIVE years.

Dr San Oo Aung


NST Online



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Najib disputes refugee report on Malaysia


PUTRAJAYA: Malaysia has been cooperative with refugees who made their way to this country, (Comment SELECTIVE COOPERATION ON favoured nations and races only. There is clear case of DISCRIMINATION ON foreigners and EVEN ON MUSLIM REFUGEES) Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said yesterday.

However, he added that Malaysia could not open the floodgates to these people.”Otherwise, there will be serious problems. Already, we are facing problems with illegal immigrants in Sabah, one of the contentious issues highlighted by the Sabah Progressive Party.



“How much more do we want to be liberal?

(Comment: Just 10% of the migrants in Sabah’s liberal would be enough for the Burmese Migrants!)


I do not agree with the findings of the report.”

(Comment: But all others except your government agree this report which is quite correct.)

Najib was referring to the annual study by the United States’ committee for refugees and immigrants, a non-governmental group, which claimed
that five Asian nations, including Malaysia, were the “worst violators of refugees’ rights”.

The others are India, Thailand, China and Bangladesh. The global survey was released on Thursday ahead of World Refugees’ Day.It said the five countries joined Iraq, Kenya, Russia, Sudan and Europe as the 10 worst places for refugees last year.



It said Malaysia forcibly sent refugees from Myanmar to Thailand where “some of them were sold into slavery, men to fishing boats and women to brothels”.

(Comment: Please open your eyes to read your Intelligence reports. If your agencies could not get this report you need to send all your agents/spies for refresher course. Their inefficiency is dangerous for the SECURITY OF MALAYSIA))

Malaysia and Thailand also got an F grade,

together with Bangladesh and China, in a study on conditions that refugees were detained in and their access to courts. 


Malaysia, Bangladesh and Nepal also received the worst grade in a study on whether the government allows refugees to earn a livelihood.

The report, however, cited Malaysia as an example where treating refugees well did not mean they would remain permanently in their host countries.



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