Help stop the abuse: Refugees to Suhakam

Help stop the abuse: Refugees to Suhakam

Malaysiakini Andrew Ong and Su Hui Hsing | Jun 27, 07

“Regardless of their citizenship status, the human rights of everyone in Malaysia must be protected in line with international human rights principle,” he said.

Speaking to reporters later, Siva stressed that Suhakam recognises the status of refugees even though Malaysia has not ratified the UN Refugee Convention 1951.

“We will first deal with the sexual harassment cases. We will investigate the officers involved… the officers involved must be brought to book,” he said.

In the memorandum, Tenaganita director Irene Fernandez said Malaysia must hold to the international principle of protecting asylum seekers and refugees.

She said human rights abuses by the authorities showed that the government had neglected their international obligations towards upholding human rights in particular the rights of women and children.

Last October, Chin Burmese refugee Za (not her real name) was arrested in Kuala Lumpur by officers from the volunteer corp, Rela. Despite being pregnant, she was allegedly physically and sexually abused at an immigration detention centre.

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Suhakam: Check Rela’s powers

Suhakam: Check Rela’s powers

Malaysiakinim Bede Hong | Aug 17, 07

The Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) does not support an increase in enforcement powers for the volunteer security corp Rela, saying it would result in indiscriminate arrests against refugees in the country.
Suhakam commissioner N Siva Subramaniam also said Rela’s raids have created ill-repute for its members, whom he described as insensitive to human and civil rights.

“There’s no point in trying to get the message across to them on what the public thinks of them and what our Asean neighbours think of them,” he told a forum organised by the Kuala Lumpur Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall last night.

“They have become defensive at times, even when you tell them to train their people and to educate them on human rights,” he added.

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Am I dreaming? Ministry aids the ‘paperless’

Am I dreaming? Ministry aids the ‘paperless’

Star Online

Comment: Am I dreaming? Ministry really going to aid all the ‘paperless’ children. I doubt Burmese/Myanmars, even Muslims would be pushed aside in this day dream.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Women, Family and Community Development Ministry is working with the National Registration Department and state governments to resolve the problem of children without documentation.

Minister Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen said it was important to work towards this because proper documents were needed for things such as schooling.

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PR status and citizenships for foreign spouses

 PR status & citizenship for foreign spouses 

Copy and paste from YB Lim Kit Siang’s web page

(The following is the reply given in Parliament by the Home Minister, Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar yesterday to my question on the long-standing PR problem. Lets have your reaction as to whether you find the answer satisfactory or not. It was given as a written answer as the question did not come up for oral reply during the 90-minute Question Time. It was placed No. 49 out of 95 questions yesterday, which saw only eight questions answered on the floor during the Question Time.)

40 Responses to “PR status & citizenship for foreign spouses”

  1. taiking Says:
    I thought the process is a simple and quick one.
    I had the chance to meet some indons workers in a friend’s business premises.
    They had malaysian PR ICs.
    “Senang saja” was their reply.
    “Cepat” some said.
    “Cuma ujian Bahasa Malaysia” seems to be the only hurdle.
    I did not realise that Malaysia has for a long time already progressed to a developed nation status.
    Like UK and Australia, Malaysian immigration policy favours labourers and not professionals.
    You know, construction workers, cleaners, etc.
    That explains why highly qualified foreign spouses could not get their PR ICs.
    Now with all rules and regulations, there are always loopholes.
    Next time try this.
    I know that you may be a consultant this and that.
    Or professor this or that.
    Or nobel prize nominee for what and what.
    Never mind all those.
    Want to be malaysia PR.
    Easy. Just get yourself a job as a cleaner in one of the public carpark anywhere in the country.
    In your application form, remember to state your job as “CLEANER”.
    That will score you some good points.
    Happy applying.
    Remember. Its not that difficult.
  2. zona_marie Says:
    at least a 12 year PR holder prior to getting citizenship?? my mum waited 13 years before she even got her PR!

sir, i think your question should have been – how many applications are awaiting processing to obtain a PR in the last 20 years? vs how many APPROVED applications there have been in the last 20 years? that way you can likely see how ineffective they’ve been. i don’t remember any bahasa malaysia test for my mum nor police checks either. does it take 13 years to get a police check?

  1. cheng on soo Says:
    They should be reasonable, and humane, say those who hv stayed 4 years, and had raised, Msian child(ren), be given PR status.
    look like they only want general labourers, cleaners, who are Muslim, & speak only, BM or Bahasa Indon.
    look like , Msia Immig will not grant PR to ppl (qualified) who applied officially, but can sell PR to ppl (muslim) who go for backdoor, or bribe the right person etc.
    So anybody seriously interested, just get a Muslim name, can pretend to be a Muslim, and can learn to speak BM, then it should ok to go to Sabah to buy one PR
  2. sammychong Says:the rules are quite strict which i think is good enough to both for the foreigners and the rakyat in malaysia…but do the authorities really following the procedures by the rules?for the past 3 years, i saw the amount of foreigners is going huge..crowding in our big cities like kl, shah alam, klang, putrajaya and so on. how about the crimes commited by the foreigners which are killing, raping, robbing, and whatsoever…we citizens are now becoming more afraid and worried about the population of foreigner would be outnumbering us in 5 to 10 years ahead…what say u?is this about the rules made or about the lacking actions of the authorities?
  1. kun9999 Says:
    Well I guess the delay for getting PR is because of incompetence government officials or they want applicant to give them coffee money. In developed country like Singapore, it will only take approximately 3 month for the applicant to know their result for the PR application (source: In Malaysia it would take 6 month for the applicant to know the result (source:

If you look into Malaysia Immigration website you can’t really find a clear guideline to apply for PR. But if you look into Singapore Immigration website you can find a very clear guideline on how to apply for PR.

I wonder why can’t Malaysia govt be as competence as Singapore govt. As a citizen of Malaysia, I really ashame of competency level of the govt.

The answer given by Home Minister on applicant can’t be contacted / didn’t follow up also didn’t make much sense as most applicant are very serious in their application.

Delay/reject in the PR application also cause professional spouse unable to work and i guess this is what the government want in order to protect their own “lazy” people.

  1. UnkerLai Says:
    I know of a few foreigners who have been here for the past 20 years, running successful business, yet unable to obtain PR, simply because they refuse to bribe their way through.
    All this talk of screening and procedures are bollocks. Money is the BeeEnd’s only criteria, if the applicant is a non-muslim.
  2. Tulip Crescent Says:
    I have a sister-in-law who applied for permanent residence. She is a university graduate.

The last time I knew, she was back in her country after having raised her two children from her womb till they managed to get their degrees overseas.

Both the Malaysian children are now working overseas as well. As for the Malaysian husband, who the United Nations used to call on to do some work overseas while he was working in Malaysia, he is working overseas as well.

Of course, she never got her permanent residence after more than 20 years of apply. She remains an applicant, I guess, in the grand tradition of the Barisan Nasional.

This is the kind of hanky-panky that our politicians teach our bureaucrats to do. Why do you think even our bureaucrats have had enough of their nonsense?

  1. unknowngrouse Says:
    If you have the proper kulitfication its no problem getting PR status. One Indon I know even got a blue IC ! No matter have qualified you are if you are not Muslim and do not have the right colour you can forget about it. Got a Malaysian friend whose wife is Singaporean teacher (of course she can’t teach here). His kids are born here so they got their citizenship. However the wife who’s been living with him for over 20 years here still has no PR status although she has applied countless number of times until she gave up Wanna guess race?
  2. kun9999 Says:
    No point in applying Malaysia PR with such a lazy or money thirsty govt, it would be better to apply for PR from neighbouring country for which they very welcome foreign talent & entrepreneur etc that can contribute to their society.
  1. badcliq Says:
    This is no excuse for incompetency of the Government!

Look at how long the process take for other countries! Aus, NZ, etc

Are they saying other countries have crap PRs that will threaten the national security, just because their regulations are not as “strict” or “good” as M’sia?

He mentioned people changed address, etc…couldn’t be contacted…well, not strange! If the process took nearly 2 decades!!

  1. dr suresh kumar Says:
    Dear YB Kit,

I have only this to say to Syed Hamid:He is just wasting his ink in writing the above reply.

He could have saved his time by just saying that non-muslims and non-malays are not welcome.

The policy of this government is designed to discourage non muslim migrants,thats how I see it.Not only they welcome Indonesian labourers ,they have also indirectly contributed to increase in crime in the country.All these just to increase the number of malay population in the country.

The government doesn’t seem to realize that one of the yardsticks in measuring the development of a country is the actual increase in the population of her minorities and not decrease like what is happening to the Chinese and Indian populations at home.Look here in Australia,they have a crsytal clear and transparent policy on the issues of emigrants.Its just a breeze thru to become a PR or a citizen if one meets their immigration law requirements.

  1. undergrad2 Says:
    Qualifications to become citizens:


1. Continuous physical residence for a minimum period of 12 years;
2. Intention to reside permanently;
3. A person of good moral character, and
4. Proficient in the Malay language.

United States

1. Continuous residence as legal permanent resident for at least five years preceding the date of application
2. Physically present during that period totaling at least half the time
3. A person of good moral character
4. Understanding of the English language( ability to speak, read and write) and the fundamentals of U.S. history, principles of government of the U.S.

*It is harder to naturalize and become U.S. citizens. But then why are there so few qualified applicants who have been granted Malaysian citizenship when it is easier to naturalize?

  1. undergrad2 Says:
    Granted citizenship is a privilege and not a right.
  2. oknyua Says:
    YB Lim, don’t believe him. Though I don’t read the full reply (my bahasa is pasar bahasa), I know many Acheh and Jawa PR who has no skills other than being construction workers. PDRM’s check? No way. Check along the coastal areas of W Malaysia – all those Javanese and Acheh who has PR and Red IC.

Who wants PR? I can name you the agent in Kampong Jawa (where) who does this for you. She is of Acheh descend. Pay money lah.

  1. oknyua Says:

one missing qualification: You must know who.

  1. undergrad2 Says:
    YB Kit,

Please ask the Minister to provide a statistical breakdown of applicants according to:

1. Country of origin
2. Religion
3. Sex
4. Educational background

Approvals according to
1. Country of origin
2. Religion
3. Sex
4. Educational background
5. Number of years resident

Rejections according

1. Country of origin
2. Religion
3. Sex
4. Educational background
5. Number of years resident

  1. swee_ann_tweety Says:
    I have a friend who is 30 over years old. He was born in Malaysia. His father is Indonesian. His mother is Malaysian. He doesn’t believe in corruption. He doesn’t give in to bribe demands. He dislike corrupted people. Since his father is an Indonesian, his IC, is a “Red IC”. He has applied for a Malaysian Citizenship countless number of times. He is married to a Malaysian gal. He still does not have his citizenship. According to him, after submitting his applications, his applications apparently go missing somehow.

Don’t give eligible people NONSENSE answers. It really is disgusting to read and listen to NONSENSE answers

  1. mauriyaII Says:
    Whenever any issue, even as a routine thing as applying for a PR status, is brought to the attention of the Home Affairs Minister, what we hear is that everything is based on the security of the nation.

How are foreign wives of Malaysian citizens a danger to national security? Does the minister think that those wives who might have a number of children have nothing better to do than to plant C4 and blow up people?

The country faces brain-drain. Why not attract qualified people with the promise of PR status within a reasonable period of time, say 3 years, to bring in more brains to the country. What BN is doing is to allow the influx of Indons and Bangladeshi as well as Rohinyas because they are muslims even if they are not assets to the country.

BN and the UMNOputra mindset will never change. The world might change and move forward but not these idiots who are afraid of change. This is what happens to people with ‘crutch’ mentality.

  1. clearwater Says:
    The Home Minister’s reply is pathetic eyewash. It sounds like non-apologetic excuses for the current deliberate discriminatory practices in granting PR and citizenship to foreign spouses. Police checks do not take years; marriages of convenience are rare and not difficult to detect; applicants give up rather than fail to follow up after a cynical silence of 10 years or more in their applications. There is a lot of truth in the suspicion that certain ethnic and religious groups are more welcome than others; non- provision of vital statistical information on approved cases [as pointed out by undergrad2] invites such speculation. So does opaque and poorly written rules and guidelines. It is a fact that Malaysia’s immigration policy is human capital and skills deficient as well as selectively blind to its citizens’ well being. It is also a reflection of how badly this country has been run and how poorly policies are implemented.
  2. sheriff singh Says:

Many already qualified under the procedures and guidelines mentioned above but they are still “in process”. They are not told why and what they appear to be lacking, so they can’t rectify if necessary, so they wait in vain for years.

Only 19,511 in the past 20 years and more? This paltry figure speaks for itself.

But don’t forget to include the 800,000 that have gone through the easier Sabah route in the same period. The Sabah people are more “efficient” beating the government KPI by over 40 times. Less agony and despair there and more speedy too.

  1. Mr Smith Says:
    The minsiter should give the racial and religious breakdown of the successful applicants.
    Perhaps also their educational levels.
  2. sotong Says:
    Many people lives are made difficult or ruined for various reasons and national security and interest affected by backdoor processing……..any responsible Minister/s would have the decency to resign immediately.
  3. max2811 Says:
    Malaysian Immigration laws favours their cousins from next door. Doesn’t matter if they are killers, robbers or snatch thieves. As long as their names have a ‘bin’, no problem.
  1. Captain Says:
    My wife got her PR after 15 years. In between, the Immigration lost her files 3 times and new files were created, with reason they lost due to change of offices.

I have a friend who has stayed in this country for 55 years, married a local, produce 3 children , all of them professionals, own huge plantation properties. His appilcation for citizenship was rejected 3 times in 35 years including 3 appeals with the Ministers personally.

In contrast , I used to know of so many Indonesians in Segambut who get PR, some even citizenship , within 3 months of arriving in this country.

Thats Malaysian Govt. Policy ? what rubbish.

I have written in this blog about Pakistanis easily going to Sabah and getting Citizenships, even lately.


Burmese refugees ‘beaten up’ in detention camp

Burmese refugees ‘beaten up’ in detention camp

Malaysia kini news by Soon Li Tsin | Jun 25, 08

The Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) has confirmed that immigration officers had badly beaten up three Burmese refugees at the Semenyih detention camp two nights ago.  
suhakam uthayakumar health pc 230408 sivaCommissioner N Siva Subramaniam, who visited the detention camp yesterday, said the incident had been sparked off by the discovery of tobacco, deemed a contraband item under camp rules.

“The immigration officers fail to understand that the refugees are also human beings and must be treated as such.”He lambasted Rela for

indiscriminately arresting even documented refugees causing many of them to be detained unnecessarily.According a recently released international

report, Malaysia is one of the worst places in the world for refugees.



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Status of Zarganar and Zaw Thet Htway unknown

Jun 24, 2008 (DVB)–The whereabouts of detained prominent comedian and social activist Zarganar and sports writer Zaw Thet Htway are still unknown, according to their relatives. 

Rangoon’s Western District police commissioner and other local officials took Zarganar from his house on 4 June. The police chief said they would hold him for two days to investigate if he had been involved in any political activity but he has not returned home since.


“It has been over two weeks since my son was arrested but I still don’t know where he is and why he was detained,” said Daw Kyin Oo, the comedian’s mother.

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The Thugs are Back in Action


Friday,June 20,2008

After a welcome absence from the public scene in the past few months, the ugly thugs of Burma’s two pro-government militia movements, the Union Solidarity and Development Association (USDA) and its sister group, Swan Ah Shin (“Masters of Force”), are back on the streets.

They turned out in force on Thursday for a birthday party—pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi was 63. They were in no mood to celebrate, however. Their aim was to break up any display of popular support for a courageous woman caged by the regime in her own home. 

The thugs attacked a rally by Suu Kyi’s supporters outside the Rangoon office of her National League for Democracy, detaining more than a dozen.

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The Failed States Index 2008 : The Rankings

















The Failed States Index data

ကမၻာေပၚ မွာ ေအာင္ၿမင္မူ႔အနည္းဆုံး၊ အနိမ္႔က်ဆုံး ႏွင္႔ အေၿခအေနဆုိး၀ါးဆုတ္ရုတ္မူ႔ အမ်ားဆုံးရွိေနတဲ႔ တုိင္းၿပည္ေတြကုိ အဆင္႔အတန္းသတ္မွတ္ရာမွာ ၿမန္မာႏုိင္ငံ ႏွင္႔ ဘဂၤလားေဒ႔ရွ္ ႏုိင္ငံတုိ႔ အဆင္႔ (၁၂) အၿဖစ္ ပူးတြဲဆြတ္ခူးသြားပါတယ္။ ဒီလုိ အဆင္႔ အတန္း သတ္မွတ္ရာမွာ ဘယ္လုိအခ်က္ အလက္ေတြကုိ ထည္႕သြင္းစဥ္းစား ၿပီးဆုံးၿဖတ္လည္း ဆုိတာ ေလ႔လာၾကည္႕ရေအာင္……..


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The sermons of hate from my childhood have been silenced

The sermons of hate from my childhood have been silenced

Dr Khalid Salem Al-Yabhouni

One of my earliest memories from boyhood is being taken to the mosque by my father to attend Friday prayers and hear the sermon. Friday, to the Islamic faith, is of great importance for it’s symbolic significance – the first mosque was built on Friday – and for the Quranic injunction that instructs Muslims to attend the mosque and heed their prayers:

“O ye who believe! When the call is proclaimed to prayer on Friday (the Day of Assembly), hasten earnestly to the Remembrance of Allah, and leave off business (and traffic): That is best for you if ye but knew,” – Holy Quran 62:9

The Friday sermons, so I was taught in my Islamic studies classes at school, should be a kind of forum where an informed Muslim can enlighten the people from the pulpit about the concerns of life and the afterlife. The issues that the sermons address could be religious, political, social, economic or personal if need be. And they should follow the Prophet’s example and last from 15 to 20 minutes.
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Myanmar launches 11-day gems auction: report

YANGON (AFP) — Military-run Myanmar on Tuesday launched an 11-day auction of precious gems in Yangon, state media said, as the country struggles to recover from last month’s devastating cyclone.

The New Light of Myanmar announced that the sale of gems, jade and pearls would run until July 4 in the economic hub, where some buildings remain in ruins and fallen trees litter the roads seven weeks after Cyclone Nargis.

The junta-run daily gave no further details of the sale, but a staff member at the Myanmar Convention Centre confirmed an auction opened there this morning that was attended by both local and foreign dealers.

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Sincere advice to SPDC how to destroy Daw Suu, NLD and opposition

 Sincere advice to SPDC how to destroy

Daw Suu, NLD and opposition


I hope SPDC could consider my following advice after reading the attached news in the Star newspaper.


All the oppositions around the world are good or excellent at opposing the present governments but they used to be at a lost once they got the power and transformed into governments.


Then only their weakness starts to appear.

They lack organization skills for proper management.

They don’t know the real obstacles and difficulties that genuinely used to prop up with every government.

People could face or endure the poor, hunger and torture. But most of the people including the opposition and revolutionists could not resist the pressure of power and wealth.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. If we use Daw Suu’s famous quote_

The Fear of loosing the power corrupts absolutely. That fear of loosing power and facing the music and consequences of peoples’ anger, witch hunt punishments pushed the dictators to demolish all the opposition ruthlessly.

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