7th July, the Day of Mourning

7th July, the Day of Mourning

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Seventh July is the historic day on the Burmese history on which day in 1962, unarmed university students sacrificed their lives against the Military Government. Students were massacred and Student’s Union Building was dynamited down together with the students inside. Since that day students became the RESISTENCE SYMBOL and used to spearhead the successive uprisings against the illegal Military Rulers.

Burma army Chief of Staff General Ne Win and cohorts threaten the U Nu’s elected democratic government to hand over power and formed a Caretaker government from 1958 to 1960 for eighteen months. General Ne Win and cohorts had a good taste of power after 18 months of the Caretaker Government, and they regarded U Nu as a week leader and was not strong enough to govern the country. They openly told the Pyidaungsu Governments that the army had to fight vigorously and they are not happy to even protect and give security service to those corrupt political leaders.

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U Win Tin’s health deteriorates in prison

Jun 30, 2008 (DVB)–Two press freedom groups have today called for the release of veteran journalist and National League for Democracy member U Win Tin, whose health has deteriorated in the past few days.

Reporters Without Borders and the Burma Media Association issued a statement calling for the release of the veteran journalist, who has spent almost 19 years in detention.

“It will be exactly 19 years on 4 July since Burma’s military arrested Win Tin,” the groups’ statement said.

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Rangoon Editor Fired Over Offending Poem


Monday,June 30,2008

An editor on the privately-run Rangoon magazine Cherry was fired and three censorship board employees were reportedly suspended from duty after the monthly carried a poem that displeased government officials.

The censors of the Press Scrutiny and Registration Division ordered the publishers of Cherry to withdraw the May issue of the magazine in which the offending poem appeared. But the magazine had already sold out.
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The essence of my struggle is for all the Myanmar Muslims

Dear readers,

                     I am not associated to any party or any politician but campaigning as a lone ranger for_

  1. All groups of Burmese Muslims/Myanmar Muslims inside and outside Myanmar.
  2. All the Myanmar/Burmese citizens to get, democracy, respect of Human Rights, to eradicate Racial and Religious Discriminations.
  3. All Myanmars including Burmese Muslims to get fair and equal treatment every where.

I hope some readers from the powerful political party should not take offence at my blog postings as my actual and only essence of aim is for all the Muslims of Myanmar/Burma.

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