The essence of my struggle is for all the Myanmar Muslims

Dear readers,

                     I am not associated to any party or any politician but campaigning as a lone ranger for_

  1. All groups of Burmese Muslims/Myanmar Muslims inside and outside Myanmar.
  2. All the Myanmar/Burmese citizens to get, democracy, respect of Human Rights, to eradicate Racial and Religious Discriminations.
  3. All Myanmars including Burmese Muslims to get fair and equal treatment every where.

I hope some readers from the powerful political party should not take offence at my blog postings as my actual and only essence of aim is for all the Muslims of Myanmar/Burma.

I wrote to the FIRST Prime Minister of Malaysia. He sent the reply through his Secretary General and helped me to stay and work in Malaysia.

I wrote many times to Tun Mahathier, when he was the PM. I was warned even by my friends, holding very high posts in the government. But Tun Mahathier understood me and even later sympathetically granted an interview with me about Burma Politics.

YAB DSAI and YB Azmin Ali also responded to my letters and extended help in time of our need. YB Datin Seri Wan Aziza kindly allowed us the excellent interview regarding Burmese Politics.

But most of the other present leaders ignored my personal letters repeatedly appealing for the Burma, Burmese and esp. Burmese Muslim expatriates and migrants.

Most of you are BRAIN WASHED by the SPDC Junta or are blinded by the greed of economic profits as the reward for protecting Myanmar Generals from the attack of UN, US, EU etc..

So, inorder to give a positive imput of information to your government from the third party or victims or Burmese opposition or Burmese Muslims’ POV (Point of View), I hereby posted this blog.

Dr San Oo Aung @ Zafar Shah

And one of the most important values of Islam is to_   
  1. ‘propagating good and
  2. forbidding evil’. 

This ‘propagating good and forbidding evil’ _

  1. is not optional.
  2. It is compulsory.
  3. Islam makes it mandatory that we oppose evil.

We are asked to oppose evil with our hands.

Our Prophet (pbuh) has been asked by God:

“I have been ordered to dispense justice between you.”

“Whenever you judge between people, you should judge with (a sense of) justice” (4:58).

The Prophet has said:

  1. “If any one of you comes across an evil,
  2. he should try to stop it with his hand (using force),
  3. if he is not in a position to stop it with his hand
  4. then he should try to stop it by means of his tongue (meaning he should speak against it).
  5. If he is not even able to use his tongue
  6. then he should at least condemn it in his heart.

This is the weakest degree of faith” (Muslim).

  1. “Co-operate with one another for virtue and heedfulness

  2. and do not co-operate with one another

  3. for the purpose of vice and aggression” (5:2).

This means that_

  1. who perpetrates deeds of vice and aggression,

  2. even if he is our closest relation or neighbour,

  3. does not have the right to win our support

  4. and help in the name of race, country, language or nationality.

This is what Islam says.
Is it because these rituals are compulsory? Is it because you would not be a perfect Muslim if you did not perform these rituals?

Hey, these are only rituals. Rituals are not values. Rituals are merely a demonstration that you have values. It is pointless performing rituals if you lack values. Rituals are not important if you lack faith or values. Rituals are the end result of the values you hold. If you did not believe that there is a God would you want to pray? Would it serve any purpose that you prayed if you did not believe that there is a God? If you did not believe that Muhammad was the last Prophet, if you think that he is a fake, is there any purpose in performing the rituals that Muhammad taught mankind? Your prayers are between you and God. Whether you perform them or not is between you and God. It does not concern anyone else. The same goes for all those other rituals as well.  But if you do not stand up for justice and fight against evil, oppression, persecution, etc., then it is no longer between you and God.   
  1. God can forgive you for not praying.
  2. God can forgive you for the beer you drink every night.
  3. But God will never forgive you for your sins against society.

By not opposing evil you have not sinned against God.

You have sinned against  millions of fellow-Burmese Muslims. And you will have to seek forgiveness from all of them. God can’t forgive you. Burmese Muslims.




 Based on DYMM Raja Petra’s article.

Sorry folks I had used your enemy’s words to remind you to think over.

May ALLAH punish all the people, who monitor a Muslim victim like me and reported to the ANTI-MUSLIM aggressors.









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