Engaging the bloggers

Engaging the bloggers

The Star Online

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Bloggers are feeling a lot more important these days, with just about everyone keen on engaging them. First it was the Government and now corporations and public relations agencies have joined the line.

TO SAY that there’s been a lot of attention paid to bloggers since the March 8 general election is an understatement. Not only is the Government keen on engaging bloggers, corporations and public relations agencies are very keen to do so as well.

Blogs have been around for a few years now, and although they are a hit with the digital natives – the people who grew up using the Internet – it’s only relatively recently that the digital immigrants are treating them as a serious element of the broader media scene.

As such, there is not much knowledge about how to deal with bloggers.

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U Win Tin receives treatment for bronchitis

Jul 14, 2008 (DVB)–Veteran journalist and long-term political prisoner U Win Tin has received medical attention in Insein prison, where he has been detained for past 19 years, according to a regular visitor.

U Win Tin’s close friend U Maung Maung Khin, who has been visiting the 79-year-old journalist every two weeks, said he had been diagnosed with bronchitis when he was admitted to Rangoon general hospital recently.

U Maung Maung Khin said U Win Tin is now feeling better after taking the medication prescribed by prison doctors for his condition.

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Armed Burmese Uprising Morally Justified: Chomsky

Armed Burmese Uprising Morally Justified: Chomsky 


Tuesday,July 15,2008

Noam Chomsky, one of the most well-known political and social critics in the world, said an armed uprising against Burma’s military regime is morally justified for the hardships inflicted upon the Burmese people.

However, he cautioned that it is not his role to tell the people of Burma what to do.

Chomsky, in an interview with the Bangkok Post published on Monday, said, “An armed uprising would have to evaluate with care the likely consequences for the people who are suffering.”

The ruling generals have “a good thing going for themselves,” he said. They have nothing to gain by yielding power, and they appear capable of holding on to their power.

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Answer ICC! why Darfur but not Depayin?

Answer ICC! why Darfur but not Depayin? 

Than Shwe must be pulled to ICC like Omar Hassan.

Than Shwe must be pulled to ICC for Depayin Massacre like Omar Hassan for Darfur genocide.

I hope ICC is not Apartheid, committing Racial Discrimination or Religious Discrimination.

If they could indict a Muslim leader committing a crime on Christians,

why could not they indict a Buddhist committing genocide on Muslims, Christians and Buddhists?




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Worthless, useless, selfish, undemocratic and greedy ASEAN

Worthless, useless, selfish, undemocratic and greedy ASEAN

Extracts from Malaysiakini’s Opinion Article, “M’sia a vibrant democracy? Bah, humbug!” by Manjit Bhatia | Jul 14, 08

If ASEAN wants to continue to block Australia’s membership to the worthless Asean, go right ahead.asean meeting

Australia is past being hung-up about Asean. Howard made that very clear years ago. And if ASEAN thinks it is the vital link, the conduit, to Australia’s enlarged engagement with Asia, that’s another old story. 
Get with it. Nobody in the world cares about Asean. Even Asean citizens don’t give a damn about Asean. Asean does not represent the people’s interests. Asean represents the interest of the vile political elite of its member states and of their business cronies.

Cronies and corruption on a grand scale infest Asean. It is a membership of idiocy, ruled by idiocy. Look back over Asean’s formation in 1967 and ask what significant achievements it, as an organisation, has amassed and you’ll see the point. Zilch. Nada. Kosong. Thone Nya. Zero.

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