Burma Opposes Asean Investigative Powers


Tuesday,July 22,2008

SINGAPORE — Burma’s junta has indicated it will oppose any effort to give a Southeast Asian human rights body the power to monitor or investigate rights violations in the region, diplomats said Tuesday.

A high-level panel of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations started work Monday to set up the rights body. The panel will lay down the body’s future makeup, role and powers, which will be presented to a summit of Asean leaders in December.

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National cars of poor quality

My PROTON article in Malaysiakini, published in 2002:

Probe Proton bugs


The news of Mitsubishi Motors chief quitting and taking responsibility for the 33 years of cover-up about defective vehicles made me think about Proton.I am 100 percent sure Proton would not emulate this honorable action. Our “Asian values and Malaysian  Values” are different from the Japanese values. Japanese will voluntarily take personal responsibilitybut we point fingers and search for scapegoats.Even if others point fingers to us, we remain in denial. Proton would not try to investigate whether theirpartner, machinery and technology know-how supplier Mitsubishi Mortars could have supplied them with those same faulty cars.

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See No Evil, Speak No Evil

See No Evil, Speak No Evil


– – -Speaking of the concerns expressed by the US State Department on the current investigations , Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr R is reported as having defended the application of the Rule of Law in this country.

Dr R had indicated that he wished to enter into a debate on the subject with foreign critics.  – – –

But then, so do Zimbabwe and a number of countries in which the rule of law has collapsed. Burma in fact only recently unveiled a sparkling, bright constitution filled to the brim with the requisite bells and whistles.

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