I Dream: Azmin Ali as the future DPM

I Dream: Azmin Ali as the future DPM


KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 1 — Parti Keadilan Rakyat vice-president Mohamed Azmin Ali is being touted as the next leader of the PKR-DAP-Pas opposition pact in Parliament.

He is expected to take over the role from Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail when Parliament sits on Aug 18 following the PKR president’s resignation as the MP for Permatang Pauh yesterday.

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INSYAALLAH our dreams will come true, DSAI


our dreams will come true, DSAI      

1/2 of the Malaysiakini letter by Kein | Aug 1, 08

Last night I had a dream. I dreamt that it was 2010. . . . . . .

Malaysia was now in gentler hands and the country had passed a defining fork in the river of time.

As I dreamt on, time seemed to be compressed into fast changing glimpses of unfolding events.  

Moonlight filtered through the windows and rain pattered on the roof with a steady rhythm as the wind howled outside. I was drenched in cold sweat with a feeling of extreme disquiet. The alarm clock read 2 am, it was too early to get up so I had a drink of water before settling down again to try to sleep. I thought of Malaysia, the future of the country and the reality that social injustice and authoritarian methods always lead to economic decline.

I drifted off again and was soon again in the dimension of dreams.

It was a sitting of parliament and Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim was addressing the lawmakers in the presence of the King and Queen.

  • He promised a new Malaysia where all races were equal partners in the economic and social life of the country
  • while the special rights of the Malays guaranteed under the constitution will remain protected.

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Zarganar Appears in Court in Insein Prison


Thursday,July 31,2008

After nearly two months in detention, Zarganar, Burma’s best-known comedian, and a colleague, appeared in court in Insein Prison in Rangoon on Wednesday, according to a source. 

It was the first time Zarganar (Tweezers), and a colleague, Zaw Thet Htwe, were summoned by authorities following their arrests in June. Two other persons also appeared in court at the same time, but they could not be identified, according to the source.
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Bush: Burma’s Neighbors Not Interested in Sanctions


Friday,August 1,2008

WASHINGTON — US President George W Bush said on Thursday that neighboring countries do not favor economic sanctions against Burma, and this is one of the reasons US sanctions have not been as successful as he would have liked.

“There are some countries in the neighborhood that are not interested in joining,” Bush told Suthichai Yoon of the National Media Group of Thailand in an interview, the transcript of which was released by the White House.

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Wan Azizah … the true hero

From hardcore politics to ‘plain mama’

Malaysiakini interview by Beh Lih Yi | Aug 1, 08


PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail said she is ready to quit politics for good in order to resume her role a ‘plain mama’ for her children.

wan azizah interview about her resignation as mp for permatang pauh 010808 03In an exclusive interview with Malaysiakiniat her Bukit Segambut home this morning, Wan Azizah said she will step down as party president in the next PKR elections slated for 2010.

However, she added this can happen earlier if requested by party members. She did not elaborate when but it is believed that she was referring to the upcoming PKR congress this December.

“The party elections is coming, when the time comes, I will do that (relinquish the post),” she added.

Yesterday, Wan Azizah announced herresignation as the MP for Permatang Pauh to pave the way for her husband Anwar Ibrahim to contest in the seat.

‘A tinge of sadness’

Wan Azizah, 56, has held the seat since 1999 after her husband’s unceremonious sacking from government in 1998 as deputy premier. He was subsequently jailed for six years.

She retained the seat in the last general election with a thumping 13,388-vote majority after defeating Umno’s Pirdaus Ismail for the second time.

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Human rights with tears

Human rights with tears

By BUNN NAGARA in the Stars Online


Malaysia may, in effect, lead Asean countries to more realistic and progressive human rights practices.

COMMENT: There is  no such thing as; more realistic and progressive human rights practices. Don’t be apologetic to the GOVERNMENT RIGHTS ONLY that you practiced. SUHAKAM or National Human Rights Omission is also a smoke-shield. There is no real Human Rights in ASEAN countries. There is especially no foreigners’ Rights nor Migrants’ Rights here. For asylum seekers, the Rights are ZERO minus 100.

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