Malaysia must meet labour standards or lose foreign business

Malaysia must meet labour standards

or lose foreign business

Malaysiakini news by Fauwaz Abdul Aziz | Aug 4, 08


I still remember the Malaysian former PM Tun Dr M remarking that Malaysia should not grant the various Labour Rights because they will scared away the foreign investors. Foreign labour unions are pushing these rights so that their employers would be afraid to shift factories to third world countries.

It is difficult to give MC (Medical Certificate) to the parents of a child admitted to the ICU of the Hospital KL. And even the parents of the dead child, who went to the cemetery on the seventh day. I had a very bad experience with those two cases. Parents came to my clinic and complaint that their two children were in the ICU with Dengue Haemorrhagic fever. As they could not cook, they ate from the stalls near by and got the food poisoning. With the lack of sleep and dehydration they were giddy. After consultation and prescription of medicine, I had given MC for the parents.

Next week another parents from the same company came and to me, this time father carrying his wife, who had fainted after visiting the cemetery of their dead child for the seventh day prayers. She fainted and I issued a DAY’s MC for the mother.

Both of them are from the very famous Pewter Company! Human Resource manager came to me and complaint of the MCs. She thought that just because they are from one race, they are lazy and absent from work. I explained but she cannot accept.

Then another case of an Indian girl, facing relation problems, attempted suicide. It was just an attention seeking and she cut her wrist superficially. That girl’s one day MC was also too much for the big company.

The company stopped my branch from the panel list permanently and also complaint to my big boss, who scolded me without even listening to my explaining.

 Let’s see the above MC rules in other countries.

 In Singapore, if the child is ill, mother could be legally issued with MC.

In US, if the dog (or any pet) owner bring the pet to the Veterinary Surgeon, the owner is entitled to MC.

So this is the sorry state of workers’ rights here.

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Malaysia must review its foreign workers levy concept

Review foreign workers levy concept

My Comment: The basic concept of levy is to charge the employer to pay for deciding to employ the foreigners without using the service of the locals. In that way it is more expensive for the employers to engage the foreign workers.

So if there is any locals ready to perform those jobs employed by foreigners, as the employing locals are cheaper than foreigners, the levy may automatically force the employers to opt for cheaper locals.

Foreign workers have to forked out from their pocket or even if the employer agreed to pay in full or 50% of the levies, agent fees and under-table fees to pay to the relevant authorities, all is deducted monthly from the poor foreign workers.

But nowadays in Malaysia, this concept is totally out.

Bosses are exploiting the foreign workers with the help of agents. They don’t pay any fees for getting the work permit for their workers. They pay less salary, forced regularly to do overtime and holidays. They even charged their workers for the over crowded lowstanderd sleeping (definitely not for human dwelling) places. Some even forced to eat from their factory kitchen (obviously charge for this service) so that the workers could not waste time for lunch hour.) Although they pay a dozen of Ringgit daily, they would deduct RM 100.00 per day, even the workers are ill and got MC. What kind of SHIT they are exploiting. The authorities never care and Embassies esp. Myanmar never complaint. Those dare to complaint have to face the LOCAL THUGS employed by factory authorities. And they would be deported back.

Bravo! Good job done, Nike Company. The parent Nike company had rightly enforce the regulation so that all its franchised factories bear all the costs of the foreign worker recruitment.

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A leading Sabah-based NGO leader wants the government to review the whole concept of the levy vis-a-vis illegal and legal foreign workers.

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