The Human Rights Commission of Malaysia risks a downgrade by the UN


the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia

risks a downgrade by the UN

Malaysiakini article by Baradan Kuppusamy | Aug 7, 08

abu talib suhakamThe Human Rights Commission of Malaysia or ‘Suhakam’ risks a downgrade by the United Nations for failing to proactively defend human rights, combat an alarming rise in rights abuse of students, minorities and indigenous people.


Civil society critics are slamming the government-funded organisation, managed by former civil servants and individuals close to the political establishment, of becoming a mouthpiece for authorities.

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Money, power and sex: what motivates man

Money, power and sex: what motivates man

Raja Petra Kamarudin

One of the more successful international trading companies is 3M. It is one of 30 companies in the Dow Jones Industrial Average and is also a component of the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index. 3M’s sales for 2007 touched US$24.462 billion while its net income was US$4.096 billion.

3M used to be called Minnesota Mining and Minerals before its name was shortened to 3M. They did the same for IBM, LBJ, JFK, etc. Eventually, when all these people or companies became famous, people started referring to them by their initials and no longer by their full names. This is the ‘culture’ in USA, which itself is the initial for the United States of America. Now, of course, a simple US will suffice as everyone knows who you are referring to.

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Is There A Statesman like Tony Blair in Myanmar?

Is There A Statesman like Tony Blair in Myanmar?

Adapted from Mr Malik Imtiaz Sarwar’s Disquiet article

Last Friday former British Prime Minister Tony Blair delivered the 22nd Sultan Azlan Shah Law Lecture. He spoke, to the chagrin of some, on the Rule of Law and its continuing relevance in an increasingly challenging world. The gist of his lecture was credibly reported in the media and no useful purpose would be served by my summarizing it here. Suffice it to say that Mr Blair presented the key aspects of the subject winningly and, at times, poignantly, lending important validation to what it is civil society has been saying for more than two decades now: an independent and competent justice system is crucial to democracy and the sustainable growth of a nation.

After the lecture, I overheard some members of the audience ask whether they could imagine the Senior General or the Prime Minister or the Foreign Minister or any other member of the SPDC delivering a lecture of that caliber. Sadly, the laughter the question generated was answer enough. But according to Tan Sri Razali Ismail our Daw Aung San Suu Kyi would be able to deliver a lecture with same calibre.
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Tun Dr Mahathir has also let me down as my mentor

Tun Dr Mahathir has also let me down as my mentor


Malaysiakini letter by M Raken | Aug 7, 08

Comment: I agree 100% with Mr M Raken. I always hope and pray that if Dr M and DSAI had never clash  or could work together, our country (please forgive me for using the word ‘our’) would be in a better or at the best possible place.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has stooped from the level of a statesman when he passed a personal verdict on Anwar Ibrahim that he (Anwar) is guilty of the sodomy charges without any substantial evidence.

It is so embarrassing to see a man so revered and at the pinnacle as a leader and the father of modern Malaysia stoop so low.

A true Muslim will never succumb to the temptation of passing unsubstantiated false judgments on another fellow brother even if it may mean the gain of the whole world.


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Breaking the unjust and undemocratic RULE OF LAW

Breaking the unjust and undemocratic


Malaysian Insider By Yusmadi YusoffAUG 7 — We have been incessantly reminded by government leaders that we should abide by the law. That, in order for justice to prevail, we should uphold the rule of law. The Prime Minister again reminded us that we should be fair and that the law must allow a complainant to seek legitimate redress.

That it was, after all, done in accordance with the dictates of the law.It is assumed that as long as the process involves the court of law, justice would prevail. It is also assumed that a charge can only be framed in the face of credible evidence, as weighed by the institutions of justice. These are the assumptions thrown about in the mainstream media on a daily basis, so that the people understand and appreciate that the fair game of justice is at work.

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