The naked truth of sex and olympics

 The naked truth of sex and olympics

Even the Olympics may be deemed too sexy

based on reports like the following report –

Star Sports Page 57



 Committee to Protect Journalists


The Committee to Protect Journalists strongly condemns the recent harassment of popular bloggers Raja Petra Kamarudin and Abdul Rashid Bakar.

On August 15, Raja Petra, editor of the Malaysia Today news Web site, was ordered by a Malaysian Court to reveal the sources for three of his posted articles…….

The court also asked Raja Petra to reveal the identities of visitors who had posted comments on his blog in connection with the articles. Malaysian media reports said Raja Petra was ordered by the court to remove the articles from Malaysia Today. As of Tuesday, all three were still defiantly posted on the Web site, which garners an audience of around 1.5 million unique readers per day, according to Raja Petra. 

In a separate case, on August 7, blogger Abdul Rashid Abu Bakar, founder of the blogPenarik Beca, or Rickshaw Peddler, was arrested by police for publishing a digitally altered image of the national police insignia, according to local and international news reports. In that image, a tiger on the symbol was replaced with a dog and the words “Allah” and “Mohammad” on the symbol were replaced with “C4,” an explosive that was used in the murder of the Mongolian interpreter that has been linked to Najib.  

The blogger also replaced the word “Malaysia” with “Israel” in the doctored image, according to local press freedom group the Center for Independent Journalism. (Malaysia does not have formal diplomatic ties with Israel.) Abdul Rashid was held in police custody overnight and was released the following day on bail. The authorities have not yet formally charged him, the group said.

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Irrawaddy;Gambari has Big Agenda during Visit


Tuesday,August 19,2008

Burmese dissidents called for UN Special Envoy to Burma Ibrahim Gambari to call for tripartite talks with opposition groups, the release of political prisoners and to deliver frank accounts of his meetings with opposition groups and Burmese officials

Bo Kyi, the joint secretary of the Thailand-based Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (Burma), said, “He [Gambari] must do what he should do. After meeting with Burmese officials and the opposition, he should give frank accounts to the public.” 

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Irrawaddy;Is Suu Kyi Trying to Get the Message Out?


All martyrs must finish their mission.”


Tuesday,August 19,2008

Neighbors of the democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi said a new message appeared last month on a large outdoor signboard in her compound, saying, “All martyrs must finish their mission.” 

The message appeared on July 19, Burma’s Martyr Day. The signboard, about 10 X 4-feet, is located on Suu Kyi’s property and can be read from the street in front of her home, where she has been under house arrest for 13 of the past 19 years.

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Bronze Age and Iron Age artifacts unearthed in Myanmar

Bronze Age and Iron Age artifacts unearthed in Myanmar

New Delhi, August 18 (ANI): A team of archaeologists has unearthed ancient artifacts from the Bronze Age and the Iron Age in Myanmar.

Found in Thazi township in the central Mandalay division by the Archaeological, Natural Museum and Libraries Department under the Ministry of Culture, the artifacts provide an evidence of transition from Bronze culture to Iron culture in Myanmar.

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UN envoy to push for ‘peace’ in Burma

UN envoy to push for ‘peace’ in Burma

 By Hla Hla Htay

Yangon – Detained democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi was allowed a rare meeting with her lawyer on the eve of a UN envoy’s visit to push Myanmar’s/Burma’s regime to re-open a dialogue with her party, a spokesperson said on Monday.

The Nobel peace prize winner spoke with her lawyer Kyi Win for more than four hours on Sunday, in their second encounter August, said Nyan Win, spokesperson for her National League for Democracy (NLD) party.

Aung San Suu Kyi was also granted a visit by her doctor Tin Myo Win on Sunday, who gave her a medical checkup – her first since February.

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MacLean, MacLellan to headline benefit concert for Burma

MacLean, MacLellan to headline

benefit concert for Burma

The Guardian

Tara MacLean

Tara MacLean

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Burma’s MPs in Exile Call for ASEAN Support

Burma’s MPs in Exile Call for ASEAN Support

Burmese MPs in Exile calls upon ASEAN to confront the junta effectively.

Below is an article published by Democratic Voice of Burma :

A five-member delegation from the Burmese exiled Members of Parliament Union attended an Indonesian parliamentary function to mark the 63rd anniversary of Indonesian independence on 15 August [2008].

The MPU delegates were invited as official guests to present a report about the current political situation in Burma and to make their case in the Indonesian parliament.

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XL Capital and Chubb pull out of Burma

XL Capital and Chubb pull out of Burma


Pressure mounts on Lloyd’s as XL and Chubb withdraw.

Two major insurers are pulling out of Burma three weeks after the Burma Campaign UK published its report, Insuring Repression, highlighting how insurance companies have facilitated the flow of billions of dollars to the Burmese regime.

The companies, XL and Chubb, separately announced the withdrawals in statements to the campaign.

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