Gambari:Hello, hello! It’s Showtime again

Hello, hello! It’s Showtime again.Hello, hello! It’s Showtime again.


Suu Kyi sent a strong ‘Message” to the eUNuches

Suu Kyi sent a strong ‘Message” to the eUNuches

CHINA AND RUSSIA had effectively castrated the UNSC and so the UN is now a eunuch. UNSG is also from South Korea, always subserviant to US. And this Asia Giant is over polite and soft.







Has Aung San Suu Kyi started playing a new game?

If so, the latest visit of UN Special Envoy to Burma Ibrahim Gambari could mark the beginning of a subtle but significant shift in the pro-democracy leader’s tactics, which have remained almost unchanged for the past 20 years.

By refusing to meet with Gambari on two occasions—at a scheduled meeting on Wednesday and again on Friday—Suu Kyi appeared to be sending a silent message that she was less than happy with the outcome of his efforts to date.

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Gambari acting as if he is a representative of the junta

                        QUOTE OF THE DAY

He [Gambari] is doing what the junta asked for.

He is like a representative of the junta.

Aye Thar Aung,

Secretary of both the Arakan League for Democracy

and the Committee Representing

the People’s Parliament in Rangoon


Reuters;Myanmar’s Suu Kyi refusing food supplies

BANGKOK (Reuters) – Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi has refused new supplies of food for 11 days to the house where she is being detained, prompting fears for her health, exiles and a diplomat said on Tuesday. The Nobel Peace laureate was not thought to be on a hunger strike, the diplomat said, but it was unclear what stocks of food she had in the lakeside Yangon villa where she has been held incommunicado for the past five years.

“She’s not going to have much fresh produce,” the Yangon-based diplomat, who asked not to be identified, told Reuters in the Thai capital. “She’s got patchy electricity.”

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Thai king Adulyadej should be put under house-arrest, his wealth should be confiscated, nationalized and distributed to poor Thais

Thai king Adulyadej should be put under house-arrest,

his wealth should be confiscated, nationalized and

distributed to poor Thais.

Not very smart but rather quite stupid, Thai PM Samak  Sundaravej’s insulting of our beloved Daw Suu is worse for us than this topic. 

Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej is the world’s richest monarch with a personal fortune worth $ 35 billion, according to the Forbes magazine.

Forbes said that the 80-year-old Thai King’s estimated net worth increased sevenfold during the past year because of the transparency of his riches which include over 3,000 acres of prime real estate land in Bangkok, a stake in a major bank and huge holdings in the Siam Cement company.

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Anwar is a man of compassion and was there for the needy and especially the poor

Anwar is a man of compassion and was there for the needy

and especially the poor

AH Ponniah’s letter to Malaysiakini

Comment: I whole-heartedly agree with this letter. Not only DSAI but Datin Seri Wan Aziza, Encik Azmin Ali and family are also helping many people. TQ all. May Allah bless and protect all of you and fulfill all of your wishes.

…..Anwar being a Penangite, I expect him to be concerned for a Penangite in trouble. It is just giving some attention to a countryman in time of trouble. 

My experience with Anwar, though I neither belong to any political party, is that he is a man of compassion and was there for the needy and especially the poor. It is clearly reflected in public records of his very loud cries calling for more low-cost housing to bring homes to the poor when he was in power. I admired him tremendously on this passion of his.

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Irrawaddy;Suu Kyi Refusal to Meet Envoy Sends a Strong Message, Say Observers


Monday,August 25,2008

Burmese pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s refusal to meet with United Nations Special Envoy Ibrahim Gambari during his visit to the country last week has put a strong spotlight on the UN’s failed diplomatic efforts, said observers and members of the country’s opposition.

“I think she sent the message not only to Gambari but also to the UN and the Burmese people that there is no tangible consequence from the last meetings,” said Win Naing, a spokesperson for the opposition National League for Democracy (NLD) in Rangoon.

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